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  1. Anybody read these books?
    Would anybody be interested in doing a role play based off of these? I mean I know it's kiddish, and not well plotted yet, but if people show interest I will definitely get really into this.
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  2. Only one person likes this? Did nobody read these wonderful books?
  3. I didn't, and have never heard of them. Looks... Odd.
  4. They're cute.
  5. Maybe you should give a slight background into the books for those that can't read them for one reason or another? You'd be surprised how many would join with just that.
  6. Hmmm it looks interesting in my opinion although I have never read the books. But anything with cats (and really any kind of animal *chuckles*) is a cool rpg in my mind.
  7. lol maybe a little background would be a good thing, but I was hoping to draw out some who have read the books.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.