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  1. Adult-Only Zone, sorry teens!

    About me
    I'm Primogen, or Prim for short and am a twenty three years old woman with lots and lots of time on my hands that could be used to chat and write with you, dear viewer! I like writing intricate plots and fangirling about the characters that make them possible with my partners, OOC communication being a big thing with me and is influencing whether I will get super into a rp, continue it, or even start it in the first place as a good chemistry between partners is as important as a good plot and character interaction. I will always give you a chance to try to convince me of an idea, and I like to think of myself as pretty open minded to new genres and concepts. I write both genders and all sexuality, and while I never tried portraying a genderfluid or trans character, I would be happy to given you provide good research material for me to make my creations as credible as possible. I always try to give at least a paragraph of good content a post, and try to mirror my partners.

    What I want from you
    • Be a good sport, take you part of leading and making the plot and talk to me in a separate OOC PM.
    • Be careful to use spellcheck, revise and edit each of you IC post.
    • Try to post once a week. I do understand the occasional skip, but inform me beforehand if it look like it'll be the case that time as soon as you notice you won't be able to make it. I won't mind, I just need to know you're still interested and, most importantly, not in a ditch somewhere.
    • Give me something to work with, please! Ten page worth of purple prose is worthless to me, but so is one liners. Write as much or as little as you want, but keep in mind that I need to have good hooks to work with!
    • I only work with third person, past tense formats, please keep to it.
    • Tell me if you want to change something with our rp, or if we go somewhere uncomfortable for you with it, I'll do the same.

    What I would like to do right now
    • I'm interested in working with tradition and morals most right now! While this would mean more world building and character growing for us to do, I'm intrigued by making something completely different from modern western society.
    • I would like to play around with religion, mainly depicting how angels and demons would be at once completely alien and disturbingly similar to each others and humanity at whole in lots of different ways.
    • I want to explore the Bohemian lifestyle, preferably around the Industrial eras. Or maybe in a futuristic, alternate setting?
    • I want to do your classic Boarding School bullying story with horror and maybe supernatural elements thrown into the drama.
  2. I have a story idea I'd love to do with you. While it doesn't strictly fall any of your wants you've listed I hope to try and invest you in it!
  3. Of course I'll hear you out! Do feel free to send my your salesman's speech in a PM. :)
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