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    #1: Nathair Mactaer

    Name: Nathair Mactaer
    Age: 19
    Race: Siren
    Kingdom: Light Kingdom
    Ability (only 3, read the info on the kingdoms if you want to know ability types): Able to whistle at several frequencies that can have different effects. His whistle is able to hypnotize, break glass, put people to sleep, cure minor headaches, and even cauterize a wound, Capable of controlling people by just singing, humming or whistling. Longevity, as most Sirens have.
    Personality: Nathair is cheerful, carefree, and laidback. He is generally only tense and serious with matters that involve his family, particularly his sister, Val. He is often seen joking and playful, however he does have his serious moments. Nathair is also natural flirtatious, like most if not al sirens.
    Background: Raised within a small clan of Sirens, Nathair was taught how to use his voice as a weapon that was even stronger than his body. However this knowledge did him little good hen his clan was attacked by a small hoard of demons rampaging through the forest. Luckily they had joined their voices to 'convince' the demons to turn back long enough for them to escape, however they were not all so lucky. Sadly Nathair lost his mother and aunt to the demons and his sister Val was severely injured on her throat causing her to loose her voice permanently. After the incident Nathair took Val to the Light kingdom in hopes that their pure magic could heal her, a thought that was reassured when Val had spoken his name not even a fortnight later. Since then he as aligned himself with the Light Kingdom.
    Relationship: None as of yet.
    Weapon: Twin Swords named Uisce agus Doitaein, after his Mother and Aunt
    Other: Nathair has a Fox kit companion named Scath, that follows him everywhere.


    #1: Blake Jensen (Music Challenge - Revenge by Plain White T's

    Name: Blake Jensen
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Blake is a rather average young man, standing at a stout five foot three with an athletic build. His sun kissed skin, which is flecked with beauty marks and freckles contrasts slightly with his raven colored hair but is accentuated by his jade green eyes. His most outstanding feature is the pair of beauty marks just under his left eye.
    History: Blake was born in The small village of Dunadry just outside of Antrim, Ireland, to a pair of cafe owners named Meridian and Dyson Jensen. There he lived an average life of school, the occasional relationships of teenagers and the drama everyday life. However that all changed when his parents decided to make family Cafe, 'Wisp Grotto' into a franchise in America. At first the thought of leaving his home of sixteen years was understandably terrifying, he did not want to leave his friends - which consisted of practically the whole village thanks to the size - and knew that he would miss the fresh country air of Dunadry. Though he did eventually warm up to the idea, he was still nervous when the day to leave came about. Thoughts of how the other kids would tease him for being a 'spud' filled his head, along with the fact that the move had potentially put the under financially.

    He eventually came to like America - specifically Oregon, despite many complaints on the lack of Haggis. He had even managed to find a girlfriend shortly after he had turned seventeen in early May, Kayla Florence was her name. She was a classically pretty girl with long blonde hair, big blue eyes and a tender heart or so the all thought. Meridian and Dyson were almost immediately taken with her, often inviting her to outings, dinner and other such events; perfect behavior considering the younger couple wound up together for four years. During this time the two moved into an apartment on the other side of town and they were happy, at least until Kayla had heard about her sister Dahlia's engagement to a wealthy doctor, then the jealous one sided competition began. The blonde began alienating Blake from his family in order to "make a better life for them" - which was really just trying to make her look like the better sister - so much so that he missed the birth of his little brother Rhoan, an act that still saddens him. Over the course of their third year together Kayla had also begun to distance herself from Blake claiming that it was to keep from distracting him, in reality she was sneaking around with her sisters fiancé Nathaniel Sorrentino.

    However Kayla made a mistake one day, she had decided to invite Nathaniel over for some 'fun' while Blake was at night school. Due to the recent blizzard, however classes were cancelled and the Irishman had gone home early hoping for just a night in with his girlfriend and future fiancé, if the ten karat white gold, two carat princess cut diamond ring in his inner jacket pocket had anything to say about it. But sometimes you don't get what you want, was the first thought that came into his mind as he walked into his bedroom to find Kayla moaning under Nathaniel, who was whispering in her ear. Without warning Blake's life came crashing down, as did some of his spirit at that moment as he silently left the room, without being noticed and left to his parents house.

    It's been five years since he left Kayla, using his parents as messengers to tell her that he was through with her, and since then he moved to New York City, into a loft apartment and got a job as a Bartender at a local gay bar.
    Family: His mother Meridian, a gentle woman with untamable fire red hair and the same eyes as Blake. Dyson, the young mans father is a rather gruff man with short black hair and cobalt eyes. Finally, Rhoan Blake's six and a half year old brother with their mothers curly red hair and their fathers dark blue eyes.
    Personality: Blake is a compassionate man that enjoys the company of others, he is fairly introverted if not insecure and loyal to a fault. He is not one to lie due to his past but understands the necessity in some situations. He has been known to be slightly cold toward women aside from his mother and subtly hostile toward blondes. Blake is self conscious about many things, the top being his accent and body.
    Ultimate Goals: To own his own Night Club and bar, to find someone that wants him for him and is faithful.
    Location: The Bronx, New York.
    Occupation: Bartender, Share holder of the popular 'Wisp Grotto' Franchise.
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