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  1. Character Sheet:

    General Appearance:
    Items on hand:
    Personal Interests:
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    Name: Georgette Grason (George)
    Age: 19
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Items on hand: A notebook, pen, a voice recorder, a flashlight, batteries, and a digital camera
    Personal Interests: Journalism, specifically about the paranormal. She came to this place because of the stories she'd heard about the catacombs.
    Skills: Photography
    Weaknesses: She hates the dark, and flips out of she can't see.
    Fears: darkness, which is why she always carries spare batteries for her flashlight. If she were stuck in the dark she probably wouldn't handle it too well.
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  3. Name: Shiko
    Age: 22
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Items on hand: Enough food to last a couple of lunchtimes, a torch, a phone, and a few other generic items that a tourist might have if going on a tour of strange places in a foreign country.
    Personal Interests: Interested in the spiritual side of beliefs and superstitions, hence why she's looking around places like this.
    Skills: Excellent memory and above average IQ.
    Weaknesses: Quite slow as a runner with low stamina.
    Fears: witnessing death, being helpless.
  4. Name: Jens South
    Age: 20
    General Appearance:
    Pic (open)

    Items on hand:
    In Pockets (open)
    -A brass harmonica.
    -Small wallet with around £20 worth of travel money. (Whatever currency this town is in I'll roll with.)
    -A small, mobile phone. It's really old, and all it can really do is light up and make calls/texts.
    -A pack of *Super Minty* chewing gum.

    In Messenger Bag (open)

    -Passport, and a portfolio of leaflets for the area.
    -Two 500ml bottles of mineral water.
    -A box of two ham sandwiches. Good for the soul.
    -A pair of sunglasses.
    -A lighter, one of those cheap plastic ones.
    -A pack of 20 cigarettes.

    Personal Interests: He adores music, and he's very interested in historical events and architecture. He came to the catacombs to study them for a project he's working on, and also because he likes to travel.
    Skills: Playing music, and general puzzle solving. He's also quite good with computer science.
    Fears: Water. Although he's able to swim (but quite poorly), recent events have caused him to have extreme hydrophobia. He's also scared of jellyfish.
  5. Character Sheet:

    Name: Jeff Linnington
    Age: 21
    General Appearance:[​IMG]

    Items on hand: Books, Notebook, 2 Pens, 2 pencils, A change of clothes, water, Food, Matches, A lighter.

    Personal Interests: He loves writing and has published a few books himself. He likes taking things to the extreme, which is why he's at the catacomb; to find inspiration for his next book.

    Skills: Thinking on his feet, very intelligent, knows how to smooth talk his way out of any situation.
    Weaknesses: He's not very athletic.
    Fears: Losing his notebook. He couldn't live without it - not one second.
  6. Does anyone need help orchestrating an entrance in the IC thread?
  7. Yeah, I wasn't really sure how to start it, whether there was certain conditions or something, or whether I should just have her walk through a forest and stumble upon the place.
  8. There are no conditions; stumbling into the place is fine! However the only building that doesn't look like it might collapse with a strong breeze is the stone chapel.
  9. Right. So I can go ahead and just describe some old buildings then, no particular layout to follow?
  10. Layout, no. Just refer to the information in the OP
  11. Name: Nina Alexandria Hughes
    Age: 17
    General Appearance: Nina often looks a bit disheveled, wearing sweaters and pants far too large and baggy for her wee frame. Her curly copper hair sticks out all over the place, but barely cover her sharp emerald eyes. The little amounts of time she may spend outside makes her skin very pale.
    Items on hand: camera, flashlight, pocket knife
    Personal Interests: paranormal, abandoned areas, capturing ruins and decay in an artistic manner
    Skills: quick thinker, curious, empathetic
    Weaknesses: not the best runner, not physically strong, occasional uncontrollable pains
    Fears: loss, dying alone
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  12. Name: Auberon White (Pronounced like Oberon)
    Age: 20
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Items on hand: Cellphone, black backpack filled with his laptop, a flashlight, some protein bars, a bottle of water, and a photograph of his boyfriend.
    Personal Interests: Auberon has always had a fascination with the dead, and wants to somehow feel closer to them. Recently, he has had a spiritual dilemma, in which his mind is battling with his heart on whether there is some superior power or God or not. In his eyes, if he sees solid proof of an afterlife in the catacombs, he will know for sure that there is a Higher Power somewhere, somehow.
    Skills: Auberon was the star on the track team in high school, and continues to run regularly. He excelled in distance running, but is also a fair sprinter.
    Weaknesses: While he is fast on his feet, the reason he didn't get a track scholarship was because of his grades. Auberon isn't dumb, he just will not try something that does not occupy his attention fully and completely.
    Fears: Not knowing what happens after people die.

    I hope this is okay and that this is still open :)
  13. Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16
    General Appearance:
    Items on hand: "ON BACKPACK": A wallet with his last money in it (1 dollar), a combat knife that was a gift from his dad, 3 bottles of water and 3 pieces of cake that his mother made for him.
    "ON POCKET": on his left pocket he have a red pen and on his right pocket he have a sunglass hanging from it.
    Personal Interests: The life after death.
    Skills: He have a high stamina, he is a little smart (just a little) and he is a master at using knives and melee weapons.
    Weaknesses: Being not able to understand things, it make him freak out or just stop and try to think about it until he understand it.
    Fears: Death.​
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