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  1. Hello! =D
    I'm Merl, and I am continuing to look for writing partners periodically. I am friendly, fun, and I always tend to have an idea, or three for a story. I enjoy a wide range of genres, characters, and experiences. RP is one of my favorite activities and I have been doing this for nearly 16 years. =)

    You will find almost everything you need to know about my preferred genres, likes and no go's, and my overall writing style in my Roleplay Resume. Please take a moment to look at this as there is content there that is not shown here. =)

    If you are interested in starting a story, I respond best in Private Convo. You may also express your interest here, and I will contact you. If I do NOT contact/respond you, then please understand that it is not personal. I do screen for compatible writing partners so everyone can have the most enjoyable experience possible. ((I promise I am not too picky or particular. ;-) ))

    Here are some of the finer points on my style and things I look for in a writing partner.

    Partner Preferences18 years+ Only (Preferably older)
    I simply prefer to write with people who are a bit older, and perhaps closer to my age. Though there is an entire other section just for adults, at this time, I am not looking for that sort of RP exclusively. I also feel there is a better potential for finding a great writing partner in this section.

    Writing Conventions
    RP should be a fun and relaxed hobby, but I am most compatible with people who choose to write at a college level. However, I am not usually fussy about perfect grammar, spelling, or format as long as some effort has been made.

    Note - I will only write in the third person.

    RP Conventions
    Each post should be long or short enough to provide forward momentum to the story. Creative description and narration is certainly encouraged, but I don't believe in setting a min/max post limit. That said…
    - No one-liners
    - No fluff; as a rule description and narration should be there to enhance the overall story.

    Plot, Characters, Setting
    I am a story-driven RPer. Therefore I ask that my writing partners be involved with all parts of the story--plot, setting, and character development. Please be comfortable giving and discussing your own ideas to build and drive plot forward as we play; I love brainstorming and sharing ideas my ideas as well. I also love it when writing partners jump-in, throw twists, and are not afraid to do their own thing-- this is what will keep our story fresh and interesting. :)

    Friendliness and making oneself approachable often makes for stronger RP. This also helps if we need to chat about RP issues or concerns. I am not always a chatty Cathy--mostly because of my work/real-life schedule--but I do like to check in when I have not heard from partners in awhile.

    Please let me know when you need a hiatus, or if you wish to stop. I understand about life and priorities; there are times when my own responses will be slow, and certainly times when I will need to take a hiatus from writing. I will do my best to communicate my needs as well.

    Also - when a story is awesome and engaging, I can often go back to it again even if it has been inactive for months (or longer). If you drop off from our story, and wish go come back, then just let me know! If our old story is not suitable, I am also happy to start a new story with old friends. =)

    PlotsPhew, okay, lots of plot and genre ideas below, but I'm always willing to entertain other ideas as well. =)

    Fandom-Settings – I do not typically play fandoms, but I have a very short list of settings that I have been craving lately. Please note, however, that I will only do OCxOC stories within the settings listed below.
    Simply put - I wish to play in the established fictional setting, but everything else will be original.

    The Short list:
    - Fallout - I’ve only played Fallout 4, but I am open to other in-game settings
    - Elder Scrolls - I've played Elder Scrolls III - V
    - Mass Effect - I know this series inside and out. =)
    - Dragon Age - LOVE the lore of this series.

    Below are all of my original story hooks and ideas. Please be aware that I do not really list "pairings" or preferences for characters. There is almost no limit to the types of characters I am willing to play. If I have never done it before, then I get the exciting challenge of doing something new that can only enhance my writing skills. (If I am not comfortable with something then I will be up front, and do what I can for a compromise/solution.)

    (NEW!) Wilderness Survival - A plane crashed, or perhaps a ship sank.... There are two survivors, and they are trapped in a forest, or marooned on a distant, uncharted island. Regardless of where they are or what happened, these two survivors are now forced to rely on one another to survive under dire circumstances. Perhaps one survivor is not who he or she seems; perhaps they are a dangerous criminal now set free... perhaps there is something else out there in the wild...

    There are lots of different ideas in this one story alone, the core plot will be survival with perhaps a handful of other layers and dynamics built in. =)

    Werewolf and Hunter - The daughter of a successful werewolf/preternatural hunter has left her family’s legacy behind to pursue her own dreams and aspirations. She has been away from the violence and secrets for years, but now she about to be flung back into the thick of a war that has been waged for hundreds of years. (I would play the role of the daughter.)

    Werewolf war against Demons - The secret community werewolves have lived among us for thousands of years. They might be the neighbor you invite over for the weekend barbecue, or the co-worker in the cubicle next to yours. They smile and shake your hand, and you will never know their true, dire nature. You will never know the danger they walk into regularly to keep you and all humanity safe...

    They are your protector, and the only thing that stand in the way of total destruction of the human race. The Werewolves are the only ones that stand between the mortals and a realm of terrible, wicked creatures that would like nothing more than to eradicate the human pestilence...

    Time Travel - Lots of opportunities here. I love stories with people unwittingly find themselves out of their own place and time. I am also open to post-apocalyptic twists, or dystopian alternate realities. Note: I am not much of a history buff, so usually I look for alternate realities, dimensions, or futuristic settings.

    Fallen Hope - A decorated and distinguished soldier--and hero--now shamed and wanted for treason, has one mission. Evil is coming, and yet the people have grown complacent and ignore the rising threat. Only he/she knows the truth, and unless someone takes action soon, all may be lost. (This story could work in many different settings, periods, etc... lots of room for interpretation).

    Futuristic Prison - As the newest inmate to the largest, most feared prison colony in the world, you find you are quickly over your head. The walls surrounding this dilapidated ruin of a prison are impenetrable. The prison itself spans the size of a small city and those that inhabit this place living hell are violent, crazy, or worse. The inside of the prison is ruled by the gangs who constantly war over the few meager resources available, and the walls are ruled by the snipers than can scope and drop almost anyone from miles away.

    In this world, prison is more than a dumping ground for violent criminals. Anyone deemed unworthy in the eyes of an "Utopian society" are dumped here--guilty or not.

    Note: This is one of my most developed plots, and also one of the most challenging as I will predominately be playing the setting/world rather than lead characters. I do play two key characters, but neither will have a significant role at the beginning of this story. I will look for players who are aggressive and not afraid to take the reins (while I wait in the shadows for your character to… *evil laugh*). This story is also *not* for the faint of heart; very psychological, violent, and gritty.

    Concepts without Plots

    Dark/Low Fantasy
    Modern Fantasy
    Post-Apocalypse (Non-zombie, non-mutant)
    Mythological Pantheons
    Space/Futuristic Adventure

    In addition to these plots and genres, if you have your own ideas, you are more than welcome to share them with me! =)

    You get a cookie if you read this far down and can tell me your favorite rp genre when you contact me. =)
    (Repeated from Above) If you are interested in starting a story, I respond best in Private Convo. You may also express your interest here, and I will contact you. If I do NOT contact/respond to you, then please understand that it is not personal. I do screen for compatible writing partners so everyone can have the most enjoyable experience possible. ((I promise I am not too picky or particular. ;-) ))
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  2. Sure, I'm quite interested, I'm not really fussed as to which plot to go for, if you can PM me we can get started... (I'm totally new to this only joined a few days ago >.>)
    If you're comfortable with me playing a female role that is...
  3. I am still looking for some writing partners. =)
  4. if you're still looking, so am I :D
  5. I'm interested too @MerlotBeauty I'll PM you and we can talk about what can we do.
  6. I have a newly opened spot for a writing partner. :-)
  7. Hi :] I read through your post and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Amethyst.

    I think I'd be interested in attempting 'The Werewolf war against Demons'. I've been out of the ring a while myself and need a bit of ink in my joints. I used to love to rp werewolf when I was younger. I'm better at playing a female (as I am one) but I'm willing to play male, no problem :]
  8. I have space for another writing partner or two. Have also updated my information, and there is a new plot! =)

    Happy Wednesday. =)
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