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What kind of supernatural/creature should Cara's love interest(s) be?

  1. Vampire

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  2. Alien

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  3. Werewolf

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  4. Something more mainstream

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  5. Something less mainstream

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  6. Other (Post in comments)

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  1. Cara Delson was a normal girl, living in a normal, small town that housed normal people. The last thing Cara ever thought she'd discover was that her normal, quaint town wasn't so normal after all. After a chance encounter with something that left her and her family reeling, she learned that there was a whole other world right under her nose, creatures that had been living there for centuries.

    The last thing those creatures ever thought might happen was that a normal human girl would discover their existence, posing a threat to them and everyone else like them. That girl would face a choice. Expose the supernatural creatures for what they were, or band with them to protect others from finding out about their existence. But not all of the creatures thought she should know, and not all of the creatures thought she should continue living with the knowledge she now possessed.

    So, obviously this is some type of supernatural roleplay. I thought it would be a bit of a take on the Vampire diaries, but with more expansion of creatures and a bit more sci-fi type of elements. I'm still deciding whether her love interests (Depending on what kind of people were interested) should be vampires, werewolves, aliens or maybe something else a bit less mainstream. The idea for the first bit of the plot would work well with vampires, but werewolves and aliens could also fit nicely into the kind of thing I'm thinking about. However, we would need many people no matter what the plot would be. So if you are interested, maybe leave a comment on what type of creatures you think there should be, and/or which one you'd be interested in playing. We need all kinds and all different ideas, so diversity will not be a problem. As I said, it will be a little bit of a take-off from TVD, but also including many other races and ideas from other shows. (Such as Farscape, Bitten, Being Human (US and UK), Supernatural, True blood, AHS, Alphas, Heroes, The Tomorrow People, Lost girl, The Originals, The Flash, Marvel, the DC universe and more.)

    The RP will go in Episodes, each episode leaving off with a kind of hook or plot twist that will be carried on into the next episode, kind of like a TV Show, but with text. There will be several characters involved in each episode, with more as the season carries on.

    So, aside from the MANY different supes, we will need some key characters that revolve around Cara and her family, including:

    Cara's brother -- Dark.Disney
    Cara's Half-sister (Who will be involved later on, but after a few 'Episodes')
    Cara's two best friends
    Cara's love interests (Two different characters, who are supernaturals.)
    And a supernatural that keeps peace between the two races, and who helps keep the supes under control. Kind of like the mediator/royalty of the supes.

    Ghost(s) -- Dark.Disney

    So, what do you think? Will cara forget everything that happened, choosing to lead with her normal, human life? Or will she decide to stay with the supernaturals, becoming caught in the middle?
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  2. I do like the idea (I'm a huge geek of modern fantasy ^^;)

    I think you should spice up the plot a bit so that it's more unique. Like, what if the creatures didn't know about humans, and also had no idea there was another world out there. So that their are two worlds one of humans, one of supernatural creatures, both connected by some sort of portal, both have modern technology, but neither aware of the other's existence.
  3. I was thinking of something like that, but there being a more supernatural feel to it. Like, the creatures/supernaturals come from one dimension, humans from another, both the same earth but parallel versions of it. And the supernaturals have been crossing over for years, even having homes/jobs/places in society. Some might think that they should take over the world, and some forbid the crossing over. But Cara gets wrapped up in it when she uncovers truths of the supernatural dimension. There's a part of her that is going to be super shocking, something that they find out after a few encounters. Creatures like ghosts and interdimensional creatures can be seen by certain humans that are different, being able to cross over without the aid of a special device. These ghosts help and aid the special humans, and guide them on what to do with both worlds, while other ghosts need guidance themselves.

    Just an idea, because once I started thinking about it it just came out.
    I'm certainly going to elaborate on the plot in mind once more people show themselves. (I'm talking to you, silent reader. xP)
  4. Hm, perhaps ghosts just exist in two dimensions at once...
    But I feel there should be a very strong and obvious reason why they keep themselves hidden. Especially since if there was an entire world of the supernatural, more people will have seen and believe they exist. Perhaps there is some sort of organization that keeps the supernaturals from crossing over, like a group of supernaturals and a group of humans both keeping everyone else from crossing, but there are still some links between the worlds that they don't know about, thus allowing Cara to get through.

    Some other things I'm thinking could develop this:
    Humans don't know, but somehow the supernaturals do, perhaps this is because they are using humans for something, or are afraid of a war breaking out due to the fact that in medieval times, monsters were commonly hunted and killed.
    It seems strange why a supernatural would choose to live in hiding. Perhaps the monsters crossing over disagree with their own society, are criminals, or are actually working for someone. Maybe they accidentally crossed and couldn't get back until they discovered more who had crossed or were given information by the ghosts.
  5. Well, the problem is a huge big thing like a war or knowledge of supernaturals would send the world into chaos. I'm thinking something smaller, where the town is mostly made up of supernaturals and humans, rather than the world. Like a smaller thing, where only some supernaturals know of the human dimension, and some supernaturals like vampires need the humans for survival, because maybe there was a race in the supernatural dimension that vampires drank from, but they since died, eliminating the vampire's main food source. So some have made a home in this town that has its' own supernatural influences. I'm thinking that maybe the town is a supernatural hotspot for a reason, like maybe the first crossing over happened there and it changed that town and made it a kind of town the supernaturals were drawn to. I have several different races in mind that will be needed to start it, including vampires, a type of alien, ghosts, Cara's sister, which will be a huge part of the roleplay, and I'm trying hard not to reveal too much because if I do there won't be much to reveal in the roleplay, but I can promise I have big plans for it. If only more people became interested.
  6. Alright then, that makes a bit more sense. Count me in then ^^
  7. Alright, awesome.
  8. I want to be a ghost and Her brother
  9. Alright, I'll add it! Glad to have you aboard.
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  10. Depending on some other role plays in waiting to start I may still take part in this, but no guarantees sorry.
  11. Duly noted.
  12. I'd be happy to play one of her lovers if I could make said lover female. If not, I could go for one of the best friends.
  13. Sure, what race/species would you prefer?
  14. I was actually going to suggest including some kind of faerie lore. If not, I'd like to be some kind of magic user.
  15. Leaving a post here so I'll get alerts.
    I should still be able to join.
  16. Sounds like this would be cool, I am interested.
  17. Faeries sound cool, yeah!
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