Cat's Paw: Cyberpunk RP, poker style. (1 more)

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  1. Cat's Paw

    It's just another cyberpunk story, with a bit of an unorthodox mechanism.

    You represent a character and a company. You progress, gain influence, and rule the world bit-by-bit through winning each chapter in the story. You do that by spending a hidden amount of requisition, which you can gain or lose in the story. Requisition is like the power level, the post count in traditional RPs. It determines the power of actions you can take.

    Mostly through philosophy and only slightly through laziness, the world itself is minimally built so I can see the unique signature of every writer to joins me to play test this concept.

    I will start if I can get one more - and if we can fine tune the rules to make it easier, will try launching again on a wider scale. Signups always welcome.