Caught by the Tale

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  1. The day was long and yet just having started.
    A dark yellow sun rose from the east bringing with it just a faint hint of the heat to come in the later months.
    Summer was about two months from starting so for now the grounds were frozen over, taking away fields of crops and trees from giving fruit and putting each kingdom on edge.

    One such kingdom was that of Keral.
    In fact, with the war going on their supplies were dwindling.
    The other kingdom had more access to the waterways and thus more access to fish and fresh water.
    This was one reason they were trying to overtake some of the land.
    With a growing population Keral's peasants were going hungry in the depths of winter.

    Today would be one of the deciding battles as the crown prince of Keral, Kanata Isralea.
    He was twenty years young and had the demeanor of a cocky prince.
    His hair was dusty blueish gray with matching icy blue eyes.
    Wearing a pair of black leather trousers and a brown double layered vest he was sitting upon his black stallion above the enemies camp.
    They were obviously seen and knew that a sneak attack would be fruitless. However, the man though his forces had the advantage because he could control the element of water.
    Which, was currently frozen all around them in the form of snow.
    It was a rare ability and none of his troupes currently held any kind of power to match.
    The only problem? He was unawares if his enemies had a skill akin to it.

    But that little lack of information wouldn't deter him from securing more land for his kingdom.
    So, with a loud yell his horse reared up, neighing loudly before jumping over the ledge and bounding through the snow towards the enemy camp...
  2. The kingdom of Suhrandur was the opposing kingdom of this war.
    With it's king weakened in his elder age, all hope rested on his sons-
    Tritanion the Strong, Makari the Swift, and then finally his youngest son, Ajax...the less important but soon to be important son.

    The two elder brothers were gathered in the general's camp, making plans for attack.
    "I say we attack on the south west border." said Makari.
    "We'll have the forest to hide in until the moment we strike."
    Tritanion rolled his eyes. "All there is to attack there is empty fields- nay, we defend here and battle our way further in as they retreat."
    Makari grumbled but agreed- his big brother was usually right about these things.

    The two set out to explain the plan to the troops gathered.
    At three hundred men strong in just this lone camp, they had a fair defense as they had a few lesser magic doers who could summon aid by teleporting a message to the waiting guard at the castle.
    One of them was Ajax, though he wasn't as lesser as his brothers and father thought.
    He had the ability to control fire, but had no teacher to teach him how to control it fully.
    So he is forced to do only basic magics such as the teleporting messages.
    At the moment, the young seventeen year old prince was wandering about camp, watching as his comrades worked about.
    Well, until he stumbled into a busy soldier and was scared off by the threat of a blade.
    Since he was the youngest, he had the lowest chance of the throne- so far- so no one cared what happened to him.
    Ajax scurried off, just to the edge of the camp, where he waited out danger...

    Just to somehow get into more danger- he heard the yell, heard the neighing, and turned fast to see what was afoot.
    Kerals! And this close to camp! He was bounding off to spread warning by shouting- "Kerals! Kerals approaching!" ...His warning fell to deaf ears as every thought him to be like the boy who cried wolf.
  3. There was no serious stratagizing for the Keral's.
    They were a warrior kingdom and thus faced things head on.
    Speaking of facing things and head on...Kanata saw the boy running back to camp and grinned.
    He shall be the first to die.
    With another yell he pointed his blade towards the boy, kicking his horse further into its gallop as the wind whipped the horses main and his also blew the boy's short blew hair about everywhere.
    They were moving so quickly in the deep snow because the horse technically wasn't 'in' the snow.
    The young man in the saddle was glowing a faint whitish-blue, his powers making the snow more compact each time his horses hooves came down on the frigid frozen water.

    "You shall be first, boy!" He gave warning, swinging his sword in an arc as he approached.
    Sure he was almost at camp but the soldiers seemed to just start noticing that they were actually under attack.
    The only problem with Kanata's attack was that his forces were far fewer then the others, not knowing that this one camp had three hundred when he brought only one hundred and sixty to aid his fight.
    Who in there right mind would throw three hundred men into such a small camp?!
  4. Sorry, that would be Tritanion's idea.
    Anyways, Ajax probably went pale as the snow at the warning-
    But then soldiers started going to the edge of camp to defend!
    Most of them were pike bearers, and maybe a hand full of long swords men.
    Tritanion jogged over and gave order of pikes at ready- Makari called for archers to be rounded up.
    Oh, and for someone to get Ajax the blazes out of there. Guess they didn't know he was to be important.

    "For Suhrandur and the River King!" roared Tritanion and a few dozen men.
    "Ready bows!" ordered Makari, taking out his own bow and two arrows.
    Problem with these two...They might be the eldest princes, but they were very stupid because they could be killed on this field.
    Ajax watched from middle of the camp-
    Oh, how he wished he was more useful than just being a messenger boy.
  5. The young man had nearly been close enough to make his first kill when he noticed the other army taking aim at him.
    He kicked his horse to turn abruptly and slid right out of the saddle.
    At the landing he sank into the snow with more force then normal.
    Raising his hands abruptly like he was shoving air the frozen water around him lifted like a wall of snow.
    Then with another motion, this time a shove, he sent the large wall several yards wide and another two or three yards tall towards the defending militia.
    Kanata was now without a horse and in the enemy camp, riding the wave of snow from behind.
    When it came crashing down into their tents he removed his other sword, swinging both in slashing motions towards any pikeman or archer who got within range.
    His men were already heading down the ridge behind him and would arrive within seconds on horseback so the man wasn't worried for his life yet.
    In fact, he wanted that red haired boy's head.
    He had been his first kill interest and that's who he wanted to garnish the pike above his camp.
    It was a bit barbaric to claim the head of an enemy but it had been tradition for ages.
    "Boy! En Guard!!"
    Shoving through two pikeman Kanata bolted straight for the other male.
    "You won't escape so easily this time!"
  6. Tritanion and his pike men were lost to the wall of snow-
    Makari and most of this archers had skirted back to almost the far side of camp, knocking down tents as they went to clear a path for aim.
    As the snow settled, they started picking off foes coming from the ridge, oblivious to Ajax and Kanata.
    Ajax started to flee, bounding away with the agility of a deer.
    Yes, he could have plucked up a sword and try to fight-
    Yes, he could have just dropped and cowered like a low life and claim that he was just a peasant-
    He could have done a lot of things, but fleeing was one of things he did best...
    Most of the time.
    The boy ducked around still standing tents, some men who were just resurfacing from the snow, heck, even around Kanata's horse!
    He was looking for something...
    He spotted it-
    A torch! Fire! He sprinted towards it-
    But tripped over a tent's anchoring line! He fell to the ground, the tent falling after him and over him.
    "No..." he wheezed, struggling to drag himself from the torch...
    But he was stuck tight. I'm done for!
  7. The keralian forces were starting to dwindle from the archers picking them off before even making it to the camp.
    Some managed to get close enough to attack but then they were swamped by pikeman.
    Kanata's horse was enjoying playing wack-a-mole with the human heads that started popping up in the snow, kicking one each time it came up and was decently close.
    Epic horse.
    When the younger boy ran off Kana's eyes narrowed at him.
    "Such a cowardess in a warrior! You deserve the first slash of my blade!"
    He followed the boy easily, bounding over fallen tents and shoving aside anyone trying to come at him.
    The second Kanata got close enough he kicked the boy in the ribs, sending him rolling several feet towards the torch nearly buried in the snow.
    "Now then..."
    Kana smirked and swung his sword, the blade making an audible and heavy 'whoosh!' in the air.
    "Time to die."
    Then he was swinging it down in a arch, intent on taking off the cowards' head in one strong swing.
  8. Ajax yelped at the kick to his ribs-
    But it freed him from the hold of the fallen tent and got him closer to the torch.
    Not so doomed now!
    He rolled out of the sweeping path of Kanata's blade towards the torch-
    It was plucked up and with a loud whoosh, the boy...
    Was suddenly on fire.
    His ribs pained him, but with a bit of struggle, he rose to his feet.
    "My shall not take!"
    Untrained fire magic flared all around Ajax, setting tents aflame...
    But most was heading for Kanata.
    On the other side of camp, Makari saw the blaze and ordered the archers to fall back.
    Soon the pike bearers were also in retreat-
    Fire was a fast spreading thing in Suhrandur, what with the dried up grasses and woodlands that were like tinderboxes in the cold.
    That was why Ajax had no teacher...and soon...One less brother.
    Tritanion will be dead by the time the fire dies down later on.
  9. Kanata had been in the middle of his swing when the flame suddenly erupted all around the boy.
    With a yelp he dropped his sword, drawing back and raising a wall of snow to defend against the heat.
    Too bad snow melted much faster then was water within seconds and the searing flames now encircled the Keralian prince.
    His left handed sword spun in front to try and redirect the flames but even though that probably saved his life the fire did still have access to his hand and singed his knuckles and palm to the point forcing him to drop the blade.

    The boy hissed and dropped to his knees, digging his left hand into the cold snow.
    Kana panted heavily but he couldn't just stop defending himself.
    Instead he flipped up his right hand, bringing just enough snow over himself to block the dying flame.
    Now he needed his forces to come get him...fat chance.
    Many had gotten caught in the fire and lit up, others lay dead covered in arrows or pike wounds.
    Looks like Kanata was on his own.
  10. Ajax was also alone in this.
    As the fire died away, he was left standing there, holding the scorched torch like he was going to hit someone with it.
    He staggered back a bit and looked around.
    Snow was melted around them, tents were on fire or already burnt to ash...
    Bodies laid scattered around-
    Some burned to a crisp, others from pike or arrow deaths.

    He trembled, dropping the useless torch.
    He started stumbling along, trying to see who was dead wand who wasn't.
    It didn't take him long to find Tritanion's burnt corpse.
    Ajax collapsed by it with a shake of his head, reaching out to brush ash away from his brother's face.
    "Tritanion...No... You can't be dead...No...No..."
    The boy cried loudly, his mournful voice echoing in the quiet of the battle field.
  11. The kid's protection wall fell to the ground in a rain of water as the fire finally died down.
    He was exhausted but there was still a battle to be won.
    So, forcing himself to his feet on the now-thawed ground Kanata looked around.
    Horror soon brought him to his senses as he saw both his army and the opposing burnt to death.
    There were only a few men still alive struggling to get back to their feet.
    The word was snarled for lack of a more vicious counterpart.
    That little shit was still alive...but not for long!!!

    Kanata grabbed up his blade in his right hand then headed over the scorched earth straight for the boy.
    "You little firebug shall lose your head today in repayment for my army!"
  12. Ajax didn't even bother moving.
    He just cradled his deceased brother's head in his lap, crying burning tears upon him.

    One of Kanata's men called for his lord to stop.
    "My lord! Wait, I beg you...
    We've lost a great number, true, but know you not what we have just stumbled upon?"
    He gestured to the boy.
    "My lord, tis the youngest of our enemy's princes, Ajax.
    If we take him prisoner, we can use him as a bargaining chip to gain more land-
    Or better yet, the entire realm of Suhrandur!
    You'd be claimed a hero!"
    Seems like this fellow had a point...But of course, the final decision depended on what Kanata says.
  13. Kanata froze at the sound of the words spoken to him.
    His blade remained ready to strike but then his eyes narrowed, taking in the sight before him.
    That's when he noticed the body beneath the younger boy.
    It was indeed one of the princes from Suhrandur!
    Which means that this boy was...
    That would explain his control over fire. The royal lines tended to gift one son with magical this boy was the Suhrandur's lucky one.

    With a grunt of annoyance he bent down and yanked the boy away from his dead brother and tossed him right over his shoulder.
    "Mirari! Come!"
    The horse had stayed back from the flames and now trotted over to its master.
    "You best behave yourself now less you end up like your brother."
    With that little threat he pulled himself up into the saddle, then placed the boy in front of him, his bad arm around the others' waist.
    Another moment later and he was directing his horse back to Keral.
  14. When pulled away from his brother, Ajax had grasped the insignia on his brother's shoulder plate-
    It broke off as Ajax continued to weep.
    It was now the only thing he had left of Tritanion-
    And which the burned look, it served as a grim reminder that he died from Ajax's power.
    It brought more tears from the young prince.
    He wished it had been him to die...not his big brother.

    In was not an easy ride for him to Kanata's kingdom.
    One, he wasn't dressed for the colder climate of Keral-
    He had been, but most of his clothing had been burned up, just leaving him in slightly burned trousers and his tunic.
    Two, he never had been on a horse before and it was very uncomfortable.
    The remaining men of Kanata's small army followed after their prince.
    Later on, people of Suhrandur were heading to the burned down camp, and would count up a total of 167 men dead and 35 wounded...and one missing or even dead, aka, Ajax.
  15. The ride was cold for Kanata as well, the temperature was something he was used to but his clothing had also been burned mostly off.
    Once they were finally back at the castle he yanked the boy from his horse and bound his hands with a twine rope.
    He didn't want to have to deal with flames again for a long while.
    All of the peasants had been looking from their windows or doors as he'd ridden by and now there was whisper of a victory...or at least a capture.
    Everyone knew the royal seal on the plate the boy carried and they put two and two together pretty well.

    Now then.
    Kana dragged the other through the castle quickly, not stopping to speak with anyone until he was down in the grimy dungeon.
    The only thing in that place kept up were the bars and locks.
    Finding a somewhat suitable cell he opened the door and shoved the boy inside, slamming it shut seconds later.
    "I will deal with you later, boy.
    For now I must clean up the mess you caused with father."
    With that he turned and headed back upstairs to address his king.
  16. Ajax didn't like this...
    For one thing, he felt like he was going to an execution.
    And for another, the twine was bloody uncomfortable.
    He didn't want things to be worse for himself-
    So when bound, dragged, and shoved...He didn't complain except for a whimper at the shove...
    Bloody cold down here too!
    At least he could keep himself warm if he huddles in a corner...No, didn't do any good.

    He sighed, wishing he could just go home.
    He wanted to mourn with his father and Makari...
    To curl up on his bed under the furred blankets...
    He wished that none of this happened...
    And that Tritanion hadn't been killed by his fire magic.
  17. It was about two hours later that Kanata returned.
    He was carrying several things though it was obvious by the look on his face that he was none to happy.
    "Father said I can't leave a 'prince' down in the dungeon without proper 'items'."
    Opening the door angrily with a large key he then put into his pocket the boy stepped inside glaring daggers down at the child.
    Then he just dropped the stuff on the cold stone ground.
    "There's a deer fur blanket, two loves of bread, a canteen of water, and..."
    Leaning over he grabbed the kid and shoved him against the wall, face first.
    A few flicks of a knife later and the boy's hands were free.

    Stepping back Kana put his hands on his hips.
    "There, anything else I can get you, oh brat of Suhrandur?"
  18. (I feel like Ajax is 7 and Kana is 10...)

    Don't have shove him against a wall!
    Could have just asked him to stand still and then cut the rope...
    But then again, Kana was rather pissed...
    Let's just stay quiet, ok-
    Ajax slowly turned back to face the other when his hands were freed.
    He looked at the knife that Kana had...and started to approach.
    When arm's length away, he gave him a look of sorrow.

    "...Kill me. You wanted me dead, didn't you?
    Well don't just stand there- kill me!"
  19. (lool)

    As the boy turned Kanata eyed him wearily.
    He didn't fear the kid since the closest lick of fire was on the wall past the cell a good few yards and it didn't seem like this brat was trained anywhere near enough to project flame from his own fingers.
    The death acquisition was a bit interesting.
    Kana didn't seem the least bit bothered by the boys approach and even sheathed his blade.
    I did not lose my entire arm stay a few men, ruin my left hand for weeks to come, and return with a hostage only to kill it!"

    "Now you will stay here and eat and drink what your given until we decide exactly what we'd like to do with you."
    With that he turned and headed for the door, ignoring the boy's previous plea for death with those simple words.
  20. (I blame you for using 'boy' and 'child.')

    ...No death?
    The bloody git wanted him dead not a few hours ago!
    And now he won't kill him?
    What, was it because Ajax had asked him to?
    Oh, never mind...Maybe Kana wouldn't kill him...
    Ajax looked down at the bread, canteen, and deerskin blanket.
    But with these things...he could kill himself.
    In fact...
    He plucked up one of the loaves, broke off a big piece and stuffed it into his mouth-
    He hoped it would get lodged in his throat so he could choke and die.

    If it was too small, then he would cut his wrists with the insignia-
    Oh crap, he was choking...Not fun, not fun! Forget everything, help!