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  1. Join Us!

    So I don’t know about you guys but I find humor in those little phrases we hear that are easy to repeat. You know “I before “E” except after ‘C’ or when sounded as ‘A’ as in neighbor and weigh”. They’re cute, they’re funny, and goodness knows we know a lot of them. So just pop in in, share your favorites, or discuss some that you’ve seen in the thread that you like! These can be from books, movies, cartoons, childhood experience, anywhere we’re not picky here.
    My List!
    “A gram is better than a damn” – A Brave New World
    “Ending is better than mending” – a Brave New World
    “Eschew Obfuscation Espouse Elucidation” – Highschool English Teacher

    These are just to name a few come on in and join in the fun of these wonderful phrases.
  2. I don't recognize the ones you noted, but the first one makes me giggle and makes sense at the same time. I just don't get the last one...

    "You are what you think you are." --> I mostly remember it from a poster in one of my 7th grade teacher's rooms. Another one related would be, "If you think you can't do it, you can't."
    "More than I can shack a stick at." --> I like this one mostly because...I'd like to know why we're shaking a stick at it. I hear it EVERYWHERE though.
    "Life is a puzzle." --> I remember hearing it in Phi Brain, but I know I've seen it elsewhere too. I just like the idea. :/
    "Time heals all wounds." --> Debating the truth in it, but...It's common and does actually have some meaning to me~
  3. The last one is a fubmel rule iot menas. "Stay away from things that are confusing, and bring to clearity the clear." it's kind of funny to me.

    i lvoe so many of the ones you hav there. it's great xD.
  4. "Jack wagon!" (thank you Geico haha and for those who don't understand the reference: Geico Commercial)

    "Circumstances arise, and decisions must be made in all of our lives. It’s not about making a right or wrong choice. It’s about dealing with the consequences of the verdicts" (something I came up with a long while ago...I probably heard parts of it here and there but this was my take on it)

    "SSDD" (same shit different day)

    "Carpe Diem: Seize the day" (Dead poet society)
  5. Zorilla, I think it sort of defeats its purpose. Because it's confusing xD

    Angl...SSDD = Awesome.

    Also..."Awesomesauce" is super catchy.

    Hrm..."Honesty is the best policy."
    "Two wrongs don't make a right."
    "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." (Though I prefer "When life gives you lemons, throw them back and ask for chocolate." xD)
  6. oh no it is DIFFENTLy 'confusing' that's why it's a 'fumble rule." it's a rule that's suppsoed to do the thing it tells you not to do so you remember it.

    like "We don't use no double negitives."
  7. In relation to that...I point out "i before e except after c" is a lie. Weird is written as its meaning. "i" comes after "e", but do you see a "c"? :/

    A few more I like...
    "Seeing is believing."
    "Live for today, look forward to tomorrow, and don't forget to smile." --> My dad found that one, but it's awesome right?
    "The present is a gift."
  8. Hmmm that's true IDK I just put the stuff out there. xD
  9. No, it's not you. It's a common one. Seriously, you hear it all the time from kids to adults. BUT IT'S A LIE. Sort of like the cake. I don't get it but...Apparently, "the cake is a lie". o.o;
  10. I actually have my own 'catchy phrase' that's just like. "LIES!" the moment someone says something.
    Like this

    Jane: "Did you know that most astroids are made up of 90% compacted dust frozen int he vacuum of space?"
    Me: "LIES, full of lies and you know it!"
  11. You say "lies" a lot? For some reason, I tend to just say "moo" a lot o.O; Seriously. I don't know why- wait, yes I do. I'm slightly cow obsessed :/

    Uhm...Another strangely catchy thing for me to say has been, "So far, so fun" rather than "So far, so good". I mostly say it in reference to role-plays, actually, to say "I'm enjoying it so far", but... Meh.

    Oh. By the way. If a strange girl ever points at a bird nearby and claims it's their uncle...We're probably related. It's a family catch-phrase almost. And by that I mean pointing at some bird, preferably a seagull, and saying it's our relative. Seriously catchy. Everyone in my family does it, and everyone outside our family has done it for me xD (you can probably guess, but our last name is said "seagull").

    Let's see...Non personal ones...Um...

    I tend to hear people say, "To be or not to be," relating to subjects other than it's original use in Shakespeare? :D
  12. The bot calling the ceddel Black

    Every tub has to sit on it's own bottom

    Shitting in tall cotton

    And yes I say "lies' QUITE often xD.
  13. I see three there, two I know...That were clearly altered on purpose~ o3o At least I'm guessing they were. But the middle one...That's new to me.

    "Every rose has its thorns"
    "Welcome to the nut house" <- A pillow I own
    "My family tree is full of nuts" <- Another pillow. I love these.
    "Friends are the flowers in the garden of life." <- I think this was also a pillow I first learned it but...meh.

    And another pillow we gave my grandmother for mother's day once. "I smile because you're my mother. I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it." Note...I changed it to grandmother in my head xD
  14. "Nothing Personal but I'm here to Kill you." -Outlaw Star

    "That's the whole truth, give or take a lie or two." - Sunset.

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate." - Botch Cassady and the Sundance kid.

    'I'M A LEAD FARMER MOTHER #()*$)(_)(@" - Tropic Thunder
  15. One...I see an Outlaw Star quote. I am very happy.

    Two, more quotes.

    "What's pure is impure, and what is impure is pure." -- I still have no idea where I heard this, but I heard it SOMEWHERE. ;-;
    "As long as we walk together, I will protect you." -- .hack//SIGN. I like this mostly because they weren't technically physically together, so it's like...Sort of spiritual to me~
    "I'm peachy keen." -- Forget where, but I like it and, "Just peachy" for sarcasm~ I dunno why. But I giggle from these.

    "Gotta catch 'em all." Seriously, it's too catchy and easy to spin off. I can use Pokemon lines and alter them easily. I've found a Pokemon-based pick up line or two in the past o.O;

    Oh. and one of my characters in my personal work...Is starting to rub off on me with her love of saying "Mission Start" o.o; Seriously. I should stop letting her say that.
  16. Oh C-Dog the 'communicate' quote also comes from "major payne" He probably stole it from Botch Cassady i just thought it'd be funny to point out.
  17. "I'll need a 24-hour prior notice of coitus."

    I adapted it from Big Bang Theory to fit my life: my adopted brother is horny as fuck and it lasts several hours so I can be trapped in my room with no hope of a bathroom break or water break or anything.
  18. Big Bang Theory is a great way to connect to life. My doctor once used Sheldon as a way to refer to another specialist, saying, "He's less functional than Dr. Sheldon Cooper."

    Actually, I find that sort of catchy too. Comparing people to characters is fairly entertaining sometimes. And that one makes sense.

    Oh, another randomly common phrase..."The world is your/my oyster." I still want to know why it's an oyster :/