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    The Gagarin is a Condor-class vessel, famous for its interstellar trade of weaponry, illegals and rarities from across the cosmos. However, the travels of the Gagarin are arduous and difficult, and their latest mission is no exception. They must deliver a stock of alien rarities to a bidder on the other side of the solar system. Although, they must travel through an area of dead space inhabited by the most dangerous obstacle space could ever offer; a black hole. How will the crew of the Gagarin cope with this discovery? Will they survive and live to tell the tale? Or will their bodies be lost for eternity in the void of dead space?

    When: Saturday, 19th September @ 3:00PM EST (7:00PM GMT) until I have to go/ pass out/ disappear!
    Where: City Roleplay Chatbox
    What: This is a goal-orientated social chat roleplay! Bring characters who are diverse and ready to converse to solve the problems they must face.
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  2. I wanna play the janitor. *steals @Cerulean 's shtick*
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  3. I think I could possibly do this thing, yes possibly.
  4. I put in calendar and hope it works out.
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  5. Welcome to the group, fellows! :D
  6. I may or may not arrive at some point.
  7. Imma try to join! And this time, my flurry of facehuggers would be appropriate...
  8. not happening after all or did I get the time wrong?
  9. I'll have to reschedule for this, apologies. ^^; Maybe next week or the week after if you guys are free during that time.