CBOX Hivemind Presents: Medieval Food Epic Drama

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So as of right now there is some crazy shit going down in cbox.

The... fruit of our labors is an epic roleplay of tasty proportions.

Check it: There's the Fruit Empire right? Creeping in on the Vegetable Kingdom's territories. Now the world is still recovering from Meatopia's civil war (where the city-states of Poultry, Fish, Beef and Pork fought over the right to rule Meatopia in its entirety).

That's all I got, Frost, "Basil" (I don't even know who the fuck this was in cbox) and... goddamn cbox /name change command-- I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO ANY OF YOUR FUCKERS ARE ANYMORE.



:3 So won't any of you be interested in playing this out?
I'm so interested, words can not describe. I may be a bit lovestruck, in fact.
Oh, and by the by, I'm Frost's boyfriend. I'm new. Hi!
We also have to include the nomadic Fats/Oils/Sugars kingdom.
Nougat Ninja reporting for the Dessert Dynasty. More to come later.

I am the mischevious leader of the Dessert Dynasty's Ninja Legions.
I'm the Master of Kumquats. *snicker*
I shall brainstorm! <3
Definitely some dessert-based magical kingdom. Because anything sweet has to be the source of magic in the world, right?
Not like those powerful Meatopians, zealous Vegians, and sneaky Fruits!

Dessert Dynasty, mystic source of things that slurp in the niiiight!

Gotta have weird magic types...

Freezermancy = Keeping things alive waaaay past their due date.
Slurpiemancy = Lots of explosions, powerful flavors! Cherry Blast! Coca-Cola Crusher!
Peepamancy = The most terrifying magic of all... the powers of things bright... and chewy.
Extractamancy = We pretend to be fruits or other things! Bwahahaha!

...Okay, just add-libbing. Obviously, I'm nuts.
Veggies can use the force. Same reason Vegans can use the Force
Nuts... where in the world are those categorized in the food pyramid?


With the meat, Koori. Protein!

Also, stylin' helmets.
Depends how they're used, Koori. After all, nougat is made from nuts
Nuts tend to be grouped with fats.
I like the idea of a desert made of sugar, with amazing land formations of sculpted sugar.
I'm Lord-God Hamburger.

I'm the Lord-God of Hamburgers.
Nuts are natives of Meatopia, but for some, dark secret reason, many have left and taken up residence in the Dessert Dynasty
mmmaybe because of Lord-God Hamburger's reign of Terror?
The Onion Knight shall brave any challenge, with his max stats and ability to use any and all weapons/magics!