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  1. This is based off of a D&D 4e Camapaign my friends and I created. It uses D&D lore but we'll do it in standard role play format.

    The gist is this:

    Two major factions once ruled the land. The magi and the Techs. The Techs were brutal- they believed in standardization and mechanization. Poverty was rampant, depression was high and education was very extreme. The magi practiced a feudal society and slavery, and did not practice much social order- leaving it up to the towns and people to dictate their lives. The opposing sides clashed, and the world has been in an apocalypse ever since.

    The RP takes place about 200 years after the apocalypse has been going on. Various towns exist and the woods are dangerous. The characters start at a hunting cabin, making their money by hunting the various beasts of the wildnerness when strange things propel them into a journey that will set in motion a great revival that can either fix the lands...or sink it into the ocean.

  2. What a shit sack world.

    I'm interested.
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  3. Good to hear!

    Environmental hazards include-

    During the day
    • Various reptilian and mammalian beasts (though reptilians are more dominant due to the harsh sun)
    • Acidic Rain
    • Harsh Suns and Rough Winds

    During the night
    • Much scarier predatory creatures such as RageFangs (like allosaurus only about the size of a bear)
    • Brutal snowstorms which carry silicon glass
    • various undead
    • Swamps that might be hard to avoid at night.

    Other hazards-
    • Old Capitol War Machines still active
    • Enchanted beings the magi used for war that still wander aimlessly
    • Dragons
    • Bandits, Goblins, Kobolds, the like
    • If trying to sail, there are pirates and sea monsters

    Hope that pumps you up even more!
  4. Well I'm either going to use an old Bard concept or a Summoner. But yes, I'm a little more hyped. I just hope there isn't going to be TWENTY PLAYERS involved. Really, just about three or four would be great.
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  5. I found that in D&D a group of five with one DM is very good. In role playing however, I agree that three to four is perfectly fine if not optimal.
  6. No one else is showing interest though and that's saddening.
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  7. I know :(

    Tag any fantasy loving friends you might have, let's see where it goes..?
  8. All my friends are dead.
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