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  1. Name: Mary Courtenay (May)
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    History: May, along with her cousin Hisao (Henry), got kidnapped and were sold to an auction house. There they were trained to be obedient. Of course they had been against it all, but the vampires there had beaten them into submission. May had been far easier to break, while Hisao still had a bit of fight in him.

    When it was time to finally auction them off, they were surprisingly sold together.

    Name: Zachary Brighton (Actually Keishi, but called Koshi for the way his brother pronounced his name when they were little).
    Age: 118, but pretends to be just 18.
    History: A tragic accident involving a fall left the boy with almost no memory of his past. He knows the basic facts - he is a 118-year-old vampire, and his twin brother is Kaito. They became vampires when their village in Japan was attacked by vampires, and they were bitten, but left alive for some odd reason.
    Unfortunately, one terrible memory has surfaced in the past few weeks, and is driving the boy slowly insane... Kaito refuses to talk about their past, it is as if nothing ever happened, and they had been living in England for their entire lives.
    Personality: They say those who live for too long learn to cheat in life, and become sadistic, selfish, and hedonistic... But becasue Koshi lost his memories of all the years he was alive, the boy is almost a blank slate. He spends his time writing, reading, and learning, and acting human.
    Likes: Not much these days. Eventually, May.
    Dislikes: Being a vampire.


    Name: Killian Brighton (Kaito)
    Age: 118
    History: After becoming a vampire, Killian changed. He became desperate to right the wrongs committed against his village, and went out to hunt down and kill all the vampires that had harmed him. Afterwards, Kaito took Koshi with him to England, where the two managed to blend in with English society. They traveled a lot to avoid people noticing how their appearance never changes. Several times, they came close to being discovered, but Kaito's quick wits saved them.
    Personality: Years of having to fend for Koshi and himself left Kaito as a challenging person to deal with. He has a short temper, and is prone to verbally abuse the brother that never really helped Kaito when he needed him. He is a massive hedonist, and follows the philosophy of aestheticism. He cares only about pleasure, and anything that doesn't contribute to his lifestyle is a nuisance that he doesn't need.
    However, this all acts as a dam... Kaito is actually quite kind, responsible, and loving. He may call something he loves his 'possession,' but all of it is just a barrier to keep himself from looking weak.
    Likes: Being a vampire, being sadistic, blood, satisfying his needs, lust, opium, the theater, anything that serves him/benefits him... People that do what he says, and eventually: Hisao.
    Dislikes: Koshi, looking weak, feeling stupid, annoying people, priests. The past, above all else. He lives in the present, and doesn't understand why Koshi isn't like him.

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  2. Mary Courteney
    The short brunette kept her gaze glued to the ground as she was led up the steps of the mansion that belonged to her soon-to-be master. Mary was honestly fearing for her life, especially now that she was gong to be separated from Henry. What if the man was cruel? What if he would beat her senselessly, just like her captors had done. "Hurry up!" The vampire flanking her right, snapped as he gave her back a shove. She stumbled but managed to catch herself and continued walking, though at a faster pace.

    Eventually they reached the grand doors of the mansion and the vampire leading them, pounded loudly against the doors. Mary began to tremble and nearly screamed when someone's hand rested on her shoulder. The hand was warm and she instantly leaned back to huddle closer to her cousin. "It will be alright." He reassured her quietly, even though he knew that things would surely get worse. They were being handed off to their very first masters and not only that, but they were separating them. How long would it be until he saw Mary again? "I do not want to go." May whispered as she turned to stare up at him. "Hey! Enough talking. As for you, turn around and keep still." Rough cold hands tightly gripped her shoulders as they spun her around and pulled her away from her cousin, before letting go of her.
  3. Peter Harper and Matilda GentryPeter, who had been inspecting the state of the great half-circle stair case leading up to the upper levels of the house, heard the hearty knock and sighed. Another would join their little family, and it would be quite a delight to see a new face amidst the might halls of the lavish mansion of house Brighton. The others had gotten somewhat dull over the years. The butler drew away from the ornate railing he had been polishing, and stepped towards the mighty door leading into the enormous great hall. As he stepped closer, the man looked up to check if the great chandelier above him had been cleaned of cobwebs - indeed, it had been. Relief settled over him like sunrise. Being a butler was rather enjoyable when the other servants were happy to do their jobs, for a kind and generous master.

    Matilda appeared behind him and startled the man, who turned to her with an expression of mild annoyance. "Shouldn't you be preparing afternoon tea?"

    "Hm? An' who are you to be tellin' an old woman wha' to do? Open tha' door Peter, I cannot wait any longer to see our new maid."

    "It was about time we got one... I cannot keep an entire mansion by myself, after all."

    The man pulled the door open with his elegant, white-gloved hands and was met with the face of a man he assumed was from the auction house Koshi had visited. "Ah, welcome to house Brighton, sir. I would invite you inside, but..." The man's eyes narrowed, and his elegant, well-poised expression became oddly sharp. "But we don't welcome your kind here. Let the girl come to me, and I will take her inside. I assume my master has already payed what he owes your higher-ups, yes?" The blonde man sounded impatient. He could hear Matilda snicker behind him - the old woman loved it when he was rude to those that deserved scorn. His brown eyes shifted to the male beside the girl - a relative, from what he remembered from his master's words, her cousin. "My master's twin's house is just a short ways down the road from here."
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  4. Mary Courteney
    The brunette jumped when the door opened but otherwise remained still in the place where the vampire had moved her too. Her heartbeat began to pick up as fear began to grip at her senses. The reality of her situation was hitting her full force, causing for her to want to just run away. Of course, that would be imprudent given that there were about three vampires surrounding her and Henry. Plus, they had inhuman speed and she wouldn't even make it two steps when they would have her in their clutched again.

    "Sadly, I am aware of such rules." The deep voice of the vampire standing in front of her, spoke out. "Such a shame that we won't get to step inside, but...rules are rules and I respect Mr. Brighton's choices. Turning on his heel, he reached for the girl to pull her forward by tightly gripping her upper arm, causing for her to wince. "No, he hasn't, but that will not be necessary. I've been meaning to give Mr. Brighton a gift and here she is." The vampire pushed her forward to ward the butler. "Please let Mr. Brighton know that I wish to see him soon and to enjoy his gift. Good day." Turning on his heel, once more, he began to push Henry away while the other vampires followed closely behind.

    Mary shifted on her feet and waited to be acknowledged, despite how badly she wanted to turn around ad plead for them to leave Henry here.
  5. Peter Harper and Matilda GentryPeter nodded, biting his lip at the mistake. "I thank you for... The gift." They walked away, and the man suddenly felt a fierce pity invade his heart. It was gone in a moment - he was no better than the vampires sometimes, and there were other matters at hand that were more important than worrying about a bunch of vampires. The girl stood before him, looking lost, confused, and scared. Peter gave a cheery laugh, knowing that face very well. That was the same face all the people that had come here made on their first day - himself included. But quickly they all learned that there was nothing to fear from their master. "Come." He reached out to the girl and put his hand on her upper back to guide her into the lofty and well-polished home. "There is nothing to fear, our master is a kind man. My name is Peter - the young lady over there is Matilda."

    "Oh you~!" The elderly woman put a hand over her mouth and giggled at the blonde's words. "Young lady eh? You tryin' to get an extra meal or somethin'?"

    Peter shook his head and chuckled... Then turned to the girl with a serious expression. "Soon, all the servants will be here to meet you, Mary. There is a boy here, a stable hand. His name is Louie. He does not know what our master is yet, and I beg of you - please do not tell him. The master is afraid of scaring the young lad away... And surely there is no better home for the boy than here. Plus, we would all suffer greatly if the boy reveals our master's secret to the world - the master would be detained, and likely ambushed and killed by the village folk." The butler placed a hand over his forehead in a dramatic pose. "And I cannot imagine a worse outcome~"

  6. Mary Courteney
    The brunette nearly coiled away from the male's reach, but remembered that she could possibly end up getting beaten for not following directions and that would only lead to pain-pain that she wished not to experience anymore. Though as he lead her forward, he gave her little information of her master that she frankly doubted was true. All vampires she had encountered were cruel, evil creatures that would always cause her harm. Hell, she could still feel the excruciating pain she would feel when they would hit her. It was horrible and what was worse was that her body still held marks and bruises from how bad they had handled her.

    She lifted her gaze slightly to glance over in the direction of the young woman, though instead there was a much elderly woman standing there, before it shifted over to the male. "I-I won't utter a word to him." Mary promised as she bowed her head again. Despite how calm and nonthreatening this place felt, she wouldn't take any chances. What if this was all just a set up? A way for them to catch her off guard and surely reprimand her. The vampires had drilled into her mind to simply follow the rules and not to disobey.
  7. ServantsPeter smiled warmly again. "Good, I appreciate it." The male understood the place that the girl had come from - and figured she would come out of the auction house damaged, but this girl he was looking at right now, with his piercing, too-cunning eyes... She was half a person. Clearly abused, clearly battered. Before he could think anymore, a child's voice resounded form the end of the room, where a hallways began.

    "Good mornin' sir!" A child with a happy, sleepy smile stumbled forward. His overalls were tilted, and one of the straps was falling off of his shoulder. The curly hair was especially messy - great cowlicks tufted up and around his ears, and he almost looked like a dandelion.

    "Louie! Weren't you supposed to tend to the horses? Were you asleep this whole time!?" Peter scolded the boy, who blushed and shuffled awkwardly in place. "G... Gerard prolly took care of 'em..." Matilda quickly made her way over to the young boy, and quickly fixed his attire with a grumble, "Always a mess ya' youngins are..."

    A booming laugh resounded from another hallway connected to the entrance - a large man swaggered towards the group with a confident grin. "Oh leave 'im alone, 'es justa kid, ya' bullies. I took care of tha' horses, no worries." The man thrust a thumb up at himself, and beamed. "Name's Gerard, I'm tha' gardener. Noice ta' meecha', Mary. Welcome to tha' family." He lifted a beefy hand up towards the girl to clutch her hand and shake it firmly - whether-or-not she wanted to give it to him. After a while of energetic shaking, he finally let go of her hand to open the door and step outside. "Roight, I'll be outside, where we gardeners are s'possed to be, yea?"

    Peter sighed, and despite how tired it sounded, he smiled. "We're a roight mess, ain't we?" For a moment, he had reverted to his previous accent - then quickly corrected himself to speak in the posh British that butlers were expected to speak in. "The master is feeling a bit under the weather." He sounded strange - like there was a lump in his throat. "I am afraid that he will not be able to greet you."
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  8. Mary Courteney
    Mary managed a meek nod towards Peter, still not finding the confidence and trust over these people. No matter how nice they appeared to be she wouldn't be able to place her trust in them. She had committed that mistake once, at the beginning of this horrible fate of hers. It had only ended up biting her in the end, literally. Her hand moved up to her neck where she ran her fingers up and down the expanse of the creamy fair skin. True to his word, others started to come and a young boy by the name of Louie appeared. Surely he was the boy that didn't know about their master's true identity.

    An older male's laugh caugt her off guard, which resulted in her to jump slightly. It was as if the girl was afraid of the world. Of course, she was just afraid of vampires and the power they had. She was more scared that her master would make a sudden appearance and do heavens knows what to her.
    "Ah!" Mary's eyes widened slightly as he reached out and shook her hand before heading out of the mansion to tend to whatever a gardener needed to do.

    "A-alright. What will I do till then?" She questioned as she finally dared to meet his gaze.

  9. Peter HarperPeter made a comically serious expression as the servants around him began to get back to their work. He clapped his hands together and uttered, "You will have to learn how to be a maid. The personal maid of the master, that is. This means you will be tending to him, and your job is critical until... Until the master is better. Right now, he has requested that nobody approach his chambers, and thus, I will show you where everything is, and you will begin by dusting the downstairs. As I am the butler, you are also to report to me at the end of every task so that I may assign you the next task... It is also important for a Brighton servant to think on their feet. If there is something that needs doing, for example polishing the silverware, I shouldn't have to tell you to do everything. I scarcely think I'd have the time. Do I make myself clear?" Once more the brown gaze settled on the female - it was intense, piercing, as if it could bore through her very soul. He was a genius at analyzing people. It was what had made him such a successful killer, much to his embarrassment, shame, and regret.

    Peter hadn't missed the way she had touched her neck. He hadn't missed her cry of fear. Everything was being calculated and organized in the male's mind - and this natural charisma and cunning was why Koshi had chosen him to be the head servant.

    "Now, there are rules that you must follow, as rules are what keep a society intact. Do not go against the master's orders, of course. Do not enter the cellar, because that is where we store food. I will not have any servants stealing or contaminating the food from the storage. Do not bring mistletoe, nor garlic near the master. I'm sure you know that both are highly irritating to vampires. Do not, ever tell anyone about what the master is. Never, ever. But most importantly..." Peter's expression softened, and he smiled down at the timid girl. "We are not going to hurt you - the master is not going to, either. That, I can promise you... He's hardly in the state to do anything anyway, he can barely move." Peter touched the girl's shoulders once more to lead her forward.

    "I will show you around the manor now. This is the way to the kitchen, where Matilda works..." Gradually, the male led the girl around almost all of the rooms in the mansion. There were too many to account for them all - leaving quite a few places for her to explore if she wished to. Peter led Mary up the stairs to the outside of a chamber door. This door was more elaborate than the rest, and slightly larger. "This is the masters room." Going left, he passed several unremarkable doors before stopping in front of one of them. "And this is your room. I do not know why the master insisted on giving you a room so close to his... But, you are his personal maid."

    Peter turned to Mary with a sincere smile lighting up his features. "Alright. You have the day off so that you can explore the house and get to know everything and everyone better. I do hope you enjoy working here... You know where to find me. For this hour, after I bring tea to the master, I will be in the garden, ensuring that Gerard is following that plans I have given him. Here are the keys to your room. You may lock it if it makes you feel more comfortable." He handed Mary the keys in a graceful gesture, and turned to slowly make his way down the hall.

  10. Mary Courteney
    Personal maid? That meant that she would be stuck with her master the majority of her time here which made her uneasy. May had witnessed a vampire's power. Hell, she had even felt the pain it could bring. So the very fact that she would be near someone that could easily hurt her and kill her made fear seep into her bones. "Yes, sir," May have him a nod as she starred up at him. His intense gaze only made her all the more nervous and she was quick to lower her gaze.

    Soon enough Peter began to tell her the rules and she made sure to remember them. The last thing she needed was to get into trouble. At the last one, her eyebrows raised while she looked up at him once more, a warm smile present on his lips. The girl nearly trusted the man, but was quick to remind herself of her position. Afterwards, he took her on a tour around the manor and at the end, they were standing in front of her room. Not only would she be with her master a good amount of time, but her room would be close to his.

    Taking the keys from his hand, the girl hesitated for a moment before finally opening her mouth. "Thank you, sir!" She then started down at the keys and decided that she would take a break for an hour or so and maybe try to regain her composure.

    Henry Courteney
    After the separation between him and Mary, Henry felt horrible. He knew how easily it was to hurt Mary, given that he had seen it happen one too many times. It frankly angered him that they treated her that way at the auction house, but maybe because she appeared to be an easy target. Whatever the case, he had found himself watching over the girl and caring for her. Now that she wasn't with him, he felt like something was missing. "Will I be able to see her again?" Henry questioned as he glanced at the vampires around him. The one on his left looked down at him with disgust, but answered him either way.

    "That depends on your master, now shut the fuck up. Talking without permission will screw you over." It was a warning, that much Henry knew. If he spoke out another word then surely they would hurt him.

    After a few minutes, they were standing in front of the mansion and the vampire once again knocked on the grand doors.


  11. Killian BrightonKeegan had been waiting eagerly by the entrance, knowing that his master was expecting the delivery of a personal servant... He felt strangely excited by it all - perhaps Killian would finally stop bullying him, and move onto somebody else for a change. Speak of the devil - the man appeared at the bottom of the staircase like a grim apparition, an unsettling smile scrawled across his mouth. "Good Keegan, waiting by the door already." The servant responded by tucking a few strands of black hair behind his ear and lowering his head. He hated being praised, like some kind of a dog, but it was either take it with a grain of salt, or get into another argument with the vampire... And the man was much more formidable with words than he was with actions... Keegan couldn't help but notice - today, the master was wearing a pale blue suit with a grey shirt that perfectly accented his eyes - and even Killian, a completely straight male, could not resist the other's vampiric charm. He had a confidence, and a posh swagger in his step that anybody would find irresistible, fueled by years of debauchery and opium-laced cigarettes.

    A knock resounded through the lavishly decorated great hall, and Keegan quickly shuffled over to open the door. A smirk made its way onto his face as he spotted the vampires - and among them, the new servant. "Ah, we welcome you, gentlemen." He pulled the door open wider so that the group could come inside, and Killian was quick to approach the congregation. "My friends, my kin..." The vampire had no problem lowering himself to the level of those basic leeches, not when they were giving him a brand new toy to add to the collection of pretty people he kept in the house. "Welcome to the Brighton manor. This... This is Henry, correct?" The vampire's pale eyes ran across the other male's body, he was like a wolf sizing up a frightened, injured deer.
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  12. Henry Courteney
    Henry stood their patiently-not that he couldn't do anything else-awaiting his fate. Who would have thought that all those years spent going to school and preparing for his future when he went off to college would never be happening. All of his goals, his dreams had been stripped away and he was left with nothing but this horrid life as a slave for some creature that could easily kill him if he really wanted to. What had he even done to deserve this? Especially Mary. She was the sweetest and kindest person you could ever meet. She didn't deserve to live to live the rest of her life as a slave. Every time he thought of their misfortune, he wanted to cry but always refrained from doing so. The vampires would surely use it to their entertainment.

    The door was pulled open several seconds after the vampire had knocked. For a moment he had believed that the male who opened the door was his master, until he caught sight of the other male. He was...Henry shook his head slightly to clear his thoughts, before watching them interact.

    "Thank you. Yes, this is him." He was suddenly pushed forward towards his new master. As much as Henry didn't want to admit it, there was an attraction towards the vampire. Perhaps it was his looks. He didn't know, but what he did know was that he didn't like those thoughts. "He's never had a master before, so you're his first. Ah! His cousin, a girl, is with your brother." The vampire mentioned.

  13. Killian BrightonAs the man spoke, Killian paced to the left a bit, looking up at the high ceiling of the manor before something caught his attention. "Oh?" He turned to Henry with a coy, mischievous smile. "I'm his first?"

    At the mention of his brother, Kaito clicked his tongue in annoyance, and furrowed his brows. The face he was making - Keegan knew it well. It was the face the vampire made when something had greatly displeased him.

    "I had wanted the girl..." Ah, that way why. Keegan steeled himself for yet another temper-tantrum... A moment passed as Killian studied Henry, and Keegan was noticeably surprised when the look of bitterness faded from his master's features. The vampire swiftly approached Hisao, a strange smile forming upon the pale face, and the optics settled over the other male's strong jawline, and ran along the neck... Killian's porcelain-doll features grew... An air of satisfaction. "It matters not. His blood - it is the same rosy scent as his cousin's - like a fine, perfumed wine... He shall be a welcome addition to my collection..." Grey optics rose again to meet the frightened blue eyes, and brushed over the other's face. "The aesthete has an appreciation of beautiful things, after all."

    Keegan snorted. His master truly lacked control, and often it was amusing to witness how incredibly good he was at toying with people.

    Peter HarperPeter crossed over to the yard in due time, stepped over even stones and beyond the table where the master would often take his afternoon tea. It was a lovely yard - full of flowers and neatly trimmed hedges - yes, Gerard was doing a fine job keeping up the appearance of the place. Surely that was only due to the fact that Zachary, or Koshi, as he was affectionately know throughout the manner, was a kind master with nothing but good intentions for those that serve under him. The man had his moments - but they all did. Gerard would yell at anybody that stepped onto the neatly-trimmed lawn, Matilda would yell at anybody that... Well, just anybody. And he himself... Ah, no - Peter never lost control. In the most dire situations, the butler could always keep a stone-like expression.

    Something was off - "Gerard!" The gardener jumped as he was frightened by the butler's loud cry. "Ye?"

    "The master requested that the roses - his favorite flower - were to be planted in a manner that would allow them to bloom today. And so..." Peter leered over the other man - and the muscular giant of a gardener actually shrank back. Oh my, Peter could be scary when he wanted to be. "Why. Are. They. Not?"

    "A... Ah, w-well, ya' see..."

    "Hm? All I see are buds. And all you're going to be seeing is the master's disappointment, when he comes down from his room."

    At the mention of the master, that gardener's expression changed from fear, to worry. "I'm sure that they'll bloom soon... The master - an' how is 'e? I thought that vampires couldn't get sick."

    Peter shook his head. "That matter is between him and me. All I can say is that there is a shortage in animal blood-" A strange, dark-eyed and perverse expression crossed the butler's pale features- "But do not worry. I will work hard to make the master feel better soon..."
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  14. Henry Courteney
    Henry moved his gaze up towards his master as a mischievous look came about his features. A slight shudder ran along his spin, though at the mention of Mary, he stiffened. It wasn't a surprise that he had gotten a bit overprotective of her, given that he had basically taken her under his wing. Perhaps it was better that she had stayed with the other twin.

    Suddenly the vampire approached him and he tried so hard to resist stepping away from him, but he couldn't help it. Henry took one step back and he felt the air shift as the vampires from the auction house glared at him. "Watch your movements, boy." One of them growled and shoved him closer to his new master.

    "Well, we will leave you and your new addition. It was nice seeing you again." In a matter of seconds the vampires had disappeared and left him here with this vampire.


  15. Killian BrightonKillian nodded to the retreating vampires with an uncaring air - as he was completely transfixed by the human standing before him. Suddenly, he jutted his arm out, and a pearly-pale hand grasped Henry by the neck and pulled him forward. "Do not fear me." Killian said, matter-of-factly. "I am no common leech, I will not harm you... yet."
    Keegan rolled his eyes, knowing his master would never be able to keep true to those words.

    Killian's hand shifted and ran along the warm side of Henry's neck, feeling the throbbing of the jugular vein, just at the surface of the human's soft skin. How easy, it would be, to sink his fangs into the boy, and drink deeply from the his sweet lifeforce? But no, Killian learned not to be like that. There was a careful seriousness in his eyes as his hand traveled up, and his thumb traced the male's jaw... Then slid under his chin to lift his head forcefully.
    There were bruises on him, clearly Henry had suffered greatly in the hands of his captors.
    "You are to be my personal servant. Follow Keegan's orders well - he is my butler." The hand slid down the neck once more to trace a jutting collarbone. Henry had clearly been starved, at least somewhat. A terrible feeling came over Killian for a moment - pity, empathy... And then it was gone again, then the hypnotizing, cold-grey gaze of the vampire lingered in the other's face.

    "Keegan, take care of Henry, please." The voice was soft - clearly Killian was moved by the other male's plight. "Draw a bath for him, ask the cook to prepare a proper meal for him... And show him to his room." Keegan grumbled before replying, "Right away, master." It was strange for lower class humans to be pampered in such a way by their masters, but Killian had his soft moments, he did. Keegan knew them well.
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  16. Henry Courteney

    Henry's eyes widened when the pale hand suddenly wrapped itself around his neck, tugging him forward. There was fear written in his eyes as he starred up at his master. The male was claiming that he wouldn't bring him harm, yet how much of that was true? His actions were making it hard to believe and he frankly had no idea what to do. The sensation of a cold finger traveling up his neck made him shudder before the fingers traveled upwards some more. They settled under his chin and forcefully tilted his head.

    "Y-yes, m...master." Henry answered as the fingers started moving down his neck again before settling onto his collarbone. The bones had become more prominent as the days had passed by in the auction house. This man was surely weird and he frankly wasn't sure if his stay here was going to be pleasant or not. Though he was taken by surprise when he began to give instructions to his butler. This would be the first where something this nice happened to him in a while.
  17. Keegan HillAs his master drew away from the servant, Keegan gestured at the other male to follow him. "Right. I suppose you should eat first." The butler sighed and began to walk back towards the kitchens. They passed through and enormous, lavish dining room. A massive, heavy table ran along the length of the great room, and dozens of hunting trophies lined the walls - pheasants, with rich-colored feathers, a bear skin, deer-head mounts, and several suits of armor, and among a great many gold-dipped decorations and statues. Keegan paused to turn to the newest servant.

    "Right, listen to me. Don't talk about your personal life to him, because... Ah, well, it's already too late. He's likely going to use your cousin to blackmail you. That man represents the results of a hundred years of life - he has a bare minimum concept of morality, no understanding of social convention, and cares very little for anything that won't bring him pleasure."
    Keegan suddenly lowered his voice, appearing to be nervous. "Give in to any strange urges that master might have - whether they be to drink your blood, or something else... Ah, but don't fear Killian - I saw it, at the moment you appeared... He cares. I provoke him constantly - we argue almost everyday, because it amuses me to see him angry. And yet, I am alive. It is very likely that you are important to him, but he will act like you aren't."

  18. Henry Courteney
    Following behind the butler, Henry glanced at his surroundings as they passed through the dining room. The hunting trophies lined up against the wall were quite intriguing to look at, though at the same time he was repulsed by them.

    They came to a stop and he was frankly surprised that the male was giving him advice. Though he was also describing just how the vampire is. "What if I don't give in?" Just what strange urges did he have? Hopefully they weren't bad things.

  19. Keegan Hill and Collin HodgesKeegan sighed. "It depends on how much he likes you. He's a vampire, Henry. He has no moral quarrel with leaning down and tearing your neck out, unless he's fascinated by you. It all depends on how much of an amusing toy you are... But, like I said, I think he cares, and thus, go ahead - test the waters. Question him, and see what happens... But, I won't take responsibility for whatever mischief you get yourself into." The male said with a smirk, and a wink, and proceeded to the kitchen.

    There, bent over a large pot, was Collin Hodges - a man with a silly, laid back smile and stubble over his chin. He was taller than Keegan, and there was a strange lack of sincerity in the man's brown eyes. "Oi, you're the new guy, huh? Phew, good luck... Name's Collin." He chuckled, and turned to add what looked like pepper into the dish he was cooking. It didn't look particularly appetizing - but it was made for servants, after all.

    "Collin, the master requested that you serve Henry a meal." The chef sighed and lifted a bowl from the stack of just-washed dishes to his left. "Aye, you're lucky I just finished this. Sit-" The figure gestured to a stool by the wall. "Ah, poor boy, likely hasn't eaten anything in a good while," muttered the butler.

  20. Henry Courteney
    Henry wasn't even sure if he wanted to test the waters with this vampire. Just the little time that they had spent together, he was rather uneasy about him. Yet, maybe he could try to go against his order on the down-low to see how he would react. Following behind the butler, they made it to the kitchen where another man was slaving over the stove, preparing something to eat.

    Good luck...

    What did the man mean by that? "Henry." He stated simply as his form of introduction, before going to go take a seat where the man had gestured to. The mention of food made his stomach growl and he could only hope that they hadn't heard it. Though, knowing his luck, they most likely had given that it had been loud.

    Mary Courteney
    Mary, after half an hour, decided to head out of her room. What could happen? She had the day off and her master was currently in his room. So, she pulled open the door before stepping out and closing it behind her, then making her way down the hall. When she passed by her master's bedroom, her pace had picked up and she made it to the front door. Pushing it open, she spotted Gerard and Peter fussing over the flowers.

    Maybe she could escape? But...where would she even go? What about Henry, she couldn't leave him like that. Perhaps she could find him. She stepped out into the open and glanced around. She couldn't escape, it wouldn't work out when those two were right in front of her, so she decided to just enjoy the scenery since it was beautiful and well kept.
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