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  1. hello there random person, welcome to my castle this will be a fun role play of medieval times were you get to play as someone in the a medieval town from a selection of types of people and get to play as them in their every day life

    -King (1)
    -Queen (1)
    -Princess (1)
    -Prince (2)
    -Torturer (2)
    -Executioner (2)
    -Knight (3)
    -Archer (2)
    -Guard (2)
    -Scribe (1)
    -Messenger (2)
    -Trader (2)
    -Wizard (1 maybe 2)
    -Strategist (3)
    -Architect (4)
    -Goblin army (1)
    -Monster colony (1)
    -Spy (3)

    Non limited characters:

    each of us will choose 1-3(ish) characters to start and eventually play as many people throughout the kingdom having our own Kingdom and expanding the city and its regions across the world (if we get lucky). goblin army, monster colony come in later, spies as well but sooner then goblin army and monster colony. eventually as the role play goes further ahead character limits will be increase, and we might start playing as more then one kingdom at a time or totally swap kingdoms if one dies. Character creation won't go to much info unless you decide so because there will eventually be lots even if some die so basically all you need is: name, gender, occupation, basic appearance, basic personality and then things can spread from there on. please let me know if you are interested :).

    1. no 18+ content
    2. keep bad language to a minimum (but if desired some is allowed)
    3. have fun

    thank you for checking this out :D
  2. Is anyone interested in this?
  3. I'd like to play as an archer, child and a princess... a princess of a ruined kingdom maybe?
  4. Man i totally forgot about this lol. Acually you would start as 1 character and then as things go on each of us would gather more and more characters eventaully we'd be an entire kingdom, are you still wanting to join?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.