Castiel's Quest For Roleplaying Friends

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  1. Good Day/Night, to all of you.
    Currently I am looking for a partner to roleplay with. I prefer to play females, but that does not mean that I'm not open to playing a male. Also, I'm going to be branching out in my roleplaying. Which means that I don't necessarily care what gender your character will be. Unless it is stated in the list below.

    Non Negotiable Things:
    - You have to write in third person
    -No one liners
    - I need you to communicate with me for plot bunnies or ideas
    - You need to be able to post at least once a day, unless something comes up in Real Life with you. I understand.
    - Spell check is your friend. I know mistakes happen, but not every other word.

    Thank you for staying so far. * means that I want to do these specifically. If it's striked out then I'm doing it already and don't want to double up on it.
    The things I'm currently wanting to do are:
    Fem!Evil Genius Nerd x Bad Boy **************(I really want this one.)
    Princess x Male!Knight ****
    Princess x Princess/Prince X Prince/ Prince x Princess
    Friend x Best Friend *
    Friend x Rival ***
    Idol x Fan
    Assassin x Target *
    Mermaid/Merman x Fem!/Male!Sailor **
    Mermaid/Merman xFem!/Male! Pirate***
    Hidden Fem!Pirate x Male!Pirate Captain *****

    Werewolf x Vampire
    Supernatural x Hunter
    Circus Performer x Circus Performer
    Persona Series

    OC x OC **
    Fate Stay Night/Extra/Zero
    OC x OC
    Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
    Bender!OC x Nonbender!OC ***
    Bender!OC x Bender!OC ****
    Kingdom Hearts
    Keyblade Wielder!OC x Keyblade Wielder!OC **
    Keyblade Wielder!OC x Nobody!OC ***
    Dragon Rider!OC x Dragon Rider!OC **
    Attack on Titan
    OC x OC ****
    Sword Art Online
    OC x OC ***

    There are more, but I can't think of any as of now. If you are unsure, just PM and I'll talk with you about it.
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  2. Hi there. I'd be interested in doing a Kingdom Hearts RP with you if you'll have me. Either one of the suggested pairings is fine with me, though if I had to choose I'd prefer Keyblade Wielder OC x Nobody OC. I should meet all the requirements: I can post at least once or twice a day after school, shouldn't have a problem with typos or misspellings, and generally make posts at least a paragraph long.
  3. @Himura
    Do you want me to make the thread or do you want to make it?​
  4. I suppose I'll leave it to you. Though, do you already have some ideas for a possible plot, or will we just be improvising?

    Also, will you be the Keyblade Wielder or the Nobody? I'm fine with either role.
  5. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Candies[/rainbow]
    • Hello! I meet all of your requirements. Thought I let you know.
    • Here is what I'm interested in,

      ➳ Hidden Fem!Pirate x Male!Pirate Captain
      ➳ Mermaid/Merman xFem!/Male! Pirate
      ➳ Friend x Rival
      ➳ Angel x Demon
    • Here is what I'm interested in,

      ➳ Bender!OC x Bender!OC [AtlA & LoK]
    • Out of all the choices, I love the Bender!OC x Bender!OC the most.
  6. PM me bro, talk plot to me.
  7. I'm interested in doing an Attack on Titan roleplay with you. You're the only person I've seen in a while who wants to focus on original characters, and I've got an idea or two for the plot if you want to hear them.
  8. PM me and let's talk plot.
  9. I PMed you about Air Gear! ^__^
  10. Oh! You did, I must have looked over it. XD I'll look at it now.
  11. Lovely. Hope to hear back soon! :)
  12. Just did. :)
  13. SAO, AOT and persona i am a fan of and if you want to role play one of those with me that would be cool
  14. One question, by artist x creation what are you looking for in that?
    Otherwise... I am interested in friend x rival :D Are you game? lol
  15. @FJ22
    Basically the Artist makes something. Like a drawing of a person, a sculpture, heck it can even be a plushie. As long as it looks like a human. The creation would come to life due to how much passion into making it. And it just basically revovles around the obsticals between the creation and the artist bonding and learning about each other and the world.

    And sure, pm me~
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