Castlevania: Blood Moon

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  1. The order of Ecclesia had been studying a mysterious mystical substance they had discovered. However, one day the experiments had gone horribly wrong, the chemical they mixed with this odd substance caused a spatial distortion which created a very powerful artifact called the Blood Moon. The disturbance in Space and Time has awakened Dracula once again, and he desires the Blood Moon for himself. Now it's up to the heroes of their time to stop Dracula, and destroy the Blood Moon.

    This will be like Harmony of Despair in the sense of characters that are available. I will be playing Alucard.

  2. I'm playing Lords of Shadows 2 right now. I"m at Raisa, Daughter of Satan.

    So for my character, I'm Donovan, the Son of Death.

    Death once walked the Earth for a few decades, long before he met Dracula. He bore a son, named Donovan with a Human woman, named Eleanor. Eleanor died from child birth, since his father was Death, and no magic or power could prevent Eleanor from dying. She died fifteen days after the birth of Donovan before her body was entirely eaten away by a necrotic like infection transforming all of her bodily fluids into decay. This is one reason why Death identifies so much with Dracula. Death raised his son Donovan until he reached twenty two years of age, and although he loved Donovan, he couldn't stand the sight of him, because he blamed him for the death of Eleanor.

    Although Death left Donovan, he gave him knowledge of the dark arts superior in strength and power to that of the Dark Priest Shaft, but gave him far less knowledge of the High magics that Dracula, Death, etcetera, and Shaft knew of the esoteric world, in order to keep him out of conflict with truly powerful enemies. Death warned him not to get ahead of his own strength before he left to resume his duties as the Grim Reaper, and also gave him the artifact, Raudskinna. A powerful magical book of spells that can even put enormously powerful beings like Death, Satan, even Dracula, into a paralysis.

    It is rumored to be able to control Satan himself, but that is unlikely and unsubstantiated. Lesser creatures such as vampires, werewolves and supernatural creatures can even be dissolved and used as summoned monsters through the use of this book. The alleged author of the book, Gottskalk Nikulausson, did not author the book, he only translated what he could understand from the original.
  3. This sounds very well thought out, I am quite impressed. However I'm gonna have to ask you to tone down the power of that book. If it can paralyze even Dracula, where's the threat or sense of danger when you face him or any other creature?
  4. Well, in this case maybe "paralyze" just means "stunned". If he's Dracula, just a stake in the heart won't kill him.
  5. I'm guessing being a servant of Dracula is not allowed?
  6. That makes sense, alright, I'll allow your spellbook as is. And you may play a Servant of Dracula if you wish to.
  7. Boyah! I'm in boys!
    Any preference on which?
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