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  1. W.I.P Map

    Brief intro:

    Four-hundred, and seventy-three years ago the angelic barrier keeping the mortal plane separate from the demonic lower planes was shattered by a Demon Lord named Nokato Shinjuku. He did this maliciously, and intentionally for his own selfish gains, and out of spite to the angelic beings that passed judgement across all of the known realms. The entrance out of the abyss lead to a very large, very diverse planet simply named "Ebonzia". "Go, show them the wrath of your King." He said to demons of all calibers, and they did just that. The following days, weeks, months, and years were sheer chaos, death, and utter confusion. Whole countries were wiped from the map, and placed under new leadership. Many, many died. Though the species that suffered the worst of the casualties was mankind, for they held the greatest numbers, and most territory. Once Nokato had conquered a sizable amount of the Northern continent, he established a new order in which he would rule. The Order of Six.

    The order of six is made up of Six demonic rulers. They are High King Nokato Shinjuku, High Queen Ein, Demon Lord Abbaddon, Princess Asyria, Dark Queen Rizulia, and King Juzatsu. They are some of the strongest, wisest demons in all the realms, and it was with their combined might that they drove back the humans, and clipped the wings of Dragons whom dared to interfere.

    It was only with the arrival of Angels that the bloodshed came to an end, angels whom defied the will of God himself, and intervened in mortal affairs. The leaders of these angels were Raphael, Michael, Ramona, and David. All extremely powerful archangels, and Seraphs capable of deciding whole battles by themselves. It was them who united the races into a temporary unification, and convinced the power hungry demonic High King to halt his expanse. Though by the time this happened sixty years had passed, and almost a third of the known world was occupied by demon forces.
    The Present:
    With the approval of the other demonic rulers, Nokato has decided to revitalize his campaign, and with that decision war is brewing on the horizon once again. Archangel Raphael has also been captured, though the reason his life was spared is still unknown. Distrust is beginning to run deep within the Order, and at such a crucial time it is certainly not something Nokato is pleased about. General Tulius, leader of the Invictus Army, is attempting to unite the different races of ebonzia, as he knows that something very bad is approaching.

    The Player :

    This is where you come in. If you wish to play a pre-made character, then you may choose from the unselected NPC(s) listed below. Your choices, given the scale of your actions will directly influence the plot of the story. You can play a leader, or just someone caught up in all this mess, up to you.

    Playable Races:
    (If you would like to add a race to this list, please let me know.)

    I think @SgShallow did a good job at explaining magic.
    • Action Level Magic - is magic stimulated by a single action. It occurs when one uses magic similar to how they would use a weapon. For example, the spell Mind Bolt's execution is similar to how one would shoot an arrow. Most of the magic of Mage-type classes are Action Level Magic, regardless of their power.
    • Battle Level Magic - is magic that can be used to decide the result of a single battle. This magic allows one to decide the fate of himself, his allies and his enemies.
    • Tactical Level Magic - is magic that can affect two to three battles at the same time. Legendary spells cast by a group of Sorcerers is said to belong to this group.
    • Strategic Level Magic - is magic of an even greater scale compared to Tactical Level Magic. This type of magic can have effects that last for days and has the ability to destroy a fortress, tower, or even an entire dungeon.
    • War Level Magic - is magic that is capable of deciding a war.
    • National Level Magic - is magic that is capable of destroying an entire nation.
    • Continental Level Magic - is magic that can affect an entire continent.
    • Global Level Magic - is magic that can decide the existence or fate of a whole world.

    The Rules:

    The usual "No God-mod/meta-gaming."
    Respect each other OOCly
    Post a few sentences at least, if you're able to.
    All fighting is to be done in T-1 (Turn based) unless fighting NPC(s)
    Have fun.

    Open Quest:

    There is a group of bandits located at the base of Goodtree springs, and they have been robbing/killing merchants passing by on the frequently traveled roads. Find a way to either slay, or capture them. See Rupert Maul in the Mythos Inn to collect your reward. Reward: 20,000 ceros.

    Talia Gill has lost her cat somewhere in the small district of Kento, return said animal to complete this quest. Reward: A good conscience.

    Assassination: Kill the High King Nokato Shinjuku at by any means before he causes another war. Reward:1,000,000 ceros.

    The Factions:

    The Order of Six (open)

    Nokato Shinjuku: Me (open)

    Dark Queen Asyria : ___NPC (open)

    King Juzatsu__Taken by Alucard (open)

    Dark Lord Abbaddon : ___NPC (open)

    Ein__Taken by Lady-Kaelyra (open)

    Princess Alysia : ___ NPC (open)

    Council of Magi (open)
    The Council of Magi has been around for thousands of years. They consist of the most powerful mages the world has to offer. The council is led by twelve individuals whom of which identities are unknown, and go by alias'. They are Zai, Tai, Jai Kai, Vai, Rai, Sai, Yai, Xai, Fai, Pai, and Bai. They influence all major events in the world of magic, and one should think twice before crossing them.
    Council of Magi (open)

    (Xai without his robes.)

    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Xai (Z-eye)
    Age: Unknown
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2

    Personality: Xai is often seen being relatively calm, cool, and collected. He knows what needs to be done, but isn't willing to sacrifice innocent lives for the greater good. Xai speaks for the speechless, and wields power for those who do not have any.

    History: Not much is known about Xai, other than he acts as an elder amongst elders within the Council of Magi. When he appears on the battlefield, shit has just gotten real. His magical prowess is capable of deciding the fate of nations.


    Name: Sai
    Age: Unknown.
    Height: 5'5
    Title: "The Queen of Waves"
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder
    Marital Status: Xai
    Weight: 126
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Personality: Sai is a very quiet woman, usually only speaking at council discussions if she finds her point important enough. More often than not she'll use her magic to speak within someones mind rather than use her actual voice. She is mild mannered, but holds no sympathy for those she deems wicked. She does not believe in sparing criminals, opting for death in most, if not all cases.

    History: Not much is known about Sai, other than her deep infatuation with Xai. No one knows if the two are a couple, but where one is the other is sure to be close by. She possesses magic capable of decided the fate of a large scale battle.


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Rai
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 192
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder

    Personality: Rai is unlike his comrades in many ways. He is by far the harshest, and most extreme council member. Rai considers himself judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to matters he deals with. He specializes in elemental magic, fire, and lightning specifically.

    History: The only thing known about Rai is the many battles, and wars he has ceased on his own. Most notably the lycan rebellion, when he mercilessly slaughtered thousands of werewolves attempting to overthrow the capital of Drogma.


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Pai
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 116
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder

    Personality: On most occasions Pai is playful, much like a child. She's portrayed as not taking very many things seriously, not even when in combat. She is the most light-hearted of council, and has only demonstrated combat-level magic.

    Invictus Army (open)
    The Invictus army is the primary defense force in Mythos. They patrol all human cities, and settlements. They are known for their ruthless nature, high tech weapons, and fierce battle prowess. They were founded shortly after the seal broke by Lohaim Rigins.
    General Tulius__NPC (open)

    The youngest General in the history of mankind. He is cold, determined, and highly motivated. Under his leadership many settlements have been reclaimed by mankind.

    Knights of Thalmor (open)
    The Knights of Thalmor are one of the strongest guild organizations in the modern world. Their leader, Ramuk Te'thar has been around since the age of the first demon invasions, and has personally sought to protect as many as he can against the beings from the lower planes. They practice loyalty, honesty, and bravery. Many of their members use combat level magic, along with their sharpened swords, which makes them very dangerous enemies to have.
    Thalmor Knight (open)

    The Divine (open)
    The Divine (open)


    Name: Lilith
    Gender: Female
    Species: Seraphim
    Age: Very old.
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: N/a
    Alignment: Neutral

    Personality: Lilith comes off to many as a laidback individual, and often seems bored with her surroundings. There is rarely a time when anyone can remember her getting her own hands dirty, as she has a very large cult following. Even some demons worship her as their God.

    History: Lilith abandoned the kingdom of heaven long ago, when Lucifer was cast into the depths of the abyss. She is very powerful, as just a mere glance at her true form can cause blindness, sickness, and or death if she should so choose it.


    Name: Michael
    Species: Seraphim
    Gender: Male
    Age: Old as dirt.
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: N/a
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Personality: Michael is courageous, brave, determined, and kind, among other things. He is the epitome of Good, and the embodiment of holiness.

    History: Wage a long, and brutal war with Lucifer in Heaven, before with his leadership banished Lucifer, and all of his satanic angels from the Kingdom of God.

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  2. Jessamine had just taken a seat at the HQ after another successful mission. She looked over at azul and waved him over to join her at the table. "Azul, don't be a stranger. Take a seat."
  3. Azul

    His mind was racing, his thoughts were delusional, and worst of all he couldn't get rid of the fucking voices inside his mind. Azul was literally losing his shit, sitting on his sofa with his favorite sword clutched within a tight grasp. "Damn...." He whispered through bated breaths. This was the worst he's been in years. Images of dying men, women, and children kept flashing vividly through his mind. All the killing he's done, all the battles he's been in, rushing at him at once. In one swift motion he stood up, upon hearing a womens voice inside his head. "Please...I've done nothing wrong.." Those words repeating over, and over. They were the words of a young women he witnessed be murdered just a week ago, a murder he couldn't prevent even though he wanted to with all of his might. With his lanky digits he curled his fingers around his blade, and hurled it towards the wall, which was instantly cleaved apart by the sharpened metal. Slowly he reached into his pocket, and pulled out his xenocromium cellular phone, and began dialing numbers he had long since memorized. Within a moment it began to ring. He hoped the person he was calling was going to answer, even though it was 3:45 in the morning. Jessamine.

    Tomorrow he had a freelance contract, which meant he couldn't afford to go off the deep end right now. Azul paced around the spacious living room, but after the fourth ring he hung up the phone. He felt guilty, and didn't want to bother one of his few friends at this early hour. Maybe she'd call back, maybe not. Walking to his coat rack he threw on an ominous jacket. It had a crimson star on the right pocket, with a furred hood. He had to get the hell out of that place, and he didn't particularly care where he was going either. The door slammed shut behind him, and a few moments later he was on the never sleeping streets of Mythos.

    The hours went by in a blur. Before he knew it he was standing next to the young woman he had just tried to contact not too long ago. "Jess...It's good to see you." He managed to say evenly. They were about to receive a briefing, but in all honesty that was the last thing he was thinking about.

    High King Nokato

    The demon King Nokato Shinjuku sat upon his throne, deep in curious thought. He alone had caused the transdimensional rift on this planet, freeing his demonic brothers, and sisters from the hellish, and chaotic lower planes of the Abyss. That was four hundred, and seventy three years ago. Nokato goverened a brutal, bloody, campaign across half of the entire planet, and with the help of his kin it was successful. Peace was achieved through a one sided treaty with the Northern races, which was in his favor. He had everything he could ever want, or need for that matter. However, he was satisfied. He craved more. Much more. If not for the threat of heavenly beings, he would have never agreed to cease his invasion. For you see, Nokato was logical despite what many may think. A war with the heavens, combined with the force of dragons, and other powerful races, he knew the risk far outweighed the rewards. The lower planes isn't somewhere he would ever willingly return to if he had a choice, and the Seraphims were just the beings to cast him back into eternal damnation.

    "Cyrus...come to me my pet." he spoke in a low, guttural tone.
    Almost instantly a small, whimpering goblin came inching closer from the corner of the room ever so slowly.
    "Y-yes m-my master..How may I serve thy greatness?"
    "Deliver a message to your other masters. Tell them I wish to meet, and discuss further happenings within the mortal plane."
    "As you wish, my lord." The little goblin skimped off with haste to fulfill his masters wishes.

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  4. She looked azul. He looked like he was having one of his fits again. "I'm guessing your seeing everyone you killed again." She took a drink of her water bottle. "If it starts affecting your performance in the field, I'll shove that medication down your throat."
  5. [ Sorry for the slow response, Wolfs Rain. @Alucard You can make his personality to be however you want if your interested. ]

    Azul sat down next to Jess, and smirked at her threat. She was the only person to say such things and get away with it. His mind had calmed down a good amount since the night previous, so for the moment she didn't have to 'Shove medication down his throat'. There was a man giving a detailed report on how their mission went, and from what Azul heard everything went off smoothly, which was usually the case. All these years of mercenary work had Azul thinking. If he were so good at it, why not start his own Merc Company? He already had one person he thought would be interested.

    "Hey, Jess. I've been thinking of starting my own Merc' company. Couldn't do it without ya'. So, what do you say?" He watched her expression closely as he awaited a response. "Hell, maybe you could even run it with me?"
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  6. ⊗King Juzatsu⊗

    "Milord there is a messenger from King Nokato" a beautiful nymph demon bow down to the greatness of his king Juzatsu and brought him the news about the messenger arrival. King Juzatsu only starring to his servant that still waiting for his answer. the king then took his emptied glass and asked for another serving from his maid. "so..." at last King Juzatsu began to speak in calm manner while waiting for his tea arrival. "I wonder what did Nokato want now. alright bring him in, and you..." he said to his servant and smiled at her "i want you to visit my room tonight" the Nymph already knew what those word mean and left from King Juzatsu tea room. "it's a rare one nokato sent his messenger to me... maybe it's war declaration" after searching for possibilities Juzatsu took a sip from his tea cup and waiting for the messenger to arrive.
    a tiny goblin arrived from his tea room door. "greeting your majesty. i am Cyrus, a messenger from my master, King Nokato" Juzatsu calmly using his sense to this goblin. Juzatsu develop a habit of sensing the other because of his blindness to take a grade of their power. After satisfied and knew that it's really weak against him, Juzatsu began to ask "Speak worm" then the goblin opened his bag, Juzatsu guard reacted by his movement by pointing their weapons against those goblin "don't make a sudden move" one of the guard said to him "it-it's only a message milord" he slowly took a scroll that bear the King Nokato Royal seal. Juzatsu ordered the guard to stand down and read it over.
    Juzatsu snapped his finger after done with his reading. Another maid arrived and bring a tiny bag of silver coin. Doing as Juzatsu ordered, she handed it over to the tiny goblin. "take this for your effort" then he ordered his guard to show the goblin the way out from his castle.
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  7. • High King Nokato •

    Nokato waited patiently after the small goblin Cyrus departed to deliver the message. The meeting would take place in his war room, which he was currently in. It was a marvelously decorated room with various priceless items sprawled about. In the center there was a very large table, a map of the continent in the center with his territories marked accordingly.

    In minutes another arrived. A female. This being was beautiful in a dark sense of the word. She wore a long black robe, with numerous jewels around her neck, and embeded in the silk. "'ve summoned the has been long since such an occasion has occured." The female named Ein, the High Queen said.

    "Indeed it has, Ein. Have a seat. Word has been sent to Juzatsu, and the others, they should be arriving shortly."
    "Such a cold welcome.." she responded as she took a seat on the opposite end of the table.
    Ein, and Nokato had a very long, complicated history. ( Short, since I'm using my phone until I get home later today.)
  8. ⊗King Juzatsu⊗

    His Carriage arrived at the entrance of King Nokato Palace. a massive building made from stone rose to the sky and covered the moon with his might. Juzatsu took a step out from his carriage and unleashed his sense wave. scanning anything that inside his sense range and send it back to him. A couple of big Aura, and Two Giant aura in one room is the only one that took his interest.
    Juzatsu with his Butler entered the King Nokato War room where the Giant aura he sensed came from. The aura become more intense when he stepped his foot inside the room. "hmmph... This is satisfying, your power didn't weaken" his Black cape waving while he walked toward nearest large aura, the aura that he already accustomed "Nokato..." he opened his white eyes and stared him before he ask him to sit in his place.
    "oh.. didn't see you there, Ein" Juzatsu greet another guest that came before him. "shut your trap Juzatsu, your sense wave hit me a couple of minute ago" she gave Juzatsu a cold reply but he really love to make fun of this one to sense her reaction "haha... i see, you can sense them now eh? but not when i send them to your...bathroom?" his joke made Queen Ein disturbed then he slam the table "stop your joking Juzatsu.... I mean it" she starred into Juzatsu closed eyes "fine... fine... i am just kidding" then He regained his composure and waited for other guest to come.
  9. Ju• High King Nokato •

    Nokato watched King Juzatsu enter, and his antics with Ein amused him. "Greetings, Juzatsu. Still have your sense of humor after all this time I see." Nokato spoke in his abnormally low voice. The little goblin Cyrus came inching in just at that mome[BCOLOR=#000000]nt.[/BCOLOR] "My l-lord...the others..they seem to be preoccupied, and will not arrive for some time." He knew this news would not be pleasing to Nokato, and feared he would pay the price for their absence. Strangely, Nokato didn't seem to bothered by the news. "Then we shall continue without them." He flicked his wrist, telling the goblin that he was no longer needed.

    "Now Juzatsu, Ein. I wish to discuss things of a great importance.." He paused for a moment. "I believe it is time that we expand our domain. And by expand, I mean conquer, and destroy any who oppose us. This includes the fallen, humans, and the dragons. The other races are on edge, but do not expect a full on attack, not yet anyway. What are your views on this?"

    "You wish to bring about another war? For what reason? We control the most valuable lands. No one would dare cross us." Replied Ein.
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  10. Jessamine pondered the question for a minute. She shook her head. "I would but not as a leader as a soldier." She remembered the only time she had to commit to her threats. "We would also need guns, ammo, soldiers and a headquarters."
  11. Azul

    "Yeah, your right. I've amassed quite the savings, so I could get us most of what we need.." He trailed off for a moment, lost in thought. "As for members, I still have a few contacts that I'm sure will be interested. Remember Graul? Or Mink? Probably not, but I'm sure we could have a highly skill small team within a few days." Azul stood up from his seat. "Let's get out of here. We've already collected payment." He turned to leave, assuming Jess would follow. "Have you heard what's happening in Mumbasa? That town off the west coast of Mythos. Apparently theres a virus going around, killing people only to resurrect them in the form of flesh eating bastards. The job promises 50,000 ceros. [Cero is the currency, same as a dollar.] I'm thinking of taking it."
  12. Rinsul walked through the crowded streets of Mythos at a slow pace. He wore a black jacket, combat boots, along with a casual outfit of black jeans, and t-shirt with a super-hero logo on the front. He had many things on his mind, mainly what he was going to do for work after his bullshit discharge from the Invictus Army. 'Failed urine test...what a load of crap.' He thought to himself as he walked along. He had a wide repertoire of skills, but they all involved causing someone serious bodily harm. As he was walking, he noticed a man walk out of the a large grey building. The man he saw instantly struck a cord within his memories. "Azul...?" He thought. Could it really be him? He remember Azul from when he was a young boy aboard a cargo vessel. That was when he first saw someones life taken from them, and the person who commited the act was standing only a few yards away conversing with a female. He studied the man for a moment. Yes. It was definitely him. Still wearing the same visor, and still carrying those four deadly swords. Should he speak? Rinsul went back, and forth with this in his head, wondering if it wise to do so. After a few moments he decided to go ahead, and say something. 'Fuck it.'

    He waited until he was a few feet away, then he spoke. "Excuse me, Azul..?" He called. At first the other didn't notice him. If this was truly Azul, then he was highly skilled. He didn't want to just come off as some random stranger, so he decided to make a greeting in a more informal way. His right hand went across his abdomen, and he gripped one of his Wakizashi. Slim digits quickly freed the small, but lethal weapon, and he charged forward with quick speed weaving in a zig-zag pattern. Once he was close, he ducked down, shifted his body to the right, and thrust his sword forward with strength. This sudden attack would kill a normal man, but if this was truly Azul, the mercenary whom destroyed fifteen men, which he was certain it was, then he would have no problem countering the attack.
  13. Azul was just exiting the mercenary building with Jess, not really paying his surroundings much attention. "So, what do y---" His words stopped suddenly, and his primal instincts took over. It was as if everything was happening in slow motion. He's had this unique ability ever since he was a child. Whenever danger is around, it's like his body moves on its own. Someone was approaching, and fast. With one hand he pushed Jess back into the building, and with the other he reached for his sword. But this bastard was fast. He never witnessed someone move like this, no one besides himself anyway. He didn't have time to unsheath his blade, and block, that much was certain in his rushed thoughts. So he did the only other logical thing he could think of. Side step. Azul was nimble, and narrowly avoided the killing blow with the simplest of moves. The blade rushed past him, leaving the attacker exposed still holding his sword in the same position.

    Now it was his turn. Azul was pissed. Who the fuck was this guy, just attacking him out in the open? A hired killer? A thief? He didn't know, and right now he didn't really give a shit. Reaching for one of his smaller blades dangling from his hip, Azul gripped the hilt, and with the speed of lightning swung his weapon towards the unknown mans throat aiming to sever his jugular. Bystanders around the two looked on in awe, and fright. Some immediately pulling out their phones, and calling for help. Others just shouting "STOP!" They were all background noise to Azul. He didn't care if he killed this man.
  14. Rinsul was having fun. His attack was easily dodged, which was impressive. The response to his attack came swiftly as Azul pulled his dagger, and sung it towards him. He knew too well that if he didn't dodge his throat would be cut, and he would subsequently perish. He didn't plan on that happening. Just after his weapon missed Rinsul activated his sharingan, the mystical eyes of his forsaken clan. His pupils turned a crimson shade of red, and two small prongs were around the center. Rinsuls head shifted to look directly upon Azul, and he could see an outline of his next attack. This gave him that extra split second to formulate a plan. Though, he went with the simple option of just parrying the small blade with his own sword. He raised his right arm in the arm, and sparks of metal clashing rung out along with the painful sound. Knowing that if this fight went on any longer one of the two would likely meet their end, Rinsul spoke out.

    "Wait! Wait!"

    He jumped back a safe distance, still in a defensive position just in case. "My name is Rinsul Uchiha. I simply wished to see if you were in fact Azul. We met, though you likely don't remember, years ago on the vessel named 'Greymore'." His eyes remained on Azul watching him carefully.
  15. The speed in which Azul launched his attack should have eliminated any possibility of defense, but the man did in fact block his assault. Not only that, his eyes were now glowing red. What the hell was going on? Just as Azul was preparing to go on the offensive yet again, the man spoke. He listened. Greymore? That was almost ten years ago. The first time he took a life, and a lot more than one. Who was this man? Rinsul? "Tch..." Azul went back in his mind, but then he realized this person was likely just a child back then, and there were many aboard the cargo vessel. "Listen, Rinsul. You raise that blade to me again, and your dead, understand? I don't take kindly to being attacked for no good reason. Second, I don't really give a shit if you were aboard the Greymore. That was years ago." He looked to Jess to make sure she was alright, and would nod in the direction he wanted to go indicating he was done with this matter. Though he then had a thought. This 'Rinsul' could fight. He almost killed died at his hands for that matter. He was just the sort of person Azul needed if he wanted to form a successful mercenary organization.

    "You have skills, I'll give you that. I can tell by that brief exchange, and I know it has something to do with those eyes." Azul returned the dagger to its rightful spot on his waistband, and resumed talking. "You lookin' to do that again, and get paid for it?" His question was sudden, and perhaps foolish. He didn't know this man from a can of paint, but didn't want this opportunity to slip by. "If you were on the Greymore, then that means I saved your life. Maybe you ought' to return the favor. I'm heading to Mumbasa, tonight to investigate, and put an end to the strange outbreak. Fifty thousand ceros is the reward. Should be easy, given that things aren't worse than their letting on."
  16. Jessamine got up after being forced back into the building. She was pissed off. She ran out the building drawing both her pistols and aimed them. She aimed one at the assailant and one at azul. She looked at azul. "I will kill you next time you do that azul."
  17. ⊗King Juzatsu⊗

    Juzatsu heard his proposal and for a sec didn't believe in with his ears. Nokato want to bring another war to expand their territory or personally 'his' territory "As you know Nokato, you can't declaring war against another rafce without the informing our brother and sisters as those worm said they are still preoccupied at this moment" Juzatsu knew that Nokato just want to spilled people blood and didn't even care about expanding their territory or else. he can sense Nokato leaking blood thirst when Juzatsu arrived at his palace.
    "if you want expanding our territory that badly... fine. i will join you but let me decide where do we strike first" Juzatsu smilled at Nokato then looking to Ein face who still disturbed about Nokato declaration of war. "come now Ein, don't be shy. I know you want to. i could sense your lust already" and it's ended with a joke to provoke Ein. And as usual 'Shut your mouth' phrase escaped from her lips.
    (( @Lady Kaelyra It's open but the GM move it to increase the number of the character ))
  18. • High King Nokato •

    Nokato listened to his fellow King, and then gave his response. "You have become too comfortable Juzatsu. As I recall, you once wiped out our own kin at the slightest hint of disobidience. Now is no different. Let you decide? Are you aware of what's needed? My berserkers will light Mythos a flame, I think the capital will do nicely for my new kingdom. Though I suppose sacrifices must be made. Fine. You choose what region falls first. But do choose wisely brother."

    Nokato stopped speaking once the door to the war room creaked open. Who dared interrupt this meeting? A hooded figure entered the room. The beings features were concealed, but Nokato knew who it was instantly. Selina, his knight of one. "My lord, excuse the intrusion, by I bring news. The fallen Angel Raphael has been spotted on the outskirts of your Kingdom, by the the fubishu great forest. It has killed many of your soldiers, and is thought to be coming here."

    Nokatos aura grew ten fold, and whimsical energies became visible in the form of red, and black tendrils. Clearly, he did not take this news kindly. "What!?" He bellowed. Raphael was one of the most powerful beings in all the realms, and had even wounded Nokato in battle previously.

    "Juzatsu, what do you know of this? How did he cross into these lands without your sentries informing us sooner?"
  19. Rinsul raised both arms above his head when the female came rushing back out of the building. "Woah there...let's not get ahead of ourselves.." If, and when she lowered her weapons he would put his hands back at his side. "Mumbasa...? Yeah, heard about that a couple days ago. Supposedly the dead are coming back to life, and killing anything that has flesh. Fifty thousand eh? Say no more, I'm in." His eyes would flicker back to their natural brown hue. He looked to the obviously pissed off female. "Apologies...I'm Rinsul. I was just confirming my suspicions.." he said in case she hadn't heard him the first time.
  20. Azul shifted his head quickly when Jess came running out. He knew she could protect her self, but his protective instincts had taken over when Rinsul attacked. "Heh...sorry about that Jess. Guess I should have let you put a round or two in our new found friend." He was pleased when Rinsul agreed to come along. Azul had a feeling he may need good help on this next mission. Mumbasa was on the edge of demon territory, so there was the added risk of running into hell spawn as well. "I'll go accept the contract from the office. Let's meet at the imperial monument 7pm. I should have everything we need by then. Hope you've decided to come along, Jess."
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