Cave of the Beast

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  1. Click... Click Click

    That was the first indication that something was about to go wrong for the scientists that were exploring and documenting the new cave system.

    At first, it seemed normal enough, with small insects and such running among the stalagmites and the stalactites, through the crevices. However, there were no signs of larger animals such as bats, birds, or bears. Not until they moved deeper into the inky black depths of the cave. Here they found shattered bones, teeth marks of some unidentified animal evident on them.

    Click... Click Click

    The clicking sounded again, closer now. The sound of something climbing across the low ceiling echoed as one of the five swept their flashlight across the ceiling.

    That was their first glimpse of it, and when they first pissed it off. With an inhuman screech, the thing leapt down upon the scientists, its jaw opening to an uncanny width before it bit down onto one of the men's shoulder. Loose skin that had originally hidden the teeth was forced up like a screen as hundreds of needles sank int the man's flesh. In one move, the creature ripped the scientist's arm off part way, strips of meat still attaching it just barely.

    In their panic, the others ran deeper into the cave, one falling to their death and one becoming caught in a tight crevice.

    It seemed to pay no mind as it ate the screaming man alive.

    Two had survived, the protagonist and their partner. Can they stay alive through this experience?

    No romance what so ever.

    No straight up killing the creature.

    No saying you know what it is and how to kill/escape it right of the bat. This is a new creature to the scientists.

    This can turn in to a capture/experimental situation depending on how your character acts.

    Your character can die if you mess up.
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