Cbox Updates for your Pleasure. :D

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A bugfix version was put out for the cbox, so some of the problems we've been having are now fixed. (minus this recent lag issue. Still trying to figure out where that is coming from. c_c )


You can now edit your Custom Commands.
Custom Commands are your very own /me commands. Like /stairs or /slap. You can edit and add these in your usercp by going to Settings -> Scroll down to Custom Commands in the side menu.

Commands now work in the Cbox Channels!
Before /me and your custom commands weren't working in the extra rooms. Now they do!

There is now a "new message sound" alart if you want it.
If you want a sound alert when you get a new message in one of the cbox channels, you can enable sounds in your Settings.

The font size settings now stays!
Yay! Don't have to keep resetting this anytime you refresh the page. :D

There is a limit to how many private chats you can create!
You can make up to 5 private chats. Make sure you delete your chat when you don't need it anymore. We'll be periodically clearing out created rooms on a monthly basis. Remember, people can't see your room unless you invite them!

There are a few settings, like whether or not you want to see Notifications, Get PMs, your ignore list, etc. So give them a quick look. :D
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