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  1. INSPIRATION: Castle Town Dandelion

    This is your father, King Ryunosuke Wakahisa

    And this is your mother, Queen Kazuko Wakahisa

    You are one of their seven children and just recently you have begun competing to be the next King of Castle Town!Castle Town is a modern day town, ruled by a monarchy. The King is responsible for all the decisions made, the military and the political alliances of the town. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, he holds court to listen to the plights of his people!

    You might be wondering why the Wakahisa family rules the town, and that's because each member of the Wakahisa family has a special superhuman ability. Your father, Ryunousuke has the ability Fearsome Beast (the ability to transform into a fire breathing dragon) and your mother Kazuko has the ability Stock Still (the ability to turn others into statues)!

    About three months ago, the King decided to hold a competition to see which of his children would succeed him when he either retired or passed away, however he is leaving it up to the citizens of Castle Town to decide through votes of popularity after the children compete in numerous competitions!

    No Godmodding
    Each child has a special power, but don't make it to OP
    At least five sentences per post, any tense/pov is fine. No one liners.
    Be active!
    Every once in awhile I will give a poll to see which royal child is the most popular, everyone must vote but you cannot vote for yourself.
    To avoid any drama, private message me your vote!
    One character per person. (Twins count as one character, but I will only allow two sets.)

    The first competition will be the introductions! Once everyone posts for the first time, I will hold a vote and you guys will decide who is the most interesting!

    The second competition will be a collection game! (You will roll a die and whatever number you get is however many collections you got. If you have a power that influences this you will get a +5 added to your score)

    The third competition will be a fashion pageant! (You will pick a model and post them and we will vote privately to determine which is prettiest!)

    (More competitions coming, if you have an idea, feel free to pm me!)

    Royal Line Up!

    (Hint: If you're in 1st place, you're the most popular and you're winning! But don't get too cocky!)

    Character Sheet
    Appearance (Anime only)
    Name (Japanese Names only)
    Power Name (Be creative! For example, Ice manipulation might be called Cold Shock etc)
    Definition of Power
    Limits of Power (All power must have limits!)
    Personality (List or Description is fine!)
    What would you do if you became King?

    Taken Powers
    Mini Me (Miniature Duplication) - Dreamever
    Endless Slumber (Sleep Inducement) - Karakui
    Heaven's Wake (Opposite of Sleep Inducement)- Karakui

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  2. Aha I'm loving this anime so far and I just thought "Man someone should make an RP of this". Is fate! Can I claim one of the sets of twins? Since a set of twins is being classed as one character, do they have different abilities or the same ability?
    Also for the fashion contest, it mentions the selection of a model. Does this mean that each player chooses any person to enter or is it the characters that are being entered? If it's the first, is it real life images or anime?
  3. Thanks for your interest and yes, you can have a twin set! Powers for twins can either be the same or they can be related, like thunder and lightning manipulation for example.

    In the fashion contest, real pictures will be used, and no the characters will not be the models.

  4. I was intending to make their powers both related and complimentary, so that should work fine.

    As for the fashion contest... I don't have an interest in real life and don't know what makes someone in it attractive, so i'll have to pass that round. To be fair and still keep me in the ranking, I think I should automatically be declared the winner of it :P
  5. Lol. Anyone who doesn't compete gets placed at the bottom of the line up but there will be other competitions that can help you later on.

    Also spread the word about this RP! (please!)
  6. Fine, I shall compete... but I'm entering using Ronald McDonald!
    I'll see what I can do about asking around but I don't really know many people here :D
  7. If you don't mind, I altered the form a little to better suit my style. I write better in paragraphs than lists. Their power names, details and weaknesses are all in that paragraph, and their likes and dislikes are within the personality paragraphs. Unfinished!

    Appearance: (Shared for both. Itchy wifi sausages, they are. This is a brilliant joke, a true masterpiece. The Japanese for identical twins is Ichiransoseiji (or something). Ichi sounds like Itchy, Ran sounds like LAN (wifi) and soseiji sounds like sausage! All bathe in the glory of my amazing jokes.)(Only noticable difference is that Yoru doesn't tie up her hair)


    Wakahisa Asa

    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Asa's ability, Heaven's Wake, is likely the origin of her name, which means morning. She can "awaken" anything upon touch, be they a person, an animal, or even an inanimate object. Awakened people will simply wake up, while awakened animals will obey her basic commands for a short time. Awakened inanimate objects gain the ability to move and think, and will obey more complex commands and for a longer period of time. On the other hand, using this ability drains her stamina and makes her incredibly hungry, and after too much use she will be unable to concentrate on anything but her empty stomach. Additionally, once the awakened period runs out, the animal or object will still be awake, which has caused many problems in the past, most famously the Night of the Living Paintings, where many of the portraits in the palace were awakened and spent the entire night discussing things. Very loudly. And often very sexual topics about that one maid with the large breasts who usually cleans the painting frames.


    Asa is what one would consider an airhead. She's easy going and naive, and pretty much can't see the bad side in anything. She's the older sister of the two, but acts like the younger should. She's quite lazy but is good natured and is well liked. She likes pretty much everything, but her most prominent hobbies are watching anime, reading manga and animating 2 miscellaneous objects and pitting them in fights against one another. She doesn't dislike anything, but has a slight fear of dogs and her sister.

    What would you do if you became King?
    Free pancakes for everybody! This chair needs to be shinier! Someone needs to invent a way for rain to taste like chocolate!


    Wakahisa Yoru

    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Yoru's ability, Endless Slumber, is also the origin of her name, meaning Evening/night. It works as the opposite of Asa's ability; upon touch, should she choose, a human, animal or awakened object will fall asleep. Humans and animals will sleep different lengths depending on the time of day - during the daytime, they won't sleep for very long, but during the night, they will sleep as if they had gone to sleep naturally. This is dependent upon individual schedules, so a night-shift worker will sleep for a long time during the day but for a short time during the night. Objects awakened by Asa will sleep indefinitely. Like Asa, Yoru also becomes hungry upon using her ability. Her ability also will not work on something that does not normally sleep - for example, a superhuman security guard like in anime who are somehow ALWAYS standing guard outside the door. Her ability has been somewhat problematic in the past too; the night following Asa's breakout, Yoru's own breakout occurred, during which half the palace fell into a deep and very peaceful sleep.


    Yoru is a much more serious and cynical person than her older sister. She has fully accepted her role of keeping a leash on Asa. She gets shy quite easily, and can be considered a tsundere. Her interests are similar to those of Asa's, however she does have a dark secret - her love of eroge - which she would take to her death. She highly dislikes insects but is fine with most other creatures.

    What would you do if you became King?
    Keep Asa under control.

    Oddly enough, Asa and Yoru's abilities seem to suggest that every day objects have some degree of free will and consciousness. When Asa awakens a door, it will actively control who it opens to (and often be very rude to unfamiliar people). When Yoru puts a door to sleep, even if it wasn't awakened by Asa, it becomes a lot harder to open that door for a while, as if it were actually sleeping.
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  8. I like it so far! And I don't mind the format changing as long as you include everything I asked for. ^_^
  9. Miniature versions of a miniature person! Fantastic. Can't wait til she's 80 and the miniature versions just sit in miniature rocking chairs knitting miniature scarves.
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  10. Finished Asa and Yoru and gave you a free bump, hooray!
  11. Accepted! I love them and thanks for the free bump! :D Hopefully more people join. :3
  12. [​IMG]
    Wakahisa Sachiko
    Power Name
    Mini Me
    Definition of Power
    The ability to replicate smaller versions of oneself. Sachiko can create mini versions of herself and command them to do whatever she pleases, however her mini selves cannot act alone so Sachiko needs to lead or command them. A mini alone is quite weak, but together they are very strong and capable of doing anything Sachiko sets her mind to.
    Limits of Power
    Sachiko can create as many mini selves as she wants for an indefinite amount of time, but if she gets distracted or too stressed out her minis will disappear in a puff of smoke and she will be mentally exhausted and will need to take a nap. Her mini selves cannot speak on their own and usually repeat whatever Sachiko says, so if she ordered them to make a human ladder they would just say "Ladder! Ladder! Ladder!" the entire time.
    Determined - Once she sets her mind to it Sachiko will try her best to succeed and if she doesn't make it on the first time, she'll try again.
    Curious - Like any child, Sachiko has a natural curiosity, that often gets her into odd situations.
    Stubborn - Sachiko hates seeming weak and therefore often doesn't ask for help, she also doesn't appreciate being given help.
    Naive - Being a younger child, Sachiko often believes far fetched things that her older siblings tell her without a second thought.
    Impulsive - In addition to the above trait, when Sachiko realizes that said far fetched thing is false, she will immediately seek out revenge without thinking of the potential consequences.

    Board Games
    Taking/Placing Bets on everyday thing (will the cat meow before eating or no?)

    Popping out of closets and cabinets (etc) and scaring the crap out of her siblings and parents

    Being underestimated
    Losing bets
    Snapping Turtles
    When she coos at a dog or cat and it ignores her
    Being picked up
    Being treated like a baby

    What would you do if you became King?
    She would build a huge casino where adults and children alike could go to test their luck.

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