Cat Planet Cuties - The Roleplay

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  1. Not gonna lie here, people. This is a concept with a fairly large proportion of pure smut. The progression of any semblance of a plot will be up to our imaginations.

    The anime, "Cat Planet Cuties," is fanservice up the ass. It originally surrounded the life of a high school student named Kio Kakazu and his encounter with an alien named Eris, a sexy young woman with cat ears and a tail (the best single world description is 'gijinka'). She hails from Catia along with others from the crew of her mother ship for the sake of establishing good relations with Earth. Hilarious and sexy shenanigans ensue, ranging from pouncing on Kio from heat to naked gun battles in a suburban area.

    For this roleplay, Eris is coming down to visit and (INSERT CHARACTER HERE) will be who she takes a liking to, possibly along with the others that are a part of her crew. Time to show some faces!

    Name: Eris
    Age: 16, Catian years
    Gender: Female

    Cati an YearsKuune
    Age: Unknown; estimated early 20s, Catian Years
    Gender: Female

    Name: Melwin
    Age: Unknown; estimated to be late teens, older than Eris, Catian
    Gender: Female

    There's even more characters to the cast, including a member of an opposing race called the Dogishians!

    I'm pretty sure that my point has been driven home.

    Anyway, now that my phone is no longer taking a dump on me, I've said my piece! PM or reply if you're just wanting to get smutty with writing stories.
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