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  1. Hey everyone! As you can see, I'm still pretty new to this site! But! I've been lucky and found some great rp partners! Though, I feel like I have room for at least two more partners before I start feeling overwhelmed!

    Here's a quick snippet of me:

    About me:
    -Intermediate/Advance rper
    -Passive and Aggressive
    -Specializes in antagonist/villain/weird characters
    -Daily/several times a week replies
    -Extremely OOC friendly
    -Loves to co-op plots

    Before I go on, I do need to share some of my limits:
    -No smut
    (rps are rated M. Can include suggestive scenes but must fade to black)
    -Will not rp suggestive scenes with rpers under 18. Sorry, only fluff stuff for you.
    -16+ rpers only
    -I will not be the sole leader of a rp. You must collaborate.
    -No outside source for rp
    (So, no Skype, e-mail, Google Docs etc)
    -No fandoms
    (I don't know enough animes/shows/movies/books etc for one)


    Okay! I'm looking for a very casual rp at this time. Something that isn't too complicated, but weird, silly and fun. I have two plot ideas and...that's about it!

    (The underline character is who I want to be)

    -Prince/commoner slave: The prince has always had eyes for the baker's son/daughter, but because of royal laws he can never be with him/her. The King suddenly gets ill (poisoned by the prince) and the prince is given authority temporarily. First order of business, place an outrageous tax on businesses, wanting them to fail so out of country merchants can move in. The bakery suffers greatly and is on the verge of shutting down. The prince arrives and offers the bakery this: "In order for you to pay your tax, you can sell your son/daughter to me. That should last you another year." (MxM, MxF) (18+)

    -Teen boy/Same teen boy, but in alternate universe: A teen boy inherits his dead grandmother's antique mirror. He's less than thrilled as his other siblings got a few thousand dollars. He places it in his room, leaning the mirror against the wall until he figures out what to do with it. On the eve of his grandmother's funeral, the boy stares into the mirror, seeing his own reflection. However, he notices something strange with his reflection. As he touches the mirror, he suddenly feels his fingers connecting with another pair. It's then he realizes that the mirror has something special to it. (MxM only) (16+)

    Rich boy/new kid: When a childhood friend is murdered, the head of the St. James estate decides to take in his friend's son/daughter. Ryan, the next heir of the St. James estate, is pissed that another heir is involved with his family. Ryan, who has a double life, makes the newcomers stay a living hell. When the newcomer finds out that Ryan was involved with the murder, everything pretty much goes bad. (MxM, MxF) (16+)

    K/J pop vs. Reggaeton (Spanish): Finally! The Prestige Boys have become international! A once small duo located in the Caribbean has now been offered a tour throughout Asia, primarily Korea and/or Japan! While they have a decent amount of fans, the local big time boy/girl band isn't too happy sharing their territory with a bunch of Spanish speaking foreigners. A rivalry between the two quickly forms with the Prestige Boys discovering that the leader of the K/J pop band is spreading the word of hate and destruction (maybe a demon?) (MxM, MxF) (16+) -This plot will require multiple characters and further plot development-

    -Demon/Human: A thousand year demon has disguised himself as a beautiful, mysterious woman/man to attract a mate to spend the rest of his life with in order to break an immortal curse. The mate, who has no idea, has fallen heavily in love and purses the disguised demon. They marry and on the wedding night the disguised demon finally reveals himself (the demon has fallen madly in love as well). The mate, terrified, somehow escapes and is desperate to find a way to get rid of the demon who has fallen in love with him/her. (MxM, MxF) (18+)


    That's it for now! Remember, these are casual rps that must be filled with the most random ideas we can think of and that fits in well. Multiple characters may be needed! And, please be able to post either daily or several times a week! Post here or pass along a PM!

    Oh! And I much rather do these rps in thread than PM. I really want to raise my post count!

    Happy roleplaying~​

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  2. -raises hand-

    I'll do the Prince / Commoner as a MxM!
  3. Off to send you a PM @Nico C=
  4. I would like to do the second plot idea. That one sounds really interesting, now I know I'm not 18, but am I considered close enough?
  5. Yes, don't worry. The second plot is for those 16+ so you're good @Robin man ! Off to send you a PM as well =)
  6. Hey guys! The prince/commoner slave rp is back open again! If interested post here or send a PM =)
  7. I'd love to do the prince x commoner roleplay!
  8. Sure! I'll send you a PM!
  9. So, I have a few updates to share!

    As you can see one plot is taken, but is replaced by a new plot! I know the quick summary is a bit...bleh...but there is much more to the plot than how it seems.

    The prince/commoner slave plot is pending, but you're free to PM me about it if you're really curious about it. I'm considering making it into a small group rp.

    Though, I do have something to say. If you PM me (or I send one to you) and you suddenly lose interest, tell me! It's common courtesy.
  10. Another update!

    Letting you all know, the rich boy/new kid plot is taken!

    The prince/commoner slave is still pending.
  11. I'm back!~

    So! Newest plot! Open to those age 16+ and have many ideas to share! For the band vs. band idea, I've only figured out my band (Prestige Boys). A rper who already has a developed band is highly recommended. But, if you're able to create your band and can carry it fully throughout the rp then please send a PM or message here! This rp is meant to be...well...really random and pretty ridiculous.

    More plots are to come. More, dark, twisted ones. Please check back here!

    To those curious, I'm considering re-opening the prince/commoner slave plot. PM if interested.
  12. This is starting to get sad seeing all these posts written by me...lmao~

    Well, another plot, this time for all you demon x human fans. Ages 18+ only because of sexual themes, but the rp isn't full of them. I have some ideas for the plot, but I always welcome any ideas you may have!~
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