CatHuman X Human Romance

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  1. I am looking for female for this rp. this is a Sexual rp. I am looking for you to play a Cathuman. the story line starts out in a bar setting with a Soldier who's been on deplment for six mouths and is now looking for a sexy girl to come along so he can huck up and go have so fun.. Note the plot will vary from the start.
    If you are intersed please pm me I will respon ASAP.
  2. its called a neko
  3. Moving this to Liberteen!

    Roleplays that plan to have sexy scenes should be requested and played only in the Liberteen/tine forums. This is because sexy scenes involving teen and adult members can get everyone in big legal trouble! The adult could be labelled as a sexual predator for life, and the site could even get shut down. This is a very real danger and we take it seriously, so I'll be putting this where only other teens can access it <3

    If you RP through PMs or off-site, this rule still applies. No hooking up with adult members for sexual content stories please~ We want you and your partners to be safe <3
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  4. I think I'd be interested in this ^^
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