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Hello all! As some of are I'm looking for a few one on one's!
I work a full time shift and spends some time at the barns. I work sanitation on a graveyard shift so my hours are kinda wonky. From time to time we do get busy and it's not always possible for me to get online and tell you I might take awhile, you can bother me all you like though. So fear not I will always be back!
~I'm willing to do through Pms and email, and now discord. If you want somewhere else your going to have to convince me.
~I tend to post anywhere from a paragraph or two, could be more or less depending on my muse and what I have to work with. I don't really care how much you type as long as it's more then a sentence we should be fine.
~Sometimes my grammar and spelling is not the best, so if that bothers you then I'm probably not the partner for you.
~I love to double up so that's a requirement now, most of the time I get bored only playing one character/gender.
~That being said, I mostly only do m/f pairings, it's just what I'm most comfortable with. But if you give me a m/f pairing and I'll do whatever for you.
~Mostly right now I'm just seeking fandoms. So Cannonxoc but will do ocxoc but never cannonxcannon. That being said I am also open to originals, I'm not going to list any but don't be afraid to toss some at me/ I'm always up for it!
Current cravings will be bolded.​
The Walking dead
Z Nation

Hunger games
The 100
Harry potter

Maze runner
Fruits basket
Fairy Tail
Supernatural (not the show, so Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, ect)
Originals (throw your original pairings at me, worst I can do is say no right?)

-I won't do-
Things I havnt seen.
Star wars

-There's probably more, will add when I think of more. Don't be afraid to ask about something if it's not on my list. Drop me a pm, I look forward to it!-​

-A L I C E-

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Speed of Light, Several Posts a Day, A Few Posts A Day
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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
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I'm interested in doing either a Twilight or a supernatural rp with you