Caste Game - Who will be the next 'King'?

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    Regius Academy has been a well known and prestigious boarding school set within a flourishing forest in the northern cape of England. There, students of wealthy parents or brilliant minds (scholarships) are taught with the utmost current and first rate education. It is also known as a very traditional institution with a heavily in-depth historic background.


    Beyond the academy's credible name and outstanding grade scores lies a well kept and hidden secret among the student body. A mysterious game started by an anonymous student in the schools earlier years. A game of Kings, Queens, and luck. Of course not everyone could be royalty and with that comes the position of the Joker, the lowest and most feared role of the system. A position which allows the student populace to mock and torture the unlucky individual along with the other targets. Unless of course they somehow are pardoned by the King. All students in every grade class are required to participate or risk being cast as a Target against their will.

    Shall we let the games begin?

    Q: When will a new game start?
    A: A new game (and a new chance to change your Caste Class) will take place every WEEK IN REAL TIME.

    Q: My characters a girl/boy and I got the rank of King/Queen.
    A: GENDER does not matter. Whatever rank your character receives that is what they're stuck with.


    Full name:
    Date of Birth:
    Sexual Orientation:


    Romantic Relationships:

    Favorite Sayings:
    Most Prized Possession:

    Body Build:
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Complexion and Skin Tone:
    Voice: (Use anything with Audio like a youtube video for example)
    Style: (Elegant, Shabby, etc.)
    Nervous Tics:

    Intellectual/Mental Attributes and Attitudes
    Fears and Phobias:

    I will be rolling the dice for each player with a total of 90 sides and will tag each player so that they may see the post and asses their new rank. The highest number obtained will be the King. The lowest number will be the Joker/Target.

    I'm allowing each RPer a maximum of 2 characters but only one can participate in the game. The other either has to be a Bad boy or a Floater which are both out of the caste rank and CAN NEVER PARTICIPATE.

    Here is the ranking from highest number obtained to the lowest:


    slot #1: @N/A
    slot #2: @DANAsaur
    slot #3: @Kaz
    slot #4: @Gladis
    slot #5: @Headphones
    slot #6: @un coin de soleil
    slot #7: @Wicked
    slot #8: @Rin Mico
    slot #9: @Cwolf0615
    slot #10: @WishfulNemo
    slot #11: @gen101394
    slot #12: @Tart

    Bad Boys:
    @Zadok shadows

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  2. [​IMG]
    Oliver N. Rosetta

    Full name:
    Oliver N. Rosetta



    Date of Birth:
    May 1


    Sexual Orientation:



    Works (illegally) as a bartender at nights.
    His boss likes the money too much to say anything about his age.





    Body Build:
    Oliver has a very slender build to go with his height, but is also fairly athletic.

    Eye Color:
    Deep Red

    Hair Color:
    Pure White

    Complexion and Skin Tone:
    As an albino, Oliver's skin is extremely light and vulnerable to direct sunlight.



    Though is often seems a bit standoffish, Oliver is usually a pretty friendly guy. Especially if he can get something out of it. Few people really ever realize when he's using them, as it always seems like he's just being a good friend. Despite this, Oliver can be pretty temperamental when pushed... If pushed too far, you've made yourself an enemy for life-- which really isn't the best thing to be doing in a school with such a system. It is made very known when Oliver dislikes someone, and the subject of that disdain will very soon come to regret their actions.

    - Wit
    - Working
    - Cats
    - Shorter People

    - Strong Smells
    - Small Spaces
    - Pranks
    - Dogs

    Favorite Sayings:
    "Don't close the book, just turn the page."
    "A dose of humility goes a long way."

    Most Prized Possession:
    The umbrella he carries around to avoid having to put on sunblock every time he goes outside.

    - English
    - Some French

    Fears and Phobias:
    - Claustrophobic
    - Irrational fear of spontaneous combustion

    - Painting
    - People Watching
    - Playing Piano

    - Lying
    - Making Friends

    - Charismatic
    - Friendly
    - Loyal

    - Gullible
    - Holds Grudges
    - Deceitful

    Nervous Tics:
    - Impulsive Lying



    Mother: Alison Rosetta
    Father: Unknown

    Older Brother: Michael Rosetta
    Younger Sister: Lilly Rosetta



    Romantic Relationships:






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  3. [​IMG]
    Article: Full name: Valentina Chance
    Nickname: Val, Tina, V
    Age: 17
    Date of Birth: August 23
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Hetersexual
    Nationality: Italian/French
    Hometown: Basilicata
    *Occupation: Part time in a cafe/Student

    Parents: Martin Chance
    Siblings: Venus Chance
    Relatives: None

    Romantic Relationships: OPEN
    Partner(s): OPEN
    Friends: OPEN
    Acquaintances: OPEN
    Allies: OPEN
    Enemies: OPEN

    Persona: Valentina is a girl who doesn't care about what anyone thinks and doesn't listen to the rules that are thrown at her. Not at school and not even at home. With a rebellious personality Valentina has a group of friends that are bad influences and they are people many keep away from. It isn't like she can get any worse seeing as how she's known for getting into fights. What people don't know is that Val isn't the one to start them, others think the fight was because she liked to start drama and get into trouble but Val gets angry fast when she gets disrespected. When that happens, she lets her fists do the talking. Because of this everyone steers clear of Valentina but she doesn't mind because that gives her more freedom to do whatever she wants. That includes going out at night to have fun and live a little... okay, maybe a lot.
    Likes: Guitar, swimming, food, breaking rules, freedom, having fun
    Dislikes: Rules, being restricted, boredom, being looked down upon
    Favorite Sayings: "The question isn't who is going to let me. The question is, who is going to stop me?"
    Most Prized Possession: A diamond ring that was given to her from her deceased mother

    Height: 5"5
    Weight: 127
    Body Build: Fit, curvy
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Black with red highlights on the bottom
    Complexion and Skin Tone: Smooth skin, pale
    Style: Comfortable, elegant
    Nervous Tics: Biting her thumb, scratching the back of her hand

    Intellectual/Mental Attributes and Attitudes
    Languages: Italian, French, English, Latin, Spanish
    Fears and Phobias: The dark (alone), lightning, drowning
    Hobbies: Volleyball, soccer, martial arts
    Skills: Martial arts, sports, piano
    Strengths: Fighting
    Weaknesses: Her past
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  4. b52c32fa0d87dc559f0b3b2cde4e8263.jpg


    Date of Birth:
    February 18


    Sexual Orientation:



    Haruka Nanase (mother)
    Rin Matsuoka (father)


    Gou Matsuoka (aunt)
    Romantic Relationships:
    None at the moment

    none at the moment

    none at the moment

    none at the moment

    none at the moment

    none at the moment
    Mei is a strong-willed and cheerful girl with a fondness for cute things. Her hobby is to make everything and everybody "cute". When disagreed with, she is prone to temper tantrums and bouts of self-centeredness. She imposes her sense of fashion and preference upon others and doggedly refuses to take no for an answer. However, on the occasions when she goes too far and upsets someone, she feels horrible and will even cry over her mistake.

    •cute things

    •people who says "no"

    Favorite Sayings:
    "Don't judge a book by its cover"
    "The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets, the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears, and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain"

    Most Prized Possession:
    hair accessory given to her by her aunt

    130 lbs

    Body Build:
    slender and curvy

    Eye Color:
    crystal blue eyes

    Hair Color:

    Complexion and Skin Tone:
    porcelain complexion, pale skin


    Simple and comfortable but still elegant

    Nervous Tics:
    she twiddles with her hands when she's nervous
    Intellectual/Mental Attributes and Attitudes
    Japanese, English and a little bit of French

    Fears and Phobias:
    sharp objects especially needles

    reading books
    baking pastries

    martial arts


    cute things
    can't handle too much stress
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    Full name: Yuki Yoshida
    Nickname: Dolly
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: October 13th
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Unknown (either asexual or pansexual)
    Nationality: Japanese/British

    Parents: Elizabeth Halward(Mother), Hideki Yoshida(Father)

    Romantic Relationships: N/A
    Partner(s): N/A
    Friends: real or imaginary?
    Acquaintances: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Enemies: anyone who tries to touch her stuff

    Likes: manga, horror, crafts, cats, large dogs, her laptop, bjd
    Dislikes: small dogs
    Favorite Sayings: um......she doesn't talk....
    Most Prized Possession: her laptop and a bjd she keeps with her at all times(though usually in her bag and out of sight)

    Picture: [​IMG]
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 110lbs
    Body Build: petite
    Eye Color: blue(usually wears red contacts)
    Hair Color: auburn
    Complexion and Skin Tone: pale porcelain with a healthy blush to her cheeks and lips
    Voice: ......she doesn't talk so.....
    Style: Historical/Fancy
    Nervous Tics: Chewing. Be it her lip, tongue or something she's holding like a pencil or her knuckle.

    Intellectual/Mental Attributes and Attitudes
    Languages: English, Japanese
    Fears and Phobias: small dogs(large dogs are fine)
    Hobbies: Video games, sewing, drawing, reading, writing
    Skills: sewing, programming, drawing
    Strengths: appearing emotionless and detached
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  6. { COMPLETED }
    | At this point, things may or may not be added. |


    Elian Weisz

    Eli, Lian, Reaver, Puppy*
    * A self title when he knows he's being very clingy towards someone -friend or not-. He'll greet, follow, listen, and respect. *


    October 29


    Pansexual ; He tends to lean onto guys more.



    Student | Works at a aquarium


    Leah (mother)
    Lionel (father)


    5 Uncles
    3 Aunts




    Message me? ^w^



    Few who are majorly known at the school~


    Elian is a straight forward, happy-go-lucky person who doesn't seem to care about reality -or at least thats what people think-. He's always laid-back and cheerful about situations and tends to be playful. However, he pretty much as a scratch in his personality. Where in actuality, although his eyes sparkle 'full of warmth' they actually have a small glint to them that you can't necessarily see. Much beyond that 'cute and adorable' nature, Elian is actually quite knowledgable then credited for, and mischievous. It kind of just balances this 'innocence' he acts to have and he can definitely mix em' up to stir in more trouble amongst his surroundings, enemies, or people he just thinks are useless. Yep, he's just one of those guys who can be assholes (or in this case, are assholes) that just f***s sh*t up and doesn't care. He uses his looks as an advantage or free and easy getaway, and depending on the situation will even use words as acting, or indirectly edging his opponent or victim on, Especially if he's witty. Because of these two behaviors, one an act and one he hides deliberately-One thing he surely cannot shake off is being easily annoyed or angered. Most often you will notice the sudden and abrupt change: Faster responses, harsh defensiveness, and then pretty soon depending on the irritation his so called 'adorable' behavior cracks and he reveals his imprudent self. Sometime's he'll catch himself before it happens, other times its like a warning and then he reverts back to being polite.

    ⊳ Art
    ⊳ Animals
    ⊳ 'Getting even'
    ⊳ He strangely has a thing for legs... So bare with him and his weird 'fetish'.
    ⊳ Sweets
    ⊳ Puzzles, brain teasers, etc.
    ⊳ Locks. The kinds he can pick or that are a challenge.
    ⊳ Getting information, and possibly giving.
    ⊳ Coffee ; as well as the smell.

    ⊳ People who ask to many questions
    ⊳ People who debate with him
    ⊳ Being wrong ; especially in a situation where he's actually the bad guy
    ⊳ Lovey doviness (He just get's awkward and such)
    ⊳ People who try to hard to impress him or be his friend.
    ⊳ When the attention is no longer on him. Especially if a best friend's gaze is averted elsewhere--it bothers him like hell. One minute talking, next minute not to talk to someone else... Yeah, he's very clingy and easily jealous -friend or not-.

    "Never con a conman, especially one who's better than you."
    "Never say sorry, unless you're running a con."
    "I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing, We keep odd hours."

    None. Holding things like those are dangerous in Elian's opinion.


    130 lbs

    Elian is pretty toned.


    Light brown

    Fair skinned, -faint- rosy pink around some areas (cheeks, lips, ears a bit, etc)

    Greg Ayres as 'Gareki' ( Carnival ; Actual voice) & Kaoru (OHSHC ; 'Secondary' Voice)

    No particular style.

    Elian is hardly ever nervous. In fact, he rarely is. But if he is, its usually not that obvious.
    ⊳ Heart beats fast
    ⊳ He'll dig his nail into his finger
    ⊳ Will cover his hands with his sleeves -tugging his sleeve down-.
    ⊳ responds more quicker rather than casually.

    Intellectual/Mental Attributes and Attitudes

    Hungarian, German, French, and Japanese.

    ⊳ Getting jumped due to his bitchy behavior.
    ⊳ People that he truly trusts that might turn on him.

    -Besides causing trouble/being cheerful-
    ⊳ Lock picking
    ⊳ Solving puzzles, riddles, etc.
    ⊳ Reading
    ⊳ Looking around | dazing off.

    ⊳ Lock picking
    ⊳ Playing chess
    ⊳ Deceiving

    ⊳ Lying | Acting | Etc
    ⊳ Lock picking
    ⊳ Socializing with others
    ⊳ Getting information

    ⊳ He can't say 'I love you' if in a actual relationship. Especially since he says it as much as he breathes so casually. I mean, if he even tries--He'll end up cursing to his significant other nervously.
    ⊳ He can be pretty foul mouthed if nervous, angry, etc.
    ⊳ Its hard for Elian to sympathize with others.
    ⊳ Elian is a pathological liar, He'll even lie towards his friends -which are so few-. However the lies he tells his friends are pretty small. This is when his nervous tics shows as well.
    ⊳ Legs.. Who the heck knows, he just likes them--sheesh. Especially women legs <-<.....

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  7. H I D E K I N A O M I

    B A S I C S

    "It's really none of your business, but if you now absolutely have to know... I'm Hideki Naomi."

    Full name
    Hideki Naomi
    Date of Birth
    November 15th
    Sexual Orientation
    Works Part-Time at a butler cafe
    F A M I L Y

    "So you want to know about my family, eh?"

    Mother: Ayako Naomi
    Father: Hiroshi Naomi


    Uncle: Kaede Naomi
    R E L A T I O N S H I P S

    "I-it's not like I like you or anything, b-baka!"

    Romantic Relationships





    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    "I'm a very pleasant young man. Now piss off."

    Despite his cute, delicate appearance, Hideki is a sarcastic, cynical, and prideful boy who is easily made angry or upset. He hates when people point out his height, and tends to generally treat everyone in a rather cold manner. Yet despite this, when Hideki says he'll get something done or makes a promise, he'll do it, meeting his obligations no matter the personal cost. He doesn't easily trust, and especially ticked off by laziness or slackers. Consequently, Hideaki is the kind of person who prefers to work alone, or at least have his authority clearly established by hierarchy, where he can set and achieve his goals without debate or worry over other's reliability.

    He has a sharp, fact-based mind, and prefers autonomy and self-sufficiency to reliance on someone or something. He views dependency on others as a weakness, and his passion for duty, dependability and impeccable personal integrity forbids falling into such a trap. In most cases he tends to be blunt and to the point, no matter how his words may effect himself or another person. To Hideki, honesty is far more important than emotional considerations, and his blunt approach often leaves others with the false impression that he is cold, which coupled with his somewhat aggressive nature... usually doesn't tend to go well with more sensitive people.

    Whilst he usually acts though, confident and strong, with the right treatment it is possible to trigger his gentler and friendlier side. Because he acts the way he does, people only tend to see his colder persona, and completely miss his rather fragile and insecure core. He isn't a bad person at heart, and usually doesn't wish those around him any serious harm. He just doesn't know how to properly deal with social situations – or people in general. To put it simply; Hideki is a shell which has yet to be cracked open.

    ❅ Snow
    ❅ Facts
    ❅ Cryptography
    ❅ Maths
    ❅ Science
    ❅ Books
    ❅ Reptiles
    ❅ Dogs
    ❅ Poetry
    ❅ Writing
    ❅ Fish
    ❅ Order
    ❅ History
    ❅ Studying

    ❅ Cooking
    ❅ Brocoli
    ❅ Idiots
    ❅ Being stared at
    ❅ Socializing
    ❅ People
    ❅ Cleaning
    ❅ Gambling
    ❅ Large Dogs
    ❅ Being misunderstood
    ❅ Large Crowds
    ❅ Seeing people in pain
    ❅ Sweet Foods

    Favorite Sayings
    “I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” - Marilyn Monroe
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” - Albert Einstein
    “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero
    “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” - Jane Austen

    Most Prized Possession
    An image of his mother and father.
    A P P E A R A N C E

    "I know I'm pretty but it's still impolite to stare at people, dog."

    158 cm
    50 kg
    Body Build
    Slim, Short
    Eye Color
    Hair Color
    Complexion and Skin Tone
    Sorata Kanda - Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
    Nervous Tics
    Fidgeting, Stuttering
    M E N T A L ❅ A T T R I B U T E S

    "I happen to like games."

    Japanese, English, Mandarin

    Fears and Phobias
    ❅ Spiders
    ❅ Large Dogs
    ❅ Betrayal
    ❅ Failure

    ❅ Reading
    ❅ Biology
    ❅ Chemestry
    ❅ Maths

    ❅ Studying
    ❅ Swimming
    ❅ Penmanship
    ❅ Reading
    ❅ Embrodery
    ❅ Knitting
    ❅ Cryptography
    ❅ Wood Carving
    ❅ Playing the Piano

    ❅ He is an A+ student.
    ❅ He is very good at science and maths.
    ❅ He is also very good at embroidery.
    ❅ If nothing else, he is at least intelligent.
    ❅ Logical problems and puzzles are a piece of cake for him.
    ❅ He is kind at heart, even if he's bad at showing it.
    ❅ He's an avid reader.
    ❅ And has a large repository of knowledge.
    ❅ He is a very honest individual.

    ❅ He may enjoy poetry, but he's positively bad at it.
    ❅ Singing, definitely.
    ❅ He's also quite bad at cooking.
    ❅ And he isn't very sportsy.
    ❅ People tend to take a distance from him because of his personality.
    ❅ He is rather arrogant in nature.
    ❅ He is very bad at accepting help, even when he desperately needs it.
    ❅ He is very stubborn.
    ❅ People. It speaks for itself.
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  8. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "The difference between a joker from a comedian is that; jokers are fools that makes fun of themselves while comedians make fun of the fools."
    Alexander J. Reid, III

    Full name:
    Alexander J. Reid, III



    Date of Birth:
    14th of February


    Sexual Orientation:





    6'1 1/2"


    Body Build:
    Muscular Lean

    Eye Color:
    Hazel Brown

    Hair Color:

    Complexion and Skin Tone:
    Fair but slightly tan

    Preppy with a touch of avant garde


    Chris Pine's Voice

    Xander is a charismatic bloke who has charm and grace even when under pressure. He is sensible yet when it comes to romance he can be idealistic. Xander is witty and also has a wry sense of humor. He has a tendency to make many sarcastic remarkes when there is lackness of common sense. He is blunt to a fault and disregards the persons feelings whenever he speaks the truth of the matter. He enjoys patronizing others stupidity and weaknesses. But despite Xander's ill-mannered personality, he actually a gentleman with a great personality--when he closes his mouth, that is.

    Xander is unbelievably patient. There is no denying his tolerance with people who would or will try to rub him the wrong way. He will stay passive and would never strike his opponent--despite them deserving it. He is the kind of person who doesn't hold a grudge and would just leave the past behind him. Xander is also quite the observant guy, when romance is invovled he uses his kin observation to woo a fair maidens hand--which always works to his advantage.

    Xander is a gamer and is often seen glued to his portable console whenever he does not feel like insulting people with his sarcastic jokes. A gagster by heart he enjoys going to comedy bars on his days off. Sometimes he'd also goes on stage to crack jokes of whoever it was he poked the other day. Xander also had this weird sense of taste whenever he drinks coffee and/or tea. He prefer his coffee sweet rather than bitter. His tea however, prefers it bitter than sweet.

    Despite Xander being the social monkey that he is, he in truth hates people. Stupidity and the lack of common sense is what makes Xander tick and people seem to have the tendency to be both in that category. Prejudice and self-righteous people are Xander's pet peeve and would often shut himself off whenever he comes across people like these. There's basically no sense in arguing against them. Period.

    Favorite Sayings:
    "That's why I'm here for. To deliver unpleasant news and witty one-liners."

    "If you don't like a sarcastic answer then don't ask stupid questions."

    Most Prized Possession:
    An old pocket watch

    English, French, Italian, and Mandarin (he believes it'll be the language of the future)

    Fears and Phobias:
    Claustrophobia and fear of the dark

    Cooking, collecting oddly shaped rocks, insulting people

    Cooking and handy crafts

    His witty/sarcastic remarks

    He has a soft spot for baby animals

    Nervous Tics:
    His right eye will twitch


    Lord Christopher Vander Gofte Reid
    Lady Cecilia Margarette Weslton James-Reid(diseased)

    Amelia Ophelia Harlington Von Roe-Reid(step mother)

    Edward James Alexander-Reid, 17 years old (Step brother)
    Antonette Von Roe-Reid, 7 years old (half-sister)

    Lord Alexander Jackman Reid, II (Grandfather)

    Dutches Victoria Masion Weslton-James(Grandmother)
    Victor Luis Weslton James (Uncle)
    Annabelle Sophia Delton Griffin (Aunt)
    Cecil Griffin James, 27 years old (Cousin)
    Francine Roseline Quinton-James, (Cecil's wife)
    Sophia Quinton James, 4 years old (neice)

    Romantic Relationships:
    Will edit once there are more characters

    Will edit once there are more characters

    Xander doesn't have friends, he has acquaintances. To him, friends are a rarity that is close to impossible to find; finding a unicorn is easier than finding a friend. But if he does have one than he/she must be super special.

    Valentina Chance @Karma200
    "Miss Fist"
    Tries to stir clear from this one. Knowing her reputation for using her fist do the talking and with Xander's uncensored mouth... well... let's just say he is lucky he and her has yet to share that magical moment.

    Elian Weisz @N/A
    "The Self-Proclaimed Puppy"
    Thinks that he is a rather interesting fellow, a bit strange but still interesting. Knows that he tends to lean to guys rather than girls and finds it rather amusing to watch him try to woo his fellow brethren.

    Laura de Jong @WishfulNemo
    "It's Complicated"
    There is a saying: Birds of the same feather flock together; Xander can smell another conceited person from a mile away and Laura is the very definition of one. If Xander had to choose between conversing with a rock or Laura, the rock would likely be a sensible choice. But then again, Xander had a feeling Laura would choose the rock as well.

    Vladimir Petkov @Headphones
    "A nice guy, I guess?"
    Vladimir Petkov is someone Xander has the most difficultly to get along with--not that he plans to anyway. To Xander, he and Vladimir would be better off not speaking to each other. Xander had this feeling in his gut that Vladimir is someone he would NEVER come in terms with.

    Hagen Ventor @parkpyro
    "Bipolar with an identity crisis."
    Xander swear he is like a girl on her period. At first he is all tame and nice then the next minute he is all barbarous and murderous the next.

    Masaki Kaoru @Poetic_Justic3
    Not that Masaki Kaoru is a bad guy or anything but somehow Xander can't stand him--though he does not show it. To Xander people like Masaki Kaoru are the type he avoids entirely. Maybe because he is a genuinely nice guy? Xander is allergic to nice people.

    Will edit once there are more characters

    Will edit once there are more characters

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  9. ~Place holder~

    Sorry! My WiFi has been iffy. And @Kaz omg I was going to use a character from Diabolik Lovers as a faceclaim! Haha c:

    Edit: But I won't now because I'd feel like I'm ripping off your character or something... bUt I have things in mind. C:
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  10. "I don't want an happy ever after, nor the title of 'queen'. I'm out for that no one has. The only one and the best."

    Laura de Jong​

    Pronounced as l-AW-r-uh

    17 y/o | d.o.b: 7 April

    ♀ [Female] | Demi- bisexual, no gender preference

    Also Known as
    Lou, Lau [l AW], Louise
    - Usually goes by Louise, as she likes the sound of it better -


    Mix of Italian, Dutch & German

    Home town, Country
    Leiden, the Netherlands

    Part time tutor and baby sitter​


    - 170 cm [5 feet, 6 inches]
    - 60 kg [132 lbs]

    Body Build
    Slender, Laura has long limbs and small shoulders, making her appear like pear form without too much curves. Her chest isn’t all that impressively filled, given her height, and neither are her hips to be considered wide. This is much to her own dismay and shame as her family likes to poke fun at her for being ‘underdeveloped’.

    Eye Colour
    Half-heterochromia. Usually they are described as brown. However, upon closer examination, her eyes are green at the centre, fading to brown to the outside. It is a slight mixture that doesn’t give her a solid colour, but which is fairly common seeing the mixture she is of.

    Hair Colour
    Laura has a dark, deep brown colour that is usually described as chestnut brown. Thick in texture, with heavy waves that are bordering that of curly. Though it is slightly heavy, and a pain to take care of, she keeps her hairstyle long, with short straight bangs falling over her forehead. Fortunately for her the greatest pain comes when she wakes up, as her hair is a tangling mess then. After her daily routine her hair is much more wilful throughout the day and not quite as demanding.

    Fair, a peachy colour that gets a healthy tan when she gets out in the sun. Her complexion is smooth, suffering little to not at all from pimples, needing little make up to cover up blemishes. Though she tends to get easily dark circles underneath her eyes, which she does cover up.

    Voice claim: Adrisaurus - Youtuber

    Laura is a bit of a girly girl. She likes frilly dresses, adores satin and in overall is always happy to wear a cute dress. Her style can be described as casual, cute and elegant, where she is mainly trying to aim for the 'sweet princess' image. Her style of clothing and the way she presents herself outwardly is in great contrast with how she actually acts and truly is. Whereas people think of a kind, empathetic and cute girl when they see her for the first time Laura is far from the sweetness she dons herself with.​


    “It is a matter of taste, good taste and intelligence.”
    Laura likes to act fancier than she actually is. Speaking with two words, addressing with the correct forms. It is just her pretentious way of telling; "I'm cultivated." At the other hand it also serves as a wall for others, a sign that they shouldn't come to close to her, or that they won't get close to her. No one would treat a stranger rudely for no reason and that is what Laura aims for. To stay forever the stranger to each other. It is only in her closest relationships that she will drop the act of politeness and kindness in which she reveals herself. Otherwise people all widely believe that she is a well brought up young lady.

    “I’m not so bad, they make it too easy.”
    She doesn't show it too often. Preferring to act as if she is 'kind', but sometimes she makes slight remarks, subtle comments that are bordering the line of good humour and plain insults. It is her way of relieving frustration, but also part of her true nature she so carefully hides. It is one part of her that is 'typical' Dutch, for Dutchmen are cynics with a mean bite when they truly wish to reveal this side. A deadpan snarker when she feels up to it, or when she is, again, around close relations.

    “Simply put; I’m a backstabber.”
    To be relied on means responsibility, to be trusted means close bonds she doesn't want to cultivate with people she deems below her. Laura doesn't need the unnecessary trust placed upon her, the invisible pressure of 'pretentious' friendship. Anyone who does was just foolish enough to fall for her act. Laura wouldn't deny her bad characteristics, neither would she ever admit them out loud, but she does feel sorry for anyone who thinks she could be trusted when they rely on her. Quite the mistake she likes to rub inside of their faces in the most terrible ways. She isn't manipulative, she believes, after all she didn't force anyone into trusting her, just terrifying good in her act.

    “Pot calls the kettle black, huh?”
    To that expense, the policy of not earning the trust of others, Laura doesn't give her trust that easily either. She doesn't trust anyone with her secrets and insecurities. Sometimes she would fake a display of 'friendship' telling the other one part of herself, but telling another version to another. It isn't lying she believes, just carefully picking and leaving out facts the other has no concern about. The girl isn't about to have anyone piece her together and figure her out, even if that means being alone.

    “I would almost describe myself as a genius.”
    She truly believes that she stands somewhere above the rest. Laura likes to consider herself as smarter than the rest, better, more educated, etc... than the rest. Though she doesn't show it as much as to be called 'arrogant' as well. She isn't outwardly expressive of this believe, knowing that there are people who don't appreciate that attitude, but that doesn't mean that her mind isn't going rampant on scoffs and mental insults flying towards others. Inside of her mind she is the queen of the world, to the outside she acts like any other girl. The arrogance of Laura lies in the fact that she believes that no one can read her for she is too smart for them to understand.

    “The world conforms to me.”
    While Laura likes to act as if she is an innocent, polite and kind girl she isn't about to conform herself to the world. She isn't going to change her believes or her antics to please the rest or reveal herself. If anything, if the world wishes to know about her they better conform to her will. If she speaks Laura expects people to listen, when she asks something she expects an answer. Bossy would be a word to describe her as she wishes that everything goes her way, not taking it well when it goes otherwise.

    “I just shed another light of reality.”
    She has many faces and masks. Always polite and well-mannered, like she wills herself to do. However around one she can be kind of bubbly, around the other she may act more aloof, but never is she herself. It may be clear that Laura doesn't want to be figured out, that she doesn't want to be pieced together by someone and that she dislikes the idea of sharing secrets or trusting anyone. She isn't going to let anyone in and no one will ever get in as no one has the key, or at least, not the right key.

    Nervous Habits
    - Grinds her teeth when she is at loss on what to do.
    - Shaking knees when she is truly embarrassed.
    - Breathing through her teeth when in anger, or annoyed.
    - Scratching people when she feels threatened.

    - Natural actress, Laura has no qualms into deceiving others and wearing a mask. She is an opportunist who will strike each given moment to take her chances and turn the tables.
    - Cartography, with a keen interest in mapping out locations, mazes, labyrinths and just generally, to look for her way around in a place unknown to her, Laura has developed a strong sense of direction, but also to memorize the roads she has already passed.
    - Codist, though the girl may not look like it, but truthfully she is a huge fan of riddles and codes. She likes to make codes, but also breaking them, and this makes her adept at figuring out the key.

    - She would never admit it herself, but Laura is dead-afraid of horror. She handles them really badly and the school rumours scare the wits out of her.
    - Sore loser, can’t admit defeat and will never admit defeat, so she will keep on going without a rest. Laura feels the need to be the best, to prove that she is the best and will stop at nothing.
    - Can't adapt very well to sudden situations. Laura isn't a strong improviser and is better at planning everything ahead than to flunk it.
    - Has truly no one to lean upon, can't trust anyone very well, which causes her to be ultimately alone even if she is always surrounded by people. ​



    Father – Jan de Jong [50]
    “He is so typical Dutch.”
    Hard-working, honest, abrasive, blunt, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Tall and broad, with stamping feet and rough hands. Father Jan is in appearance and personality the stereotype of a Dutchman. Over the years he has opted for a bald look, shaving off the blonde hair he once had, making him look a little more stern and military looking than he actually is. Truth to be told father Jan is a lover of crude jokes, often making jokes on the expenses of others and himself, and a tad bit crazy. He likes to claim that Laura's love for dance came through him, often proceeding by showing off his own moves that can't really be considered dancing, but more like stamping. A very lovable man who is extremely loyal to the family. Laura lovingly calls him 'kaaskop' [cheesehead] whenever he pulls her hair again, only to innocently whistle to the other side. A man who suffers a little from ADHD, or so he claims to excuse all of his crazy antics. Though typically happy and cheerful father Jan has a lot of torments as well, worries he doesn't wish to show to his children. Laura and her siblings like to call him a rabbit, for they hide their pain as well, but are glad that he is there in their lives as the never ending bundle of energy. She just wonders if he ever had the chance himself to heal from the divorce, but he never shows signs that he isn't. Once he had cried, but then never again. He picked himself up again, went to his job the following day and picked up the role of both parents. At one hand Laura is grateful for his strength, but she worries that she might once come home to a sight she fears the most.

    Mother – Aletta de Mesmaeker [43]
    “Anything but typical.”
    Mother Aletta might have tried everything that is legal in the Netherlands, which is a lot for the country is a tolerating one. It thus so happens that she also came in contact with weed, a soft drug that everyone can get over the age of 18 or with a fake id. In combination with the, once very, low drinking age of sixteen she has done a lot unwise and irresponsible deeds. Even until today she maintains some of her habits she had developed as a student. Laura had always idolised her mother, tall, pretty and confident. As a child she couldn't find wrong within the woman who gave birth to her and her siblings. The turning point came around the age of twelve, when her mother suddenly decided to leave everyone and everything behind. It was a traumatising event, the decision came very sudden to the whole family and a wave of emotional turmoil that usually would lapse over a course of months were suddenly trapped within weeks. Within weeks Aletta de Mesmaeker had signed the papers, packed her bags and left without waiting for the conclusion. At one side Laura understands why Aletta left so suddenly, the age difference between her parents had left her mother trapped in a world of adults too soon. Now she had decided to relive her lost youth again, leaving her family behind and distraught. At the other hand Laura is fuming, wondering why it had to happen so suddenly, so painfully as she remembers the tears in her father's eyes well. The tears of a man who never cried.

    Older brother & sister – Andre [19] & Margreet [23]
    “Both are idiots who think they can beat me.”
    The three siblings are a competitive trio, Laura being the worst of them all due to her nature of superiority. It all started when they were young, like everything does. Margreet, the oldest of the three, would return from school with homework to which the younger siblings were amazed at. Their big sister was in their opinion very smart to receive homework. Margreet would boast around about it, calling Andre and Laura both 'ukkies' [little ones, toddlers] much to their dismay. She wasn't that much bigger! From there on out it only grew worse. When Andre came home with his first football [soccer] prize the two siblings boasted that they could do just as well as he did, all choosing their own sports to compete in. When Laura received 'honourable' compliments for her report card the other two siblings couldn't have their youngest surpass them. With each achievement from one of the siblings, the remaining two had to outdo it with something else. Swimming certificates ['ha, I've A, B, C and brevet red and blue!'], medals ['I won a gold!'], or education ['straight A's, try to beat that!'], everything became a competition for the three of them. However, that doesn't mean that they didn't love each other and only saw each other as rivals. When Margreet got dumped for the first time Andre pulled the pants down of the 'hufter' [bastard] who broke her heart. When Andre got bullied at school both Margreet and Laura went to scare his bullies, and he was never bullied again. The three of them share a motto of; "Only I get to abuse them." which they hold very dear.

    [PM me to discuss relationships with her?]



    Valentina Chance [17] @Karma200
    "The personification of pent-up anger."
    She doesn't particularly care about the girl, Laura doesn't think that she can be beneficial to her besides from beating people up. In Laura's opinion the girl would do better to start using her brains instead of her fists, but she isn't one to judge Valentina to be a brawler. As long as they girl doesn't have a go at her Laura thinks she is fine, for she is pretty sure she would be at the losing hand.

    Elian Weisz [17] @N/A
    "He is ... like a ball of sugar."
    Happy-go-lucky, the puppy, Laura isn't sure what to think of Elian. She thinks he is an all right guy, but at the other hand he disgusts her with his upbeat nature. The inner cynic of her acts up whenever she sees the boy, wanting to balance the sunshine out with rain and gloomy clouds.

    Alexander J. Reid, III [17] @un coin de soleil
    "Prince Charming, huh?"
    They're too alike. Trying to act gracious, but in truth hiding a flair of vanity. Laura is wary of the guy, for he is someone who would be able to be the first to figure her out. After all, they're souls alike with a similar mask. She tries to stay away from him and not interact with him unless absolutely necessary.

    Vladimir Petkov [17] @Headphones
    "Too rebellious and naively honest."
    Vladimir looks hard to cooperate with for Laura. He does whatever he wants, goes against the flow if he wishes to do so, and generally just sticks up to himself. Honest and admirable, but to Laura's opinion, also very naive as honesty also means exposure and exposure means that there is a crack or a weak spot to hit at. A good enough of a guy with a bit of a rough outline to himself, just not someone Laura would bother with.

    Hagen Ventor/Khan [17] @parkpyro
    "He is mental. I never know what to expect."
    If the girl would certify herself as a psychologist she would say that Hagen/Khan had gone through some horrific childhood experience that gave birth to the split personalities. However she isn't and she knows that she shouldn't assume things. What exactly the deal is with this guy she has no idea, but she avoids him even more than Alexander as she can't read him at all. She just never knows which personality to expect with him.

    Masaki Kurou [17] @Poetic_Justic3
    "He is scarily dull compared to the rest."
    What is there to say about him? Laura doesn't sense any danger from him, neither does she think he will be beneficial to her. He is just normal in her opinion, another unfortunate soul who got stuck in a twisted game. Laura knows that the boy is capable of more than he admits to, but that doesn't make him anymore worth on the chess board. Masaki Kurou is just a regular teen who is trying to avoid the Joker card and Laura can't exactly blame him.

    Nathan Magnus Hale [17] @Wicked
    "I can't really get an air of him."
    She can't grasp the boy, he acts like your regular teen, smiles and jokes around like any other of her peers, but there is something about him that Laura can't place a finger on. She sees him interacting, hanging out with friends, but she never sees him. Her guesses are that he is alike to her and Alexander, another personality hiding behind a façade.

    Cassia Jay Morelli [16] @Cwolf0615
    "My energetic roommate I never wanted."
    A nice girl generally, but way too enthusiastic once she gets on a topic. Laura wasn't thrilled to share her room, but now she is even more displeased with the thought that her roommate just. won't. shut. up. At least she doesn't have to share classes with her, now only if she would remind herself of good roommate rule number #1; no annoying Laura with senseless banter.




    - Brain breakers
    - Being the best
    - Jazz ballet
    - Maps, labyrinths, etc...

    - Losing, failing. Specially to someone who she deems beneath her.
    - The unexpected, or something that goes out of her calculations.
    - Dirtying her hands, or making them dirty at all.
    - Pretty much everyone she doesn't consider her equal.
    - Horror stories.
    - Busy bodies.

    Favourite Quotes
    None. Laura doesn't like to re-use quotes or to repeat herself. She considers every line she says brilliant, specially if they're packed with subtle sarcasm.

    Most Prized Possession
    Laura lacks a companion to whom she can talk to, she also lacks the trust to speak to anyone about herself or her insecurities. Despite her radiating confidence, Laura is in fact riddled with questions and fears, things she doesn't like to share with others. These thoughts, concerns, worries, and insecurities she shares with 'Kathy', her diary that she gave a name. Laura is very much aware that keeping such a diary around is dangerous, the chances that someone finds it and reads it are great if she isn't careful. However, Laura wouldn't be the all-prepared lover of codes if she hadn't figured something for that. While she shared her deepest core with the papers of the little notebook no one besides from herself or these who can solve the right 'key' can read or understand its content. If someone were to open the book they would read short sentences that don't seem to make sense with each other. However they do to Laura and only she knows the key to understand the code.

    - Fluent in English & Dutch.
    Being a Dutch-born Laura speaks from house out Dutch with her family. Dutch is the official language spoken in the Netherlands, the lingua franca, not to be confused with Danish or German, like commonly done. English is an obvious one. Attending school in the UK forces her to be fluent in the English language, whether she wants it or not.

    - Conversational French & German.
    Dutch children are usually taught several languages from a young age. Mainly for the reason that the commonly spoken language in the Netherlands isn't all that wide-spread. One of these languages would be German, because of their neighbour Germany and French, because it is the third most spoken language in the country. Though Laura only had some language classes from junior high back in the Netherlands she still remembers some of her lessons.

    Fears and Phobias
    - Falling through her act, being found out.
    - To be publicly humiliated.
    - A repeat of what happened five years ago.

    - Solving and creating, riddles, codes and puzzles.
    - Dancing; Jazz ballet.
    - Cartography.
    - Making sure everyone knows that she is smart.

    - Skilled cryptologist.
    - Excellent cartographer with a good sense of direction.
    - Deceiving people with her charms.
    - Lean and flexible due to years of ballet.

    Class Specialty
    History Conservation
    Extra language: French​
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  11. [​IMG]
    || Full name ||
    Vladimir Petkov

    || Nicknames ||
    Vlad ( with classmates, acquaintances and friends),
    Dimi ( with family )

    Age: 17 years old
    Date of Birth: 27th November
    [ Sagittarius ]

    Gender: male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    || Nationality ||

    || Hometown ||
    Brno, Czech Republic

    || Occupation ||
    1. student in high school
    2. part-time employee at "Sinbad's", a duner fast food place, on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

    || Themesong ||
    "Hounds"by Yoko Kanno

    • Parents: Václav Petkov (Vatzlav) and Darina Petkovova
      Siblings: Milosh Petkov ( younger brother )
      Relatives: Zora Shanovova ( aunt ), Jacob Shanov ( younger cousin )
      Romantic Relationships: None at the moment, but has dated two girls thus far, the first being Elen Huntington, with whom he was for about a month, and the second being Anna Jezek, whom he stayed with for three months.
      Partner(s): He neither has a romantic partner, nor a "partner in crime".
      Friends: Liam Caro ( 17-year old male student; studies in Brno ),
      Burhan Sheehy ( 18-year-old male student; studies in Brno ),
      Roman Valenta ( 18-year-old male student; studies in Brno ),
      Jan Florian ( 18-year-old male student, studies in Woodstine high-school )
      Argi Allaway ( 16-year-old male student; works part-time at "Sindbad's", the owner of which is his father; studies at Woodstine high-school ),
      "Karasu" ( presumably 17 years old; Internet gamer friend ),
      "Yukinatsu" ( presumably 16-year-old; Internet gamer friend )
      Acquaintances: Angela Caro ( 17-year-old female student, studies in Brno ),
      Daniel Blackwood ( 22-year old; has a pawn shop in Hamel ),
      Stanley Allaway ( 42-year-old man; owner of "Sinbad's"; father of Argi ),
      Aisha Allaway ( 38-year-old mother of Argi ),
      Lamia Allaway ( 7-year-old sister of Argi ),
      Mathew Allaway ( 10-year-old brother of Argi )
      and many others.
      Allies: Gino Savio Raul Pellegrino ( 29-year-old man; lawyer ) and some others
      Enemies: As far as he knows, none.​

      • [tab=Physical]
    If you were to look at Vladimir's wardrobe, you wouldn't find it to be a far cry from that of an average youngster's. Preferring to keep to the urban style of comfort over appearance, there are more T-shirts and hoodies in there than formal coats and pantaloons. With the essence of casual persisting from top to bottom, you will rarely see anything of proper etiquette on this young man. However, the existence of patterns in colour and shape in his outwear can not go unnoticed.

    Most of Vlad's shirts have some sort of graphic on them, be it graffiti words or a picture, and will almost always be blue, dark purple, brown, dark green, red, black or white. Orange can rarely be spotted on his person, but the ones that are never present are pink, brighter shades of green, yellow and light violet. The precise style of the shirts is never baggy or tight. Rather, they are loose, allowing the body to breathe, but also having a near appearance.
    If the weather requires it, he has several jackets, either black or dark blue, one long black coat and a couple of hoodies that are either white or brown, with some of them also having graphics on them.
    For bottoms he prefers black or dark blue jeans that are never ripped, baggy, tight or shallow.
    As for his footwear, running shoes or combat boots always do the trick.

    Vladimir has no piercings and usually wears no accessories. He does have three ties, which he might combine with a white shirt if the occasion must be formal.

  12. Voice: A specific calm bass voice, which as if is coming from the depths of the earth and has the power to take down a mountain. It is the primary reason why some people may come to see Vlad as a cruel, fearsome or dangerous person. And no wonder. An unprepared person, who meets him for the first time, might shiver or, at the very least, add a few years to his actual age. [ Key examples here and here. ]
    Nervous Tics: None, but a sign that you have started to get on his nerves is his voice slowly becoming more and more like a growl.​

  • Laid-back. Collected. Confident. Those are some of the frequent tags one would place upon seeing the figure of Vladimir Petkov strolling through the halls or resting by a wall with a calm and seemingly sharp gaze. Albeit with a negative connotation, the two other labels associated with him, namely "city dog" and "alley cat", describe his daily self accurately. Unhurried, always with a steady unrestrained gait, this young man cares very little about the latest gossip or trends stalking in every nook and cranny of society and goes about his day in his own pace, free of thoughts on how others view him and his actions.

    However, it should not be assumed that he alienates himself from the world in any form, as if he were a misanthrope who prefers the secluded life of a loner. Whilst he may not be the heart of the party or the crack in every nut joke, Vlad does, in fact, pay attention to the changing tides of his surroundings, just like any other critter of the streets that wishes for a trouble-free existence. Where has the latest poison been placed? Has that lane been cleaned recently? Are there predators in the region? Although this is humanity's circle we are talking about, those questions can still be applied. In order to maintain his personal peace, the boy does lend an ear to the murmurings of the nameless masks and strives to be relatively well-informed on the happenings of the present and near past, yet he never allows himself to be immersed in the movement of another's fashion, be it when it comes to clothes, supplements, practices or others, nor to cause any mishaps that could trigger a series of mindless bothersome events. Carrying himself in a bold, yet unprovocative manner, the student sticks to the diplomatic rule of "Don't invade and don't be invaded". If it is your desire to "go black", so be it. If you wish to be righteous and be an honest law-abiding citizen, feel free to go ahead. Preferring to mind his own business, Vladimir shall not get in your way, nor will he tell on you. Every person has only one chance at this life, thus they have every right to do as they please with it. Such is his opinion. However, attempt to drag him with you when he has already declined and you shall feel his wrath, which, in the worst case scenario, will make sure to realize some of your most gruesome nightmares. But worry not, for it truly takes a lot to get this Czech angry enough to unleash his creative revenge. In the majority of cases you will get away with a trip to the hospital with an aching body and perhaps a broken bone or two.

    The same might happen if you refuse to calmly answer his inquiry regarding the reasons behind your decision to harm another living being. Despite knowing the circumstances which stem from The Game and the mechanism of society itself, Vladimir will step in when he decides things have gone too far and by that he understands: simply unreasonable motives for inflicting pain; life-threatening situations; ones that might leave the victim crippled for life; or torture that goes far beyond "a display of status". Having been a witness to the sometimes disturbing ups and downs of life, Vlad understands that humans can not stand as absolute equals, not in this time, at least. It is neither morally right, nor economically profitable to have every single person be on the same level as another. Albeit some believe that to be the ultimate paradise, this youngster dubs it anarchy, a state that would inevitably lead to destruction, due to the fundamental basis of human nature. There is a need for oppression and dominance, for power and status. They weed out those incapable to lead, placing them in a position they belong and in which they will likely feel happier, but also provide an initiative, a spark for the lingering talent to wake up and fight for its right, which in turn will develop and lead evolution onwards. Good can not prevail without Evil, because if Evil did not exists, Good would have no one to defeat.

    This method of thinking allowed Vladimir to easily take in and comprehend The Game, which he sees as yet another mechanism for structure and order, no different than the unwritten social pyramid in other schools, work places and so on. In most instances, he has not gone against the decisions of those higher than him and has not disobeyed The King in the one year he has spent at the academy. However, whenever he sees immense mindless torture from his peers upon someone or something, their reasoning being "just for the fun of it", he will go out of his way to stop the madness power can cause. Hierarchy is one thing and corruption is another. Because of this tendency to apply his judgement on others, the boy tends to take the role of "the Delinquent", seeing as it gives him the privilege to cause trouble for anyone and get away with it.

    It should be noted that, albeit all that has thus far been said, Vlad is not an outlaw, nor a "secret hero". He is merely your city stray that does whatever it pleases, but also having a strong voice of reason in its mind. Speaking of mind, while he may not be a straight-A student, this young man is rather knowledgeable in certain topics. Naturally, they are only the ones that interest him and, fortunately, some fit into the school curriculum. With the intention of becoming a cardiologist one day, Vladimir has excellent scores in Biology and Chemistry, despite slightly disliking the latter. He is also well-versed in Psychology out of personal curiosity, with an average performance in Geography and Literature, logical when it comes to Math and an absolute failure in physics. He would have failed in History as well were it not for those online games with a heavy historical theme. Overall, he doesn't care much about the subjects that aren't required for entering the medical department of an average university he can afford.

    As for more general day-to-day interactions with fellow classmates, Vlad is, you could say, neutral on the matter. Every since he arrived at the academy a year ago he has made sure not to make a bad or a good impression on others, staying in the grey zone as much as possible, and has acquired many acquaintances, with which he has a stable, but not absolute line of trust. After finding a part-time job in Hamel shortly after his enrollment, the boy has become friends with a couple of students from the town's local high-school. He finds them to be far better company than the students from Reguis and can loosen up and crack a smile much easier when he is around them. Still, he is not keen on keeping an absolute distance from the academy members, as if they had the plague, and will be helpful and social if deemed necessary.

    • || Languages ||
      English and Czech

      || Hobbies ||
      Doing research, be it on the Internet, outside or in the library on totally random, even silly topics.
      Taking a stroll.

      || Skills ||
      Basic street combat
      Concentrating his senses on exactly one thing and not allowing anything external to become a distraction, unless he himself wills it. This can be potentially harmful, since he might not notice smoke coming out of the oven or a ringing phone when he has his attention solely on a book.
      Oneitomancy - the interpretation of dreams with a "divination" for the near future or the past.

      || Strengths ||

      Sense of justice
      Incredibly strong willpower
      Loyalty (so long as you have truly earned it )
      Compassion (although he doesn't openly express it)
      Deductive skills
      Lack of fear and hesitation in a fight
      Honest in most situations

      || Weaknesses ||

      Sometimes painfully blunt
      Unable to stay silent in the face of corruption
      Colour distinguishing
      Singing ( once he starts, he can barely stop himself from becoming too loud )
      Dancing ( no, just don't ask )
      Being in rhythm

    • || Fears and Phobias ||
      Vladimir has no phobias, yet there are several fears at the back of his mind that occasionally bother him. Such are the fear of having his hearing and sight damaged; completely failing at being a "gear in the world clock", as he likes to put it, which means failing to become anything and simply wasting the nutrients and time of the planet in a useless state of existence; and the fear and of choking to death.

      || Medical Condition ||
      Generally speaking, Vlad is not too susseptible to viruses and bacteria. Due to not being raised in a completely sterile environment and his father insisting that "a little dirt on the kid won't kill him" in his younger years, his immune system is rather strong. However, if he drinks cold drinks too much or too often in winter, it is likely he will catch a cold.

      Vladimir has a defect on chromosome number 7, a specific type of mutation that assigns him the diagnose tritanopia. This is a type of colour vision deficiency, mistakenly called colour blindness, affects the short-wavelength cone (the S-cone) of the eyes, thus rendering him incapable of distinguishing blue from green and yellow from violet. It is often labeled as "blue-yellow" or "blue-green" colour blindness. Neither of his parents have this defect and so far the boy has had very little problem in living a normal life, although there is the worry when it comes to passing the driving test. Since it would stimulate prejudice, Vlad does not mention this to anyone and avoids colour-related questions easily. When it comes to speaking openly about his tritanopia, he does see it as a minor nuisance, but doesn't mind giving a brief explanation, after which he will continue his day, business as usual. Image comparison

  • Miscellaneous

    • [tab=Likes]

    • Weather: "indecisive"; hailstorms.

      Qualities: Abusive; Manipulative; Corrupt; Absolutely ignorant; Untruthful love; Narcissistic;
      Concrete pessimism; Cruel without reasoning; Critical without consideration; Persistent nagging;
      Disrespectful to those one owes; Unthankful; Forceful when it comes to will (beliefs, rules, opinions, etc.).

      Flavors: Sour; bitter.

      Other (non-materialistic): Anarchy; Surrealism; Addictions; the Political reality; Every concept that implies that life is the same as a mechanical machine.

      Other (materialistic): most fruits; man-made pools

    • "If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world."
      - Nikola Tesla -

      "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
      - Mark Twain -

      "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self."
      - Ernest Hemingway -

      "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."
      - Marcus Aurelius -

      "Never give a sword to a man who can't dance."
      - Confucius -

      "Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress. When I get tired of one, I spend the night with the other."
      - Anton Chekhov -

      "Every kick from behind is a step forward."
      - Stavrev -
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  • Since this is a boarding school, does that mean that the students will be sharing rooms? If so, will it also be decided by a roll of the dice?
  • I'm allowing two people each room and completely putting the decision in everyones hands for which partner they would like to share a dorm with ^^ Of course after asking and being given the get go.
  • May I ask when the CS need to be in by?
  • I'm giving a two week window. So this week and the next ^^ I'll give a one week notice to a three day warning for any stragglers ;P
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  • Also, any tips on where to find pictures? I have the hardest time finding anime pictures and it drives me nuts. >:I
  • Definitely That's where I get practically all my images from ^^ (I reserve the more realistic stuff to deviant art ;P)
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  • Say, @Clear, I was under the impression that all of the students would be from the same class. If this is so, then shouldn't they all be the same age? If this is untrue, then could we possibly have our characters belong to a specialized class where they teach more of or exclusively specific subjects? [Ex.: Class L.S.(Life Sciences) teaches more and in depth biology, chemistry and physics, with less mathematics, second language, literature and P.E.]

    Also, could you possibly re-design the first post so that it has a proper presentation, a title and information regarding the school/academy, location, classes and list of characters. If you are having problems with the organization, I am willing to help in any way =3
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  • I've decided that limiting it to one class would complicate things since if we do receive an influx of Floaters or Bad Boys it wouldn't really make much sense if 40+ people are all in the same class ^^;

    Yes I would really appreciate the help! I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with this RP along with the ones I've already currently joined so having someone organize the information would be very helpful. Would you like me to PM you the info?
  • PM away, but make sure to describe to me what kind of organization you wish. =3

    By the way, why not go ahead and shuffle? We're all here, are we not?
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