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    • Orion Ataxia is the newest leader of CATALYST one of the main rebel groups in the country of Exena. He's code named Frostbite by the citizens of the city; a play off the name that Exena's government gave him in an attempt to frighten the citizens 'Stalking Frostbite'. A recent addition to his group, a neko, will join CATALYST on their newest mission. It's just too bad that the government has more hidden secrets than first thought.

      World Summary

      The government of Exena has taken control of the planets weather. Now they are frightening their citizens into believing that there is a disease spread by snow. But the government is up to more than just that. A secret force has been spreading out through the city in an attempt to keep anarchy down.
    • Name: Nikolas Skye Borke

      Nickname: Goes by Skye; He likes it better

      Age: 20

      Photo (open)

      He doesn't actually wear glasses or have a glowing heart, but the rest is correct.

      Species: Neko (1/2 cat, 1/2 human)
      Personality: At first, he's very watchful and untrusting, but he is very protective of those he becomes loyal to and decides to trust. He's very calm in most situations, but when put under emotional strain he can sometimes panic and overreact or try to avoid the situation.

      Other Misc. Info: He has a scar across her back that she doesn't like talking about. He also had a small necklace that means the world to him and he trusts very few with it.
      Played by: @DJae Writer Chick

      Name: Orion Ataxia

      Code Name: Frostbite (Stalking Frostbite – Government name)

      Age: 26


      Photo (open)


      Species: Human/Unknown

      Personality: Orion is the charismatic leader of CATALYST. He tends to be quiet. He’s patient, but his temper can come out in explosive bursts when his enemies hurt his people. He has a shy personality when not coming up with missions or on the battlefield. However, his ability to lead is obvious. On the battlefield he is confident and wary. Off it, he believes in giving second chances and trying to ensure that there are as little casualties as possible.

      Other Misc Info.: He’s shy about his face and tends to wear masks that cover the lower half while on missions. Besides self-esteem issues, this is also a precaution to make sure the government doesn’t know who he is.
      Played by: @adabotcon
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  1. Orion’s stylus paused over the glowing screen in front of him. Another crash was heard from the other room. His Arctic blue eyes closed in his attempt to stop his amusement from showing. Across from him his medic cursed with swear words that the CATALYST leader hadn’t even heard before. Unable to contain his amusement Orion looked up at Ricard.

    “We can’t get anyone normal in this group?” Ricard was muttering under his breath as he attempted to sort out the paperwork that had been scattered across the room.

    “They’re good people,” Orion rumbled softly. His voice deep, and hypnotizing; it was startling for his body shape. Though the leader had broad shoulders his waist was thin, and his hips were slightly more prominent than most men. Ricard had been startled by the kind voice when he had first heard it. That had been when Orion had first joined CATALYST. He’d been covered in dirt and blood when the first leader had found the sixteen year old.

    Now years later; that grubby sixteen year old had grown into a well defined young man and the true leader of CATALYST. The original leader, Gast, had been ruthless and had expanded the rebel group to cover most of the city. They were considered terrorists even by the citizens. When Orion took over he’d cut the group down so that only those who were smart enough could join. As a consequence they had lost some territory in the upper levels, but their actual missions went off without a hitch and with very little casualties. CATALYST had become for the people instead of against them… and Stalking Frostbite had become Frostbite the unknown and legendary leader.

    “They’re annoying,” Ricard disagreed. “And that new one… the neko, whatever his name is. I don’t understand why you let him join.” Orion leaned back and looked at his medic seriously.

    “I believe in giving people chances Ricard, otherwise what is the point of all this?” The medic snorted.

    “Naïve,” he told Orion softly. The leader chuckled and stood up. He exited the room he had been in, and an eyebrow raised as he looked at the mess around CATALYST’s base. Five people were in the room. In the middle were the twins, who were looking at Orion with wide innocent eyes. They were the scientists of the group. They tended to blow far too much up. A part of the Prel, a species of stealth like people. They tended to be tiny with dark hair and the twins were no different.

    To the side laughing his head off was a Craks. A species that tended to hang around the water and had webbed hands and feet. There was another human looking discontent and annoyed at the twins. And the last was the neko… the newest member of CATALYST.

    “Please explain what happened?” Orion suggested to the people in the room. He looked at the broken machines laying around the floor. His eyes became a bit more serious as he added, “And what has been broken?”
  2. Nikolas, aka Skye, looked up cautiously as he heard someone at the door. Orion...
    "A little mistake."
    He said calmly as he picked himself up off the floor. He glanced at the others in the room, still precautious. He didn't trust them.. Not really. Not yet. He glanced about, unsure what had been broken. He wondered if any of the others would talk.. He eye caught the human's and he sighed softly, glancing to the twins. He hadn't been paying much attention, but knew someone knocked one of the shelves into one of the machines, which spazzed out and parts of the machine knocked into several others. He'd ducked to avoid getting hit by a gear, and now sat on the floor, legs crossed, his ears twitching at the different sounds.
  3. “It wasn’t our fault!” the female twin said quickly her twin nodding in agreement. Orion placed a hand on his hip and his eyebrow rose again. The twins wilted. “Well I mean we… might have been trying to get the scanner to work better, but it uh… blew up the…”

    A groan was heard behind Orion and the leader glanced at Ricard who had just come into the room. “Damnit, I needed that,” the medic muttered as he stared down at the broken first aid device. Shaking his head Orion stepped around the twins and said to everyone the room, “While the twins and Ricard fix the scanner and Mobile Medical Kit, we will go over the next mission.” He smiled a little bit at Nikolas.

    “We go over the mission to ensure we’ve looked over every detail,” he informed the neko. “Any ideas are thrown around at this time.” The human had stood up and placed something on the ground. A hologram of the main university of the city appeared before them.

    “Our intelligence,” Orion told the group. “Indicates that there may be a controller in this building.” A controller was a device with the ability to hack into the H.U.B. the machine in outer space that controlled the weather around the world.
  4. Nikolas shifted, under Orion's gaze, glancing over as the human moved. His tail waved behind him as he turned, placing his elbows on his knees and resting his chin in his hands, his eyes quickly scanning over the hologram. He tilted his head ever so slightly, listening carefully. "What do you plan on doing with the controller?" He asked as he looked up at the leader, some hair falling over his eye a little.
  5. "The controller should allow us to hack into H.U.B.," Orion explained with a small smile. It had been a good question. "If we can do that, we can get control of the weather at least a little bit. Then we can get the warmth and rain to the lower wards." The group around him grumbled. The government had made the lower wards cold in order to save money. They had been quarantined for the Snow disease. Even CATALYST hadn't been able to enter the area to check it out.

    Orion pointed to Nikolas. "You and I will go ahead of the others," he said to everyone else's shock. "We'll try and take care of any surprises before Hubert and Fen break in after us."
  6. Nikolas 'Skye' listened carefully. He sat up a little at Orion's sudden gesture, wondering why the man wanted him to go first with him... He gave a simple nod, deciding the best bet would be to go with it and see what happens. He glanced at the others, then back to Orion. "And when we succeed," he purposely left out 'if', knowing a positive attitude was better despite the lack of strong support in his voice. He wasn't disagreeing, just he wasn't super excitable. "how are we going to keep it? It's not like they're just going to let up change the weather and leave and they won't mess with it after we're done."
  7. "We won't be keeping it," Orion agreed with Nikolas. "This is a temporary thing. We can't let the government completely run us over just for this." He looked around the room and noticed that the twins had come over and were staring at the map as well. "We'll be handing it over to the twins. The hope is that they'll be able to reverse engineer it enough that we can build our own." He didn't mention that it wasn't very likely that would happen. Everyone would know that there was a slim chance of being able to reverse engineer something of that magnitude.

    "If we can't," he let out a sigh and leaned against the table. "I don't have to tell all of you that even getting into this building is going to rely very much on luck. This is the first time any of the rebel groups have gotten this much of a blueprint. If we fail, it'll be moved, and the building changed. CATALYST won't get another chance at this."
  8. Nikolas shifted slightly, examining the map closer as Orion finished speaking. Their only chance? Then they should probably put more planning into it, right? "Where is our entrance point? Backup exits if something happens? Security offices? We have to know this place almost by memory so we give a good impression, we're not force they want to mess with. Especially if we want to make a difference."
  9. “That is going to be one of the problems,” Orion commented as everyone leaned into the map closer. “This map is not complete. It only has half the compound.” A snort came from the human at the table.

    “You want us to infiltrate without all the information?” he asked in disbelief. The leader gave a sharp nod. He knew that this was dangerous. Having only some of the information would mean that there was a lot of unknowns. He wouldn’t normally give this plan a second glance, and disregard it without another thought. But…

    “You are correct,” he tapped the hologram and zoomed in. “Normally we wouldn’t attempt this, but here…” A strange pinprick on the hologram showed an opening unknown before. It wasn’t an air duct instead… “A trash chute. Difficult to climb up, but luckily close to the security office. This entrance would only allow for a small group. This is why Nikolas and I will be going in first. We’ll enter the building at this side and climb up the chute. We’ll head to the security office,” the hologram twisted to show the path. “And knock anyone there out. This should allow us to find the controller.”

    His bright eyes looked up with a serious look. “That will be the point that we call everyone else in. But if we can’t find it, we’ll abandon the mission immediately. It’s quite possible that this is a trap.”
  10. Nikolas, seeing this, nodded. "We can leave one guy in the security office like a guard." He said quietly. "They would have control over the security systems and they could give a heads up on where personnel is." He said as he examined the map closely. "Plus, we could get an idea on what the rest of the building looks like." He shifted in his chair, quiet now. He was thinking, carefully.
  11. Orion nodded slowly as he thought about using that as part of the plan. “Yes,” he said finally. He looked the assembled people. “If Nikolas and I are unable to find the controller we’ll send out our warning signal over the channels. If that happens be ready to relocate to another base. Otherwise, we’ll send an all clear. All of you are to make your way to the chute, if we don’t specify a better entrance. After we will leave Zand in charge of the security office,” he pointed at the Craks who saluted with his webbed hands.

    “That means the three of us,” he pointed to Nikolas and the human, “Will have to get the controller. Our emergency exit; besides the chute; will be here.” The hologram spun until it showed an air duct. “Though I’m not sure how safe it will be. It has two guards on the outside. Hopefully we will be able to take them down.”
  12. Nikolas nodded. "Hopefully we won't have to use the air duct at all." He said quietly as he glanced at the others. He looked back to Orion, then down at the map. He felt like they'd covered most anything he could think of.. He nodded again. "I think the plan seems fairly solid." He said calmly, watching the map.
  13. Orion nodded. He touched the hologram so that it went back to the full map that they had. “Ricard and the twins will stay here, if at any time someone gets hurt I want you to rendezvous back here,” he said his eyes looking seriously at all the people around the table. Ricard was muttering about ‘damn suicidal tendencies,’ in the background.

    Seeing no other objections the leader of CATALYST stepped back. “Everyone get to know the map as well as you can,” he said. His voice, usually soft and musical had become stern and a little louder. “We’ll start in the next three hours.”
  14. Nikolas nodded slightly and glanced around as Orion finished. He shifted a little and looked back at Orion, almost curiously, his head tilted slightly before he once again looked down at the map. His ear twitched and he watched the map closely, thinking.

    He was extremely calm, not seeing much of a reason to worry unless something went wrong.
  15. Orion in the meantime went from person to person to make sure they were ready. It was obvious that he cared for his people, and the slight frown that adorned his face was worrying. He was expecting something to go wrong. He just hoped that it didn’t go so wrong that they weren’t able to get everyone out safely. He had few casualties during his missions, unlike the leaders before him. He didn’t like looking at his people as if they were chess pieces, but that was required sometimes.

    Eventually he made his way to Nikolas. He’d finished talking with Ricard who had stomped back into his medical facilities just in case anything went wrong. “Ready to move out?” he asked the neko softly. The taller man had a light back pack on, and a few tools that would help them climb up the garbage chute.
  16. Nikolas had moved from the map several minutes after most of the others had. He went to his area, searching for anything he had that might be useful. He slipped on a pair of fingerless leather gloves before sitting calmly, a small sketchbook in hand. He looked up at Orion as the make came over. "I'm ready if you are." He said as he stood, rubbing his ear a little to scratch an itch. He gave Orion a pat on the shoulder, seeing his frown. "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but expect something about the middle." He said quietly.
  17. Orion gave Nikolas a slight smile. He gave the Neko a sharp comradery slap on the back. “A good attitude to have,” he agreed. He turned back to the other members and gave a short nod before he walked out of the base. The lower levels of the city were dark, the electricity that was used to light the lamps and other machines was low here. Cold permeated the streets and every once in a while there was snow covering about a foot of the ground.

    The citizens steered clear of the frozen liquid, afraid of catching any sort of disease. Orion led Nikolas around a group of huddled homeless. But the leader stopped by them for a moment when a grubby child could be seen. He bent down and placed a credit into the child’s hand. “Thanks mister,” the child whispered. The other homeless looked at Orion gratefully as he moved away.

    But when he had turned around Orion’s eyes had become hard again; a small amount of anger seeping through. He was obviously distressed by the peoples situation.
  18. Nikolas shifted as Orion slapped his back, but stood, glancing between him and the others. He was watching their interactions closely. He followed close behind Orion, looking at the snow with a slight frown and averting his eyes, looking down as they passed the homeless. When he saw the child, he said nothing, just stuck close to Orion. "We'll fix this." He said in a quiet voice, his teeth grit.
  19. Orion looked over at Nikolas when he heard the anger in the man’s voice. He nodded his head in agreement. “It won’t be an easy fix,” he said lowly as the passed a few guards. Luckily they were ignored. “I don’t think that this is caused only by the governing body. There are so many interconnected problems that cause this.” They pulled up outside of station for the Tube train. These trains connected all the different sectors of the city.

    Orion handed his and Nikolas’ fake IDs to the station manager and they were beeped in quickly. It was hard to get tickets for any sectors that were considered ‘above’ the one you were stationed in. Especially with snow piling up here. Luckily the twins were miracle workers. “It will not be an easy fix. But we will still try,” Orion’s eyes narrowed a little and a note of steel and determination had entered his voice.
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