Caught in the Devil's Court

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  1. When one goes to hell, they generally expect to go through eternal suffering that makes one wish they hadn't been a bad person or dealt with demons. But there are worser things than having ones arms chain in fiery shackles or their organs torn out viciously only for them to grow back and be torn out over and over again, or whatever else one suffers while in hell. Some have their limbs broken and torn off- only to grow back or heal and have it happen time after time- or they are left standing in a pool of water with trees bearing fruit above ones head but neither of which were achievable because the water receded if one bent to drink and the branches bent up out of reach if one were to go and grab a piece of fruit. Yes, truly there were worser things... One of which is being trapped in the court of the devil himself, Lucifer.

    But who would have such a fate like this? One Dean Winchester, that is who. But it is not out of punishment- in fact, it was for peaceful means... with a little twist. It started off one day with Lucifer, king of hell and what have you, sending Dean a notice that state he was needed in the neutral zone of hell, where diplomatic meetings of sorts were held. It was the only way that angels- and on the greater, most rarer occasion, God himself- could visit Lucifer and discuss matters with him like how to keep his demons from escaping and also just a general 'how's it going' visit. For this case, it was suppose to be a general chit chat... again, with a twist.


    "Dean, something for you in the mail. It's from... Luis Cypher. Probably fan mail by the looks of it," Sam said to his brother, handing him the letter addressed to him. "It's weird though- we just got here yesterday but somehow this Luis guy knows we're here..."
  2. Dean looked at Sam and at the letter and sighed gently "fan mail thats new for me" smirks as he took the msil and opening and reads what Lucifer wished to speak with him about. he raised eyebrow confused but sighed gently "alrighty well that was an a interesting letter" mutters gently as he put the mail away. though as soon as he did that there was a flash of greenish blue bright light and yelped gently.

    He grunted opening his eyes and looked around floating in mid air and yelped as he fell through the air crashing through some dead tree branches and collasped on the ground and rasped "offf" he said and looked up seeing Lucifer and eyes narrowed "Lucifer?" was confused and got up rubbing his back and cracked it and then finally connected the pieces and hand reached for his colt to find all his weapons gone "so your the one that sent the letter?"
  3. Lucifer raised a slightly bored brow at the older Winchester boy. "Of course I sent the letter- who else would know your location that quick?" He snapped his fingers and Dean's colt appeared some five feet above them. "And that is going to stay up there until I let you leave. Now, on to business- I've brought you here to discuss a few things...and because, as you may gather from my current expression, because I am bored. Before you go calling to that blasted angel friend of yours, don't even bother trying. What you see around you for the about a half a mile in all directions is a neutral zone. I can't hurt you here- well, I could punch you with I wanted to, but I can't hurt you by demonic means. And likewise if you were to try to hurt me. Same goes with angelic methods- only way to break even I suppose... I'm rambling, aren't I?"

    Meanwhile, Upstairs on Earth, Sam was freaking out because his brother just disappeared in a flash of bright greenish blue light. But that's expected.
  4. The hunter glared at him eyes narrowed slowly "great now I'm stuck here just a wonderfull day this has become" he scowled as he then smirks "oh so i can hurt you?" asked smirking and then kikced the devil in the crotch "that was for trying to take over sammy you bloody bastered" he snapped angrily and then sighed and folded arms angrily znd sighed "so why do you want to talk to me anyway wouldn't you rather have sam?" he asked annoyed and looked around slowly . well this was dull "this is borein there nothing to do around here, ugh this is going to be torcher" he grumbled annoyed and eyes closed and huffed.
  5. Okay, one, ow, being kicked in the jewels hurts even if you are a fallen angel- this much we have learned before from Crowley I believe. Lucifer was a douche though so I guess he deserved that. "Yes because kicking me to solve an issue already solve is the best solution." the Hell King growled after he recomposed himself. "The reason why I wanted to talk to you rather than your brother is because I know him too well and I know he wouldn't have been great company. And if you are so bored, then how about we go to the other neutral zone- Limbo?"
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