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  1. A cookie to you who recognize the quote in the title:)

    So I have been on Iwaku for quite awhile now and been in a few roleplays but I have actually never put up a request before. So now I decided to stop scouring the request section and just put up my own before I grow grey hair:)

    A few things about me and what I seek. I'm looking for a few partners at the moment. I have a wide range of interest from fantasy to modern, supernatural and so on, if it's not listed as a dislike then it's a chance I'll do it. Romance is a plot candy of mine as well as happy endings but they are not a requirement.

    I'm not going to do anything involving excessive gore and violence, plots involving rape, zombies or pure war themes. Yaoi and yuri I don't have anything against but I feel I wouldn't be able to do those.

    Fan based play technically belongs in both my likes and dislikes, if I know the source I may be willing to do an rp based of it. However I prefer to not have any of the canon characters in it, like the rp taking place a good while after the canon story or outside the plotline of the source material.

    I would like if my partner could write a few paragraphs at least, I myself can't write a wall of text every time of course but I'd like something to work with when I reply. Depending on what is going on, dialogue, action or how well I can identify with my character my posts can range from one or two paragraphs to six or seven. I don't consider myself a grammar nazi and I do my share of mistakes but I would like the posts to be legible and have some flow in them.

    Also I'd really prefer to roleplay in third person, I just can't do first person in roleplaying. I can rp in the forums or through pm's, it doesn't matter. I usually prefer playing female but I do the occasional male character as well, it depends a little on the plot.

    I have a few characters that I'd love to use and the plots they were originally for but I'm also open for other ideas and to tweak my own plots as well.

    Ashley Tyrell: He is a vampire (not the sparkly kind) that's been asleep for about 200 years or so, he's arrogant, stubborn and good at controlling his feelings, he's also well mannered and kind when he wants to be. In this original plot he had put every night creature to sleep for a reason that can be discussed and put himself to sleep as well as a lock in a way. He is awoken by accident and so all other night creatures wake as well. Ashley is a character I really want to use again and if it strikes anyone's interest I can give a more detailed description. Taken

    Irmelin Calendula: A girl who ran away from home to avoid being forced into an arranged marriage and to avoid trouble decides to cut her hair and disguise herself as a boy. She has to struggle with her rouse when meeting a man that decides to take the boy under his wings until the next city. This is a very simple plot really, I got the idea after one of my favourite book series and it can take many directions and can be modified. Taken

    Fleur St Clair: A female shapeshifter that meets a human, at a coffee shop, store, bumping into each other, it's a basic idea that can be fleshed out in many directions, but basically it spells trouble. It's a modern setting with vampires, witches, shapeshifters and such that co-exist with humans although humans don't know about them. Taken

    One rp I had that died I'd really like to use again, plot, races and characters can be tweaked around. An elf and a drow meet, both have been raised to fear/hate the other race and racial/cultural barriers are not the easiest to cross but something forces them to co-operate and learn to trust each other. Simple yes but I really like the concept and the many directions it can take. Taken

    Other than this I'm open to almost anything, just swing an idea by me and see if I'm interested, either shoot me a pm or post here and I'll pm you. I prefer discussing through pm, or conversation as it's named now, it feels more organized that way^^

    Thanks for reading through all this and have a good day:D
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  2. Hello! I'm actually interested in what plot you had for Ashley Tyrell character and would love to discuss it for a possible roleplay! :)
  3. Irmelin Calendula interests me quite a bit. I'd be really interested in playing with her. :D
  4. Alrighty! after reading through the whole shabang, I have decided that the characters Irmelin Calendula, and Fleur St Clair interest me quite a bit. I would gladly consider either one of them, if you would have me. : )
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