Castle of Shadows

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  1. Rain was pouring down when Luc reached the castle. He made out its blurry, yellow-orange torchlight through the thick trees and the haze of rain. At least it wasn't sunny, he told himself, riding towards the fortress. That would be worse than uncomfortable.

    As he followed the muddy path, water soaking into his sleeves and pants, he wondered again about the cryptic message that Lord Von Rugen had sent him: Come to Castle Von Rugen at once. Prepare for anything. Lord Von Rugen didn't often have "anything" in his home--he preferred caution.

    "Ho! Who goes there!" A shout rang out, and Luc stopped his horse.

    "Luc Morganti!" He shouted. "Lord Von Rugen summoned me!"

    There was a rattling noise, armor moving, and he saw a torch guttering overhead. Normally his night vision was as good as any other vampire's, but the rain was making things difficult. He blinked a few times as rain struck his eyes.

    "Oh, right, the doctor. Inside!"

    "Thank you!"

    Luc nudged his horse forward as the wooden gates swung outward, opening his entrance to the courtyard. He could already make out figures of grooms and guards coming towards him. Once he was inside he dismounted, taking his medical kit out of his saddlebags before letting the groom take his horse away.

    "Doctor Morganti," a familiar, baritone voice said, and Luc turned to see Lord Von Rugen striding towards him. The man was taller than him, with a mane of black hair and dark eyes. Both he and Luc had the same borderline albino-white skin, though his cloak and robes were much finer than Luc's comparatively drab coat.

    "I came as soon as I got your message," Luc said, bowing slightly to the man.

    "So I see. I can imagine you have a lot of questions. They will be answered best by showing you. Follow me," Lord Von Rugen said, turning back towards the keep itself. Luc followed, wishing he could have a chance to dry off first, but not daring to say anything to Lord Von Rugen. He was notoriously...stubborn about doing things when he wanted to.

    They headed up a flight of stairs and into one of what Luc guessed was a tower, dripping all the way. Luc's shoes squelched on the stone steps. In here he could see better, but he was still grateful for the torch Von Rugen lit on the way up. The spiral staircase was narrow.

    Finally they reached a landing, one with a wooden door. It was padlocked, and Lord Von Rugen began unlocking it with his keys.

    "In here," he said, pushing the door open. Slowly, Luc entered.
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  2. A young woman with long black hair was standing near a large king size bed with drapes hanging over each the sides, she was talking in hushed whispers to the woman behind the drapes, her eyes moved when she heard the footsteps approach and walked towards Luc seeping to a low bow and kissing his hand, a small sniffle escaping her lips. "My daughter...I do not know what has happened to her, a couple months ago she was fine...her usual rebellious self and now." her words were cut off with a sob as she walked down the steps and out of the room.

    A servant paused for a moment, not sure if she should stay in the room or not. "She sleeps like the dead and barely rouses...we can get her to eat but very little and she always seemed to be feverish, her skin has clearly paled in comparision to her parents and her stomach...well I wouldn't say this in front of the mistress but she looks there is a child or children inside her belly." the maid said shaking her head for a moment as she looked up at her. "Lady Elyssia is the pride and joy of the king and queen." the maid said sighing deeply.

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  3. Luc bowed in return to the woman, recognizing her as the Queen and feeling a pang of worry. What would the King and Queen be doing here? Lord Von Rugen was the Queen's brother, yes, but his land was high in the mountains, away from the capital. Her hand was trembling slightly and he could see tears brimming in her pale blue eyes.

    Lord Von Rugen followed the Queen out, closing the door after himself. Luc glanced past them towards the bed, beginning to understand. This was complex. He set his kit on the bedside table and began pulling off his still-soaked coat. The remaining young woman, dressed as a servant, spoke up.

    "Everyone in the kingdom knows how much they dote upon her," Luc replied, looking down at the unconscious princess. He pulled back the drapes and seated himself on the side of the bed. "Perhaps a bit too much..."

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  4. "Yes I suppose you are correct, her uncle had decided that she would stay here in the country side away from the bustling life, perhaps to help heal her?" the maid asked shaking her head for a moment as she looked towards Elyissa watching her breathing, a small frown coming to her face. "Do you have idea on what we can do to help her..several of her suitors have come to see her, asking for her to wake up so they can get married...some of them were disgusting pigs with no titles, but they knew the king or the queen or the lord or someone else in the family." she said sighing deeply before turning her head noticing the princess had stirred slightly and had opened her eyes, slowly looking around.

    "Oh my uncle summoned you...I'm surprised he was able to afford your services." she said smiling slightly as she looked at him, she managed to sit up, propped up by the pillows that the maid had put behind her a worried expression on her face, Elyissa's hand pale and thin moved down to rest and cradle her swollen middle, as she rubbed it softly. "I'm Elyissa, of course you probably know that." she said smiling at him.

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  5. "Heal her, keep her out of trouble, keep rumors from flying in the court..." Luc shrugged. Leaning over the bed he checked her pulse and temperature. As with most vampires her heartbeat was sluggish, but her forehead was very warm to the touch. "The nobility does as it pleases. Who are we mere peasants to question it?"

    Technically neither he nor the maid were peasants. She was likely noble-born or at least connected with a noble family to be serving the princess, and his father had been a merchant rich enough to get him schooling. By noble standards, though, they were definitely inferior.
    Luc sighed. "Vultures, she's going to have to deal with them until she gets married." He paused as the princess stirred, and sat back so as to not startle her.
    "With your parents here I suspect money is no issue, Princess," Luc said with a wry smile. He wasn't very expensive, either, but he didn't tell her that. Might worry her that she was getting the closest, not the most expensive, doctor. "I'm Luc, I'll be trying to help you get better. Can you tell me how you're feeling now?"

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  6. Elyisssa shook her head for a moment "War has torn our lands the ways of finding money is hard for my parents...the king owes my uncle a large debt." she said and sighed her words falling flat for a moment as she looked up at him, a small smile curling at her lips. "Exhausted and slightly light headed..but nothing as bad as it's been." she explained shaking her head once again, the sound of the door opening and then slamming shut alerted her for a moment and she let out a chuckle, as well as the sound of soft barking. "It seems your dog, is very upset my lady." the maid said shaking her head for a moment as she walked towards the door and opened it.

    a dog the size of a small cushion came scampering into the room, knocking over one of the stools and climbed onto the bed, curling on a ball near the edge of the bed and growling at the door, it was a rather mangy thing with fur tangled with knots and a rather pudgy stomach. "Sorry, he's a bit overprotective of me." Elyissa explained brushing her hand against the dog's head

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  7. Luc grimaced. He'd heard rumors, but of course they'd been suppressed. The royal family wouldn't want anyone to know that they were in debt, even if it was to a relative. Those debts could be very dangerous if said relative was desperate enough. Taking his small, brass ear trumpet out of his bag, he glanced up at Princess Elyissa.

    "By your leave, I'd like to listen to your heart and breathing, and the baby."
    Luc sat up at the dog's entrance, then smiled at it. Honestly he didn't like dogs, and this one seemed like a particularly mangy one for a princess's pet, but he wasn't going to put up a fuss. Whatever made his patient feel safer and comfortable.

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  8. Elyissa nodded her head for a moment not really speaking and just keeping he mind focused on stroking her dog, who was staring at Luc with it's dark eyes, it barked once looking at Elyissa then back at the man and barked again, almost as if saying something. Elyissa sighed as she settled back deeply against the pillows, her eyes falling shut for a moment, her hand moving to rub her stomach back and forth, it could be seen as a rippling movement almost as if something had shifted inside her. "I think it moved." she said gasping slightly as she half opened her eye sot look up at the ceiling.

    It was painful to be like this and upsetting seeing her mother and father worry about her, at times however they looked at her lime a cow for slaughter and sometimes when the pain was worst, her father would ask if she would want her life to end. She had said no of course, but she didn't want them to worry about her..she was the families 3rd and final heir, seeing as her siblings were already married off with families of there own.

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  9. Nodding, Luc leaned forward to listen through the trumpet to her stomach. He felt over it, and nodded.

    "You're getting along, if it's already quickened. It, at least, seems healthy." He sat up. Elyissa looked pensive; he could only guess what was going through her mind. "I know you've probably been asked this before, but do you have any idea where this illness could have come from?"

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  10. Elyissa shook her head, her curls bounding around her head as she looked up at him. "Not really. I remembering talking with the elder ones about repaying my families debt through some of sort of ritual..but I didn't think this would be the cause." she said looking down at her swollen middle, she sighed for a moment, her hand moving back and forth to rub her stomach carefully, feeling the child or whatever it was move around and kick against her fingers, it was a shocking feeling but it didn't bother her. "Do you have any idea?" Elyissa asked looking at him
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  11. Luc made a mental note to investigate further into this ritual; it might not be relevant but then again, it might be. It had already aroused his curiosity.

    "Difficult to say just yet. It's not contagious so I doubt you caught it from anyone. Might have been something you ate or drank, or it might be related to the pregnancy itself," Luc said. He glanced down at her midsection. "I'm sorry if I'm prying, but who is the father?"

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  12. Elyissa shrugged her shoulders for a moment. "I don't even know how I became pregnant. I know about how one becomes one...but I don't even remember if I had sex with anyone or....if something had been injected into me or something like that." Elyissa said shaking her head for a moment as she looked over at him and sighed deeply as she settled down against the pillows and closed her eyes for a moment, resting a little bit

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  13. Luc stiffened as she spoke, with remarkable calm, about apparently being raped. Who would dare--and how? The King and Queen doted on her, how could someone have gotten past them and impregnated their daughter. Or what?

    He tried not to let his alarm show on his face, and just listened to her chest, right below the sternum. "Could you breathe deeply for me?"

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  14. Elyissa nodded her head and sighed as she slowed her breathing down, breathing soft and relaxed as she half opened her eyes to look at him, her breathing hitched a couple times as she moved her eyes to look over at him. "Is something you seemed concerned for a moment" she asked as she slowly sat up, resting both of her hands on the bed and looking at him

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  15. Luc shook his head. "Nothing you need to worry about, Princess. You and the child are doing fine. I'll have to do more tests to find out exactly how to treat you, but for now try to eat and drink regularly, even if you don't feel like it. You'll need to keep up your strength."

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