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  1. In the supernatural world, Casters belonged as much as vampires, demons, elementals, and other beings do. They were one of those rare beings that could actually interact with humans without much suspicion as long as they could control their powers.

    There are different kind of Casters -- not just good or bad. Casters' power depended on one's soul. Their powers would reflect their innermost essence. It was also this reason that they said it was the Caster's power that usually a sign of their nature. Casters, though, could consume human food. They only need life force from living creatures every full moon which could sustain them until the next one. They are human-like that it was almost impossible to distinguish them.

    However, as far as the legends had told, there were humans that hunt the supernatural beings, Casters included. The prey and the predator continued to hunt each other since the beginning of time.

    Who is the prey? Who is the hunter? What will happen if a mere mortal falls in love with a Caster? Is it a happy ever after? Or simply a tragedy?
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  2. Lilia walked into a hotel where she was invited to a party. The host was an old and powerful politician. Wearing a black and glittering dress, her red hair stood out, arranged artistically to emphasize her perfect oval face.

    Scanning the area with a swift glance around the room, she found her target, the politician, Mr. Lancaster. In one glance, he seemed to be a kind and cheerful man but underneath that facade was a ruthless person, hell-bent on eradicating every Caster.

    Pasting a fake smile, she walked to him and greeted him. She was a hired Caster although Casters don't kill unless there's no other way. A hand caressing her back jolted her back out of her musings.

    "I'm so happy you came, my dear." Lancaster said to her with a leer. "Of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world." she smiled. Game on, she thought.
  3. A young man, similarly aged to Lilia stood in a small group of people. His blazer covering his black shirt was contrasted by the vivid red tie that hung round his neck. He happily talked to the people in the group, sipping from a thin glass of champagne. Until he heard his voice from a distance, it was Lancaster. He saw the man beckon him over, a girl standing next to him.

    "this here is Luci" Lancaster introduced the boy. "its a pleasure to meet you" smiled the boy holding out his hand for a greeting.

  4. She frowned in her mind as she didn't know who this Luci is. It seemed that she missed an important information from her research. Giving him a smile, she took his hand and shook it.

    "The pleasure is mutual." she replied coyly. Men like to flirt based from her experience as she observed the newcomer with a casual air. "I'm Lilia." she said before grabbing 3 flutes of wine from a passing waiter. "Let's toast for friendship." she suggested as she raised her glass and clinked with them.

    She had to see if this Luci guy was someone significant in Lancaster's modus or just an innocent bystander. Damn! She thought irritably.

    Turning on her charm, she turned innocently to Luci. "So can I call you Luci? Hmm. How long have you known Lancaster?" she asked with right amount of curiosity in her voice. She winked at Lancaster. Ugh, disgusting. She thought again.
  5. Boy.jpg

    Nickolai rolled his shoulders and gave a small yawn. This party Was a bore, and he wanted to go home,but apparently there was business to be handled, so he was stuck here. In a place full of tight starch pressed suits and dresses all he wanted to do was find a secluded room and read a book or something, anything that did not involve walking around having mindless chatter with people who could really care less about the weather patterns of this week. If he was "Politely Introduced" to another niece, daughter, or sister... there had been that one guy as well... what was up with that?... Anyway, who so happened to be single, he was gonna rip the hair out of his head.

    He aimlessly walked around, giving a polite smile and nod here and there to people he knew and those he had only met moments ago. His expression calm and controlled the whole time. Just as he was about to do another round of mingling he spotted Luci. Of course they had seen each other that morning but he would rather talk to someone he knew and was comfortable with rather than an acquaintance or complete strangers who he had ironically known for years. He was having conversation with Lancaster and a girl. He did not know how he had not noticed her before, the red hair stuck out significantly in the sea of black, brown, and blond. She was beautiful yes, the woman at these parties prided themselves in being beautiful, but for some reason other than the eye patch she stood out. He had learned that when it came to mingling you just had to throw your self out there so he did. He casually walked towards the group a genuine smile on his face.

    "Good Afternoon everyone, Lancaster, Luci." He offered a charming smile to the girl. "Miss." They had just finished a toast by the looks of it. He spoke to the group. "How is the party treating you, met anyone of interest?" He had taken a wine glass from a passing waiter. It was chilled, so the smooth glass left a bit of perspiration on his hands. He ignored it.
  6. She waited for Luci to answer only to be interrupted by a new Comer. By the looks of it, Luci and this guy knew each other. Botheration! Another nuisance, she thought. She kept her face pleasant as he greeted her. She studied him from her lashes, not wanting to be suspicious looking. She couldn't quite put a finger on it but there was something decidedly interesting with the guy. Was he another Caster? She met only a rare few the past centuries. They were greatly decimated and it called the need to be cautious with a healthy dose of distrust to everyone.

    She reserved judgment to him as well. "Well, I have now. I'm greatly honored to meet such outstanding and handsome men." she said in reply to the newcomer's question. She took another sip of her wine and contemplated her next move. It shouldn't be too hard with 2 unknown people added to the equation. Half listening, she heard Lancaster singing her praises. "Met her in a museum. She works there as the curator. Have you been?" he was saying. She works at the museum which was also her underground base. She let her mind wander for a while.
  7. Luci was terrible with names, he had only met this boy in morning yet couldn't remember his name. He thought about answering Lilias question but the time had past.

    Something was different, he could tell. The girl standing before him wasn't ordinary, and the boy...well he just didn't like the party. Luci took another sip of his glass before saying "and we are grateful to meet such a beautiful and elegant women"
  8. She blushed at his remark though she heard them for a thousand times already if not the exact word. She inclined her head towards them, gauging him.

    "So..I admit I am curious..What do you do? If you have some time, you're welcome to visit the museum." she teased Luci. "You could go too if you like Mr..?" she prompted the other man.

    She wanted to know their connection to Lancaster as soon as possible. She must tread carefully as Luci looked like a very sharp man despite the affable persona he was displaying.
  9. "nothing important" Luci said waving his hands and smiling. I mean it's not like he could tell her his background. She'd be jjust like every other girl at the party and walk away from him

    "what's this museum about" he asked kindly, trying to change the topic
  10. "Nothing important, huh? As you say." she replied good-naturedly though she wanted to know real bad. What's wrong with telling her if he's got nothing to hide. Smirking, she stared at him a bit challengingly.

    "The museum was full of supposedly supernatural stuff. You know, vampire, werewolves, those kind of things. It's entertaining and educational to hear different opinions regarding that subject." she replied while watching his expression intently. "Mr. Lancaster could tell you his experience if you want." she added with a smile to Lancaster's direction.

    Her attention didn't excluded the bored guy since he might just pretend to avoid calling attention to himself. Luci definitely wanted to divert from her question but she'll pursue that in another time, probably sooner.
  11. Nickolai grinned at the compliment. Of course he'd heard it a many times before but , compliments were nice all the same whether they were mean't or surface level. They were niceties that could most of the time be returned. "And I take all the pleasure in being introduced to such a beautiful and remarkable lady such as yourself as well." In response to Lancaster Nickolai slowly shook his head. "I can not say that I have, but now that I have come to your lady's aquaintance I must make it my mission to do so one day." He turned to her. How had he not introduced himself... oh he'd assumed that she had already knew it, most people at events like this tended to, not for his sake of course, but they soon let it slip that they knew an inkling of who he was, he'd always thought it was just to get in his Uncle's or fathers good grace.

    But he always liked to see if they really did not have the slightest idea as to who he was. It was refreshing not to be showered with and have to listen to constant gilded appraisal for him or his family members. That's what made these parties so unappealing, I mean that and the kish... who ever made the Kish clearly did not enjoy their job. He would enjoy this, while it lasted.

    "Nickolai, most people tend to call me Nick I don't mind either way. I would love to come see the exhibit one day, the supernatural is an interesting subject, I know a bit about some creatures as well, I like to do my own research once in a while, it's fascinating really." He had gotten excited and had to tell himself to calm down. Not very many things excited him lately, but this was something that could be useful, well at least to him. He left out his last name, he wanted to meet someone who would talk to him not his surname. Even if she would probably find out sooner or later.

    The glass was still in his hand but the chill had long since left, it was a little over room temperature, he switched it into his right hand, but the temperature remained the same, and it was getting slightly warmer. He still had an easy smile on his face. But he would have to excuse himself soon, he could say he needed to use the bathroom or something. That seemed to work. He would just wait for an opening in the conversation so he could smoothly slide out with no problem. Then he would take care of it and slide back in. He did not have much time.
  12. The other guy introduced himself as Nickolai. He was a smooth one if his compliments were to be based with. He seemed really interested with the museum and all the stuff in it. Despite being just a cover, the museum was really dear to her. "Let me know when you'll be visiting so I can arrange something for you." she offered with a smile, this time a bit more.sincere one.

    His name.sounded familiar but why would she care? Names and.titles were nothing to her. All that mattered to her was if people were on her side or no. Not necessarily like.her but those who don't want to hunt her down.

    "Nickolai is a pretty name. It suits you. I like it better than Nick if you don't mind me saying." she teased him lightly. "I told you gentlemen. Lili is an.interesting lady." Lancaster piped in then laughed loudly. Ugh. Annoying human.

    The party was still in full swing and everyone seemed to be more relaxed and carefree. Perfect she thought. She have to refresh herself though. Too much interaction with humans could be exhausting sometimes. Handing her already lukewarm wine to a waiter, she smiled at Lancaster. "My dears, please excuse me. I find that I need to refresh myself a bit. Do any of you know where is the bathroom?" she asked blushing. She glanced at their faces and she noticed Nickolai seemingly uncomfortable. Why is that? She thought intrigued.
  13. All the talk on the supernatural had left Luci uneasy. He didn't mind the job that his family was renown for, it's doesn't go down to well with the ladies. But he could tell that this girl wanted to know, and he would do his best to make sure she didn't. Shame that was never going to happen

    He felt a hand clasp his shoulder "you shouldn't be drinking on the job boy" it said
    "u...uncle what are you?" Luci panicked as he turned to the man who stood behind him. He was taller than Luci and looked about in his 30's maybe 40's. His facial features looked similar to Luci but he had a more distinguished jaw line. Black, slick tied back hair exposed the mans face, but the sun glasses that sat on his face hid his eyes. One solum earring dangled from his left ear, a neck less of similar color hung round his neck.

    "I see you have made friends, but as usual you have not introduced yourself properly" he sighed "let me introduce you. This boy is Lucifer Ventor." As the man said those two words Luci hung his head in shame

    (the Ventor family are renown as the best protection agency, and Lancaster personal gaurd. Some also know them as killers of the supernatural)
  14. Before anyone could tell her about the bathroom's direction, a familiar figure came to them who be close with Luci. Her jaw tightened and any thoughts of refreshing vanished. She managed to hide the anget she was definitely feeling. Luci was a Ventor? How did she miss that one so easily? This is getting dangerous. The man who arrived was one of the ruthless hunters they know. She must not give herself away.

    "Oh I see. You're the best for protecting people as I've heard. You're the heir, then, if I'm not mistaken?" she remarked before she could stop herself. Of course Lancaster would want the best so why not hire the Ventors? She already met 2 of them and only God knows -- no pun intended as she was a supernatural being -- how many more of them were around. However, she could feel herself getting weaker gradually. Hell, she need to eat human food at least.

    Despite her state, she noticed that Luci didn't look like he's happy being known as a Ventor. Was he a hunter or just someone with that surname? She.hoped.against all odds that the man wouldn't suspect her. That would.totally blow her cover and she would have to start from.square one again. And she.doesn't like losing. She'll complete this assignment for sure.
  15. The boy noticed that the girl was uneasy at the comment made. well it wasn't surprising, that's the reaction every girl had. I mean who would want to be friends with a family of dogs that do anything for money. Luci placed his glass down and began to walk off with his uncle. "i'll see you guys later...hopefully" he said turning back to them
  16. He excused himself looking disappointed? Resigne?? She wasn't sure and she shouldn't go follow him or she'll raise suspicion. She turned to excuse herself and smiled at Lancaster who was busy talking to the man who seemed to be Luci's relative.

    "Lancaster, dear. I'll just go to the buffet table. I'm starVing. I'll catch up with you later perhaps." she said kissing his cheeks. Gross..She thought. "I'll see you around or later perhaps." she told Nickolai before going away. She proceeded to the table and stuffed her plate with generous helpings. If anyone should ask her, she'll just tell them she has a huge appetite. Not that they'll know why.

    She chose to a secluded the farthest avoid any interaction. She ate with restraint as she wanted still to appear lady-like to anyone who might be watching her.
  17. Luci stood at one of the doors, he was the youngest of all the guards in the room. He had been given a mug of coffee with the words "only drink this if your thirsty on the job" by his uncle. He sipped it, coffee was nice, but he wished he could stay and talk to the girl. Even the boy, it didn't matter he just wanted someone to talk to

    His eyes scanned the room for any unusual activity, this is what he had been trained to do. Although he still couldn't shake the feeling that the girl he just met was somehow different
  18. Feeling restored, she stayed in her spot so as to observe the people with ease. She saw Luci observing people also. She cursed her bad luck. She sipped her wine debating whether to approach him or not.

    Or maybe she could.retreat for tonight and rethink her strategy. It was one against many and although she could handle 5 men at the.same.time, she couldn't attack yet. Not if she's uncertain about some things about this mission.

    Deciding to call it a night, she walked to the bathroom first. She'll call Lancaster tomorrow. She'll just tell him she felt ill or something. She entered the bathroom and thankfull, there was no one about. She open the faucet and touched the water. It parted like the Red Sea and swirled like a whirlpool. It all splashed back when she sighed.

    She was thinking if Nickolai was also a Caster. She'll investigate tomorrow. For now, she'll go home.
  19. "nice you ruined my one chance thanks a lot!!!" Luci shouted at his uncle. He had left his original family to go live with his uncle nearer work. Its not that he hated this job, actually he rather enjoyed fighting. It was the one time he could be himself. It's just the segregation he gained from the name he had been forcefully given. But he was loyal to his family so decided to stay and work. After all he did get to go to nice parties and meet cute girls he thought, looking over at the girl
  20. Nickolai grinned with enthusiasm. Finally something good came out of these parties. "My schedule is sorta, almost, not really, free all week, how about this saturday, hey Luci, will you be able to make it?"

    He laughed when she called his name pretty. He did not put much thought into calling any part of him pretty, he did get the occasional pretty boy comment and sneer though, but that was not the point, it felt perfectly fine coming from her. He nodded. "Thank you Miss Lilia then Nikolai it is."

    He was trying to hide the fact that the glass was growing red hot where it met his skin, he could see inside the glass from where he held it, it was splintering he needed to get out of here and fast.The moment came when she ask to be excused. "I will have to ask to be excused as well." He made to turn but the last person he had expected to bump into even here stood behind Luci. Lucl's Uncle. Shoot now he really had to leave. Glass still in hand he said his greetings to the older Ventor and walked swiftly to the bathroom, and just as he closed the door, the glass shattered in his hand. He cursed, and then dumped the bigger pieces into the trash. Checking the stalls to find them all empty he inspected his hands. His palms were red but The cuts had already seared closed... again. He needed answers this was getting out of hand. One wrong move and he'd be hunted and dead. He sighed.

    Nickolai washed his hands, took his leather gloves from his pocket, slipped them on and took a deep breath. He walked back to party. The night was not yet over.
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