Cbox moved to the "CBOX" Tab! And other Cbox news!

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To see if this helps the recent lag issues we have moved the Cbox back to the "CBOX" tab up there in the links menu. Hopefully without it on the main page and being loaded by the universe, it should help. :D

If you would like to change your CBOX settings for things like:

- Displaying "notices" (like people posting in RPs, whether you got a new forum PM, etc.)
- Where the text box to type messages displays
- Your Ignore List
- Your custom commands list

You can go to Settings -> Shoutbox Settings. :D

- Can't edit your custom commands yet (this will be fixed on the next cbox version)
- The size settings not saving. (even the fix isn't saving. c_c)
- Can't use commands in the other channels. (they said they can't fix this yet, so it will be awhile.)

If you catch any other bugs, please report them in the Feedback forum! Sankyuu! >3
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