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  1. Setting:
    Alternate Universe; Modern Day Earth; Maine, USA

    Tucked away in the woods of Maine is a tiny village which connects to no roads. It seems to be abandoned, mostly grown over with trees, brush, and foliage, and wild animals wander through with no fear of humankind. The biggest building is a stone chapel, which has a small sanctuary at the entrance, and in the back, stairs into the catacombs. The catacombs are expansive, and stretch far beyond the little village's borders. They are stone, collapsed in some areas, mysteriously impeccable in others. Oh, and they're populated by vengeful spirits of the dead

    Things You Need to Know:
    Though I will not be participating as a player, I will be acting as the GM of this roleplay, so message me with any questions (except "can I join", this is a jump in, so you don't need permission.). You can also message me if you want help finding a way to enter the scene, or if you feel the action is dying down and something needs to happen to get characters moving again.

    There are no persons living in the village at the moment; it is completely abandoned. The buildings were mostly wood and stone, and are rapidly decaying. Some skeletons may be found lying around, or dead animals, but this story focuses on the catacombs, so try not to linger on the surface forever.

    The catacombs are huge, and have many rooms and passages. They are like a labyrinth, and extremely easy to get lost in. They also appear to have been used for more than housing the dead; possible rooms you may encounter include dungeons, torture chambers, storage rooms, large dedicated crypts, corpse-dumping rooms, etc.

    The ghosts (which are available to be played providing the player follow these guidelines) can appear and disappear at will. They can interact with objects and people, and can only pass through things when invisible. The ghosts' existence in this world maintains a supernatural phenomena in the catacombs that makes them inescapable to anyone who wanders in. The only way to get out is to find out what will settle a ghost's anger/regrets/desperation, and calm all of the ghosts in the catacombs. Near the entrance is a skeleton, with a decaying journal clutched to its rib-cage, it spectates that the ghosts are keeping him stuck in the catacombs, and that he must appease them to gain exit.

    Quickie Rules:
    Follow all Iwaku rules

    DO NOT POST CHARACTER SHEETS IN THIS THREAD. Post your CS in the linked OOC thread, where the sheet is provided for you.

    Don't speed-post and leave other players behind; not everyone has the time to be online 24/7.

    A chill breeze blew through the humid forest; temporarily scattering the thick fog that hung over the Village of Cairn. At least, it used to be a village. Now it was deserted; foxes, raccoons, and squirrels its only passerby. The Maine Woods in general were simple to get lost in, however, and this particular area was getting known as a sort of landlocked Bermuda Triangle; hikers, runaways, campers, hunters, and other folk who wandered in never seemed to come back out...
  2. Nina finally found the abandoned town at the reluctant instructions of some of the locals to" Just keep going that way". They were right about the place... it was in the middle of nowhere! And it was absolutely gorgeous to her. She wasn't one for all the fancy modern structures of today, but rather would see ancient structures in ruins. It just captured a certain unexplainable beauty that apparently only she could comprehend.

    The only building standing was a beautifully breathtaking stone chapel. She just had to get close and get a picture! She trotted eagerly up to the building, bringing out her film camera; she couldn't stand digital. Her hand moved a lock of her copper hair aside to look through the scope.
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  3. Auberon drove up through the overgrown dirt road, glad that he had borrowed Xander's jeep rather than take his own sedan. Four-wheel drive was awesome. Soon, he came upon the remains of the town. It wasn't fact, the only building that still looked like a building was the great stone church, which nearly blocked out the sun with its presence. Auberon had heard stories of this place all his life, of hikers who would venture into the church's catacombs, never to be seen again. He had wanted to go with Xander, but his boyfriend had a huge test for his manufacturing class in college. So Auberon was going alone. The plan was for him to go inside for a couple hours and explore, maybe take some pictures, and decide for once and for all whether he was the good Catholic boy his parents had raised or the 'heathen' logic made him.

    Parking his boyfriend's jeep in front of the church, Auberon saw a girl standing in front of it. Grabbing his backpack, Auberon got out of the green jeep, waving to her. "Uh, hello," he said, brushing back his hair with a hand. "You here for the catacombs or are you just sight-seeing?"
  4. She jumped slightly at the unexpected voice, looking over her shoulder. So she wouldn't be the only one checking around here. Good. She gave her brightest and friendliest smile. 'Nice hair,' she thought silently to herself. 'Very... interesting.'

    "Hi. I didn't know anyone else would be here." She turned to face him, looking up at him from her wee height. Honestly, had she been dressed differently, she'd look like a tall kid.
    "Actually, it's a bit of both. I like to visit creepy places and take pictures for me to paint. They actually sell really well most of the time."

    Her bright emerald eyes looked him over curiously. He didn't look like the type to be all into catacombs and dead things. In all honesty, he looked too sweet for it.
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