Catastrostrophic Infliction

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  1. Huddled against a dying, scorched maple tree, stood a female. Clothes ripped, skin siring and burning as her flesh was melting due to various weapons being unleashed upon her ranks. Eyes wide and horror struck she watched the battle unfold. The lacerations on her skin healing slowly, some closed already, bruising into thick and thinning scars. The scene before her was not good, not in the least. Demons, mauling Angels, Angels firing arrows, spears, orbs, anything they had with them against the Demons. Only barely she managed to escape the brutal battle unfolding, and scurry into the shade of the forest, where she'd be safe. All this..for a child? she thought. Everyone had known of the baby that was born, of both Angelic and Demonic blood. A creature of such had never been conceived successfully, and yet here it was. Rumors had it the baby was being kept somewhere secretive:
    Where clouds lace the mountain tops,
    Dwelling deep within the pit,
    The race it grows, to seek the newborn flesh,
    Bathed in fire, cooled in smoke, the mountains jagged tunnels,
    The pit of wealth, where secrets dwell,
    And settled in the UN-burning hearth, sleeps a child,
    Heartbeat still, unto a future untold..

    The riddle set by the parents of the child, just before they were the looks of this first battle in the Fields of Souls, this battle was not going to end well, and neither was the war that was afoot. The girl quickly turned and ran into the forest, deep. Shadows caressing her lunar pale skin...Find the child, get it to the Archangels..and maybe my race will be spared..She ran fearless through the forest, almost positive no one was on her trail, and every solider in her ranks were off fighting the useless battle.
  2. Footsteps could be heard, someone seemed to be running, maybe the person were running away from the fight that seemed to take place a bit away. Sarah didn't know why they fought nor would she try to understand it, she were a demon but she didn't feel like she needed to fight with the angels. Even if there were a good reason for the war that had burst out she didn't care about it, and she doubted that it was anything important they were fighting over. Even though she were a demon she didn't always act like one, she didn't really like watching people suffer and creating wars and such things. She didn't really care about if people suffered or not. She mostly wanted to take it easy and not get pulled in into things that could make her easy days just lying around become a living hell, at least that was how humans expressed themselves. She couldn't really understand what was so bad about hell but for her kind maybe she should say a living heaven.

    the steps came even closer. The battle would probably also come closer if she didn't try to get away from there soon, maybe she could ask the person that came what was going on. Was it an angel, a demon? She didn't really care, she mostly just had to know if this fight would go on for long so she knew how long she would need to stay away to not get caught up in it. Her black hair blew in to her face, she should have tied it up instead of letting it be out free, at least when it was windy outside. It always were in the way on such days. A woman came running, her clothes were ripped. So she were escaping the war after all.

    Sarah's expression were pretty dead, she didn't look glad nor angry, just bored. She rose a hand as if to wave it but without the waving part. "Hey there, what's the big ruckus over there about?" She asked wondering if the woman would stop to answer her or not, maybe she would just pass her without caring. If she were a demon she would probably ignore her just because she wouldn't gain anything from staying, if she were an angel she maybe wouldn't stop running because it was a demon that asked.
  3. As she ran, her heart beat raced, glad that once she had scurried away from the battle raging, her from slowly started to recede back to her more humanoid look. She stopped to catch her breathe a few times, and could still hear the battle raging behind her, but even still she didn't dare go back, not with the stakes this high, and the slaughter happening. After running she saw a girl, she stopped and leaned against a sycamore tree her wild, smokey grey hair looking in her face, creating a shadow over her own unique eyes. Her physical features returned to that, one might mistake for a human. She wasn't like other demons, she faught not because there was a fight, but because of the reason behind it, she didn't battle unless she had to, or had a strong need. How most demons she knew liked to avoid being vunerable an becomming a target, she preffered to blend in, and morph back into her more humanoid appearence.

    Looking up at the girl, her chest had stopped heaving in and out so rapidly, and her breathes had gone back to their normal pace, looking down once more she thought of what she might say. Parting her lips to speak, her voice was soft, half filled with agony, half sounding like she wasn't all there, as if her mind was in other places, which for the most part it was. "'s about the baby being born, of two races...It's only a small battle compared to the things I've heard, the thing's that might come in the events that can unfold if let to." Craning her neck up to look at the tree tops, the sun barely peeking through lit her frame, making her lunar pale skin glow faintly. Looking back at the female before her a question sprang to her lips, and she acted on impulse not thinking about it, and just letting it fly free. "You mean, you don't know about the war? How is that possible?" Looking a bit bashful she looked down, of course she did think that news of this outbreak had spread all over, but then again maybe not, and maybe this girl standing here, was proof of it.
  4. She watched the girl with an uninterested expression even though she were pretty interested on the inside. She had heard of some baby, half demon half angel, but she hadn't really cared to listen in to it more carefully. It had become a war out of that? That sounded pretty idiotic.

    "I heard something about a baby but I didn't stay to listen to the rest of the story so I didn't hear about a war. I don't stay long around others and I can walk around alone for years while making sure I don't meet anyone, that's probably why I don't know about it." She told the woman. "But this war is pretty annoying, it destroys my peace, I hope it ends soon or else it will be hard to find somewhere peaceful to stay." She continued.

    The war would probably spread everywhere if nothing stopped it soon, which would make her unable to get away from it completely even though she tried to escape it. It was ridiculous that they were fighting over a baby being half angel and half demon, what is the harm in having someone like that? She didn't really care what a demon and a angel did together, sometimes opposite attracts. As long as she didn't got in to bothersome business then she didn't care about it. But now suddenly it seemed like this would become something she would need to do something about before it became to severe. Either find a hiding place until the war was over or find a way to stop it. If the war become to severe then it would only lead to her not having that many places to relax on.
  5. The female smiled and brushed the hair from her eyes, settling down at the base of the sycamore tree, crossing her legs and then hugging her knees to her chest. She focused her eyes on the ground, so the girl couldn't see the colors they were. Brushing stray wisps or hair behind her left ear, she offered a faint smile, of mixed emotions. Different, things swirled around her mind, she knew if she thought about them for too long she'd get a head ache, offering a glance up to her, frame, and then back down to the earthen ground she spoke softly, barely above a whisper. "I don't think it will...But to think, that this war is just over a new breed of...of 'Angelic Demonoid'-" she stopped short to laugh at the name she'd created just now, for the little thing that was causing so much havoc, before continuing. "It's about the rumors circulating about the child, and because of said rumors, a war." Sighing she stood and looked at the female, she couldn't read her, the girls emotions were either well hidden, or she simply lacked them. Glancing about the shadow forest, her body hummed with the urge to start moving forward once more but resisting another question sprang to the tip of her tongue, and she let it slide right through. "You want peace, so you are angel?" Peeking at the female from behind her smokey grey bangs, she tensed, becoming a pit more aware of her surrounding, and if need be she knew where to run. But a side thought echoed in the back of her mind, and somehow she knew she wouldn't need to.
  6. The red-scaled Draconis panted heavily, his arms swinging at his sides as he sprinted with everything he had. His mind raced along with his body, trying to process everything that he had seen in the past half hour. Angels. Demons. Warring. Near his village! 'But for what?' he thought, ducking under some tree limbs and leaping over thick tree roots. His ruby-red body dashed through many miles of forest for twenty minutes before he had to stop and rest. His hands on his knees, he bent over to catch his breath, unfurling his majestic wings as he did so. Kneeling in front of a small creek, he splashed water onto his face and then drank up, enjoying the cool, natural water rush down his fiery throat. After a moment of silent thought, he heard soft voices nearby.

    Bolting up onto his legs, he glanced about. Being a blacksmith, he had crafted his own longsword. It rest sheathed on his belt loop. He placed his hand on the sword grip and unsheathed it, darting his eyes side to side. He cautiously crept forward for several steps before he spotted two females talking. They did not appear to be hostile, so he ran his large fingers through over his red-scaled scalp and approached them as calmly as he could, though his breathing was heavy and gave evidence of nervousness and excitement.
  7. Sarah listened to the girl, it was almost like she too wanted to laugh at the name, had the people made up such a name or had she made it up herself? But she kept her expression of boredom. It wasn't like she wanted to hide her emotions it was mostly that she couldn't express her emotions in front of people that good so she rather hide her emotions when she actually felt any. For the most of the time she didn't even feel anything whatever situation she were in.

    The girls last words actually made her laugh, she laughed so much so she started to feel pain in her stomach. When she finally had calmed down she looked at the girl unable to get back to her bored expression just yet, a light smile were still on one side of her lips.

    "Do I seem like an angel? Well the most people would probably agree that I am more angel than demon. But I am born as a demon. I don't mind war as long as I don't get involved, but this seems to be growing fast and soon I think that I will get involved if this continues." She said while her face slowly were able to get back to the same expression as before.

    Then she noticed a man coming closer to them. It made her a bit nervous, if he were from the war then it could get ugly there soon. But her expression stayed as bored as before, not reveling what she felt on the inside. "Who are you?" She asked him when she was certain he were close enough to hear.
  8. Feeling dumfounded, she looked down, and then cracked her neck both left and right. Parting her smooth, pink lips to speak her voice was louder now, more confident, the way she carried herself now, anyone could tell she was less shy, than before. "I see, well now looking back on it I suppose it was sort of a dumb assumption. I'm Skylar by the way.." Turning her head to look at the females, her eyes shone brightly, the luminescent green iris shone like the soft sea green in the oceans waves, and around it, they were edged in the faintest deep blue like the midnight sky before everything faded to that black backdrop painted with stars each night, and outlining all of this, was just the faintest silver, like the lining of a pure cloud. Smiling now, her lips curled up over her slightly pointed kanine teeth, she looked almost peaceful, young, and energetic. Then her smile stopped abruptly, as her neck craned to the right, as her hair fell over her eyes once more, captureing them in shadows.

    As her eyes searched the surrounding area's until she saw him. Her eyes following his body, tracing each scale, his tail, and then finally stopping on his eyes, staring into that as if she could see straight into his soul. She knew no one could any longer see her eyes, but she knew that this male, knew she was looking at him. Skylar's lips fused shut, as she clutched the hem of her short tattered tank, she didn't speak and only silence passed between all three of them, eerily filling the forest.
  9. He stood twenty feet away from them. He sheathed his longsword and then bowed to waist level before them. "Hello, ladies," he said. His voice was extremely deep and rough. He stood at seven feet, muscular, toned, and massive as a whole. His eyes were an odd, but beautiful orange color, and he was an exceptionally handsome young draconis, as most of the Reds were. He was, however, quite fidgety, his fingers wiggling about. "I am Reil'nak. You may call me Reil. I am sure you ladies are aware of the situation around us. Heaven and Hell have begun a bloody war. If I may be so bold as to inquire... why are you two tender souls out here, alone, near a battlefield?" Though tired, Reil spoke with pride and grace. His voice rang out, and he stood tall in front of them.
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  10. Zue stared at the woman that claimed she went by the name of Skylar , the only emotion he felt was..Confusion.Zue was a small demon that no one really ever payed attention too.When this war broke out he decided he wanted to help,but instead of fighting he would spy.He would get any dirt he could , if he did this he hoped that people would actually notice him more.He was about the size of a raccoon and had claws on each hand.His skin was greasy and full of scales , But the small demon had a beak.There was one small indigo wing on the left side of his back.He was always stuttering when he talked to somebody due to the fact that he was scared.Zue didn't really have a race,he was formed from two different parents that left him when he was a child.He slowly crawled through the grass and tried to get a better listen.
  11. Skylar wasn't sure how to take this male. Reil, had he called himself. Tongue slipping from the confines of her mouth, she licked her lower lip. Her eyes darted to his sword and then back to his face, his eyes. Tensing slightly, she drew in a breathe and spoke, a smile couldn't help but light her lips. "Tender souls? This...'tender soul'-" she said, her eyes dropping for a split second to her bodice, then back up to meet this males eyes once more "was apart of that battle not to long ago...and yes a bloody war, but not if prevented." she spoke the last part quickly, as if her mind reeled back to what she was thinking of on her sprint this way, before she crossed this females path. Mind reeling, searching, thinking of solutions to this problem at hand, the war to be specific, thinking of the events to unfold..more battles, more bloodshed, large quantities of casualties on both parts. It wasn't pretty, and she flinched at a few of her own thoughts, staigning her mind now.
  12. Sarah looked at Skylar as she passed them, it didn't seem like she liked the man being there. She got worried over her even though she didn't show it in her expression. But as fast as the man had started to speak it seemed like she started to get in a better mood again. She put a hand on Skylar's shoulder and gave a small smile to her and spoke in a silent voice so that just the woman would hear her. "I don't know if I will be to much help, but I can try helping you find the child. I want this war over with as fast as possible. By the way I'm Sarah."

    Then she looked at the man and continued talking but to him instead. "Please don't call me tender just because I'm a woman, I am not close to the war, it just happened to get to close to me."
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  13. The touch of the woman's shoulder was reassuring, though she was still just a mere stranger to Skylar, she calmed her, only because of just hearing her intentions, of how she wanted the war over with just as much as she did. Her name ringing like, bells in Skylar's ears, ringing until the name as embedded into her memory, a name she wouldn't soon forget unless need call for such a thing. Nodding she offered a reassuring smile and spoke up just a bit before her attention turned back to the male. "Sarah...yes, that would be..of much help, thank you." Her voice was soft and near lifeless, her mind was still teeming with so many thoughts, it was a wonder she could keep up with so many things at once, not yet noticing the other presence, she head it, with her keen sense of hearing. Skylar's eyes sliding back to the man slowly, carefully watching him. It wasn't that it was his presence that scared him, or even his persona. It was the fact he was male in gender, and of a species she'd never encountered before. Males had a tendency to hurt her and mislead her, and this was something she vowed to avoid, at all costs.
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  14. Zue decided that if he could get the baby , He would be a war hero.So the small creature walked out from the grass right behind Skylar with his Large yellow eyes."H-he-Hello!." He Begun to shake back and forth at the 3 people that were infront of him. "I'd love-e To Help~!." Behind the cute smile he showed with his bright ,pointy white teeth was a plan.He would follow these people until they got the baby and then snatch it right out of there hands.The indigo wing on his back just slightly swung in the air as he stared at their feet.
  15. Skylar turned her body slightly, never taking her eyes of the male, though she was intrigued by this new voice, turning her head to look down behind her she saw him. Her eyes swirled with curiosity. Just as she's never seen the man Reil before, his species a complete mystrery to her, there staring her in the face was another. Lips tingly with the intent to smile, at this small, cute creature, she shook her head, and with it shaking the intent away. Biting her lower lip, her lower, and upper sets of teeth gnashing into the soft, pink flesh of her lip, she nodded, eyes closing beneath their shadow imprisonment for just a second, before her full, undivided attention was turned back to Reil. "S..sure, yah." she shrugged off what the other male had said, not seeing the harm in having a second person help, though she was a tad curious as to why.
  16. Sarah got quite glad that Skylar wanted her help, but before she could say anything more she saw a weird small creature that talked to them. She had never seen something like that. Skylar accepted its help too and Sarah could see how surprised she were at seeing such a creature, Sarah were quite surprised to even though she hid it behind her bored expression that had at some point returned to her face. It came natural for her, it wasn't anything she controlled anymore. She had done the same expression for so long so she barely noticed if she did it or not.

    "You're a weird little fellow, what are you?" She asked the little creature without a second thought. She took down the hand from Skylars shoulder when she noticed that it still were there.
  17. "Mmph," he grunted an affirmative. In his culture, females were not inferior by any means, but they were treated in a more delicate manner than in other cultures. He bowed once more, low again, and stood tall. "I know nothing of the cause of this war. But, I do know this: your violence has razed my village to the ground. Your pathetic squabbling has caused my good folk suffering they should not have endured!" He was firm in his words. Even a bit cold, but he was not violent. He became calm, as a matter of fact.

    He gazed upon the little spy-demon and cocked his red-scaled head to the side. "I do not know what madness has overtaken heaven and hell, but I wish to end it. Speak of your quest to end this insane fighting so that I may return to what is left of my family and friends and rebuild our homes. I will fight and I will hunt and I will do whatever is necessary." Reil's fingers tightened around the hilt of his blade again as the sight of his village being burned replayed over and over in his head.
  18. "Oh, uhhh... I'm A Zue?" Zue stopped shaking so it wouldn't look to suspicious, he was surprised that it was working.He flied up to Skylar using his one wing almost losing his balance and falling back onto the ground but he gently hoped up her shoulder so he had a easy view of what was happening.The Creature would look at her with his huge cat like yellow eyes that took up the majority of his face. "This war is s-so pointless , am i r-right or left?"The Small creature that went by Zue couldn't help but stutter , no matter how hard he tried to speak normally.
  19. The Creature tried its best to not make eye contact with the man that was infront of the two woman due , to the fact that he was scared to death of the man.So he just looked down at the ground instead of trying look at him. "..I j-just want this to be over."
  20. The zue creature looked so harmless so she decided to not care about it, maybe it would just sink them in their search but as long as Skylar didn't mind then she wouldn't say anything. Her eyes went back towards the guy. "On you it sounds like all demons and angels are responsible. I don't have anything to do with the war or what it has done to your family." She told him with her emotionless expression. "I have never done a violent act in my whole life if it hasn't been to protect myself so I can't be guilty for this sin."