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  1. I still maintain that people who do art are lazy folk, be it writing, drawing, painting, etc.
    Case in point, I told Nic that I would doodle him a little dragon maybe... two weeks ago?
    Well, in any case, it ended up being done. I finally doodled this for him tonight. So there. =p ([MENTION=32]Garviel Loken[/MENTION])

    Dragon (open)


    My little chibi dragon for Nic. I forget what our conversation was even about.
  2. And this is Coti... ish, because why not?
    Also, March theme and stuff.
    Kitschy bunny (open)

  3. Awwww, that's cute.

  5. Robutt (open)
  6. I doodled dis. It's small though.
  7. Can I ride it? o_o <3
  8. I doodled things...
    Don't Touch (open)


    Not sure I like it.
  9. I get a very intense vibe from this. o wo
    it's beautiful though.<3 brings back memories. - w-
    Very very deep and nice. c:
  10. I like it, too. The concept is neat, the basic anatomy is good, and the pose conveys motion as well as setting the mood. I also like that you've colored the hand print and left the rest black-and-white, and that she's missing a mouth.
  11. Great, now I'm inspired...
  12. Fluffed bunny (open)

    Another picture for Coti-ish. I like drawing bunnies, I think.
    Plus, I'm trying to get better at it as a gift for his birthday.
  13. You made me draw things. Last pictures in this post.
  14. Ozzie's art request thing from the Live Show is complete.
    Lots of fun, thanks!
  15. June (open)

  16. Present/Reward for someone (open)

  17. Koori's challenge. Spiffied up slightly, though.
    Show Spoiler
    Spoilers for all the things
  18. [​IMG]
    Still working on it a bit, more than likely. Still a few things that I'm not quite happy with yet. But getting there.
  19. Show Spoiler

    I might redo this too. It was a doodle. And I still might.

    Doodling my video game character.
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  20. [​IMG]
    This is still obviously in progress, but I've been practicing. :B
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