Caste Game - Who will be the next 'King'? (Need more members)

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King or Joker?

  1. King me, peasant

  2. Joker (because I'm a secret masochist)

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  1. First off I just want to say thanks for checking this thread out ^^

    As the title implies this RP will be based on a Caste System which general means a sort of monarchy. This is based off the MATURE Yaoi manga, Caste Heaven. There is absolutely no need to read the manga beforehand since the only thing I'm incorporating from the story is the game and the modern Japanese High School setting.

    Here are the rules and the Class Caste:


    Now for how the classes will be distributed. If you are familiar with Iwaku's Dice System then great; if you are not, just ask and I will explain. Basically there are 12 roles that need to be filled which means I'm looking for a bare minimum of 12 RPers. I will be rolling the dice for each player with a total of 90 sides and will tag each player so that they may see the post and asses their new rank. The highest number obtained will be the King. The lowest number will be the Joker/Target.

    I'm allowing each RPer a maximum of 2 characters but only one can participate in the game. The other either has to be a Bad boy or a Floater which are both out of the caste rank and CAN NEVER PARTICIPATE.

    If this does get more than 12 RPers interested then the amount of Bad Boy's and Floaters will become unlimited and the joining members are free to create some (only 2 though).

    Here is the ranking from highest number obtained to the lowest:


    This will be a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE RP which means the first people to request a spot will be able to participate in the game. I just want to make it clear that if you do request a spot then please make sure you will be active. I will be doing a once a week check up on characters who are inactive and will send a 24 hour notice before your spot will be opened. However if it is not taken by the time you respond again then you may certainly have it back.

    If you are not interested in one of the 12 caste game slots then you are welcome to create a Bad Boy or Floater.

    This RP will start when all the 12 slots are filled.

    slot #1: @N/A
    slot #2: @DANAsaur
    slot #3: @Kaz
    slot #4: @Gladis
    slot #5: @Headphones
    slot #6: @un coin de soleil
    slot #7: @Wicked
    slot #8: @Rin Mico
    slot #9: @Cwolf0615
    slot #10: @WishfulNemo
    slot #11: @Mistress Dizzy
    slot #12: @Tart

    Bad Boys:
    @Zadok shadows

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  2. Q & A:

    Q: When will a new game start?
    A: A new game (and a new chance to change your Caste Class) will take place every WEEK IN REAL TIME.

    Q: My characters a girl/boy and I got the rank of King/Queen.
    A: GENDER does not matter. Whatever rank your character receives that is what they're stuck with.

  3. Ahh, I read this manga a while back~ I Immediately knew what this RP would be, from the name. I really like the idea, too. Could I go ahead and reserve slot 3 for when you're ready for sign ups?
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  4. Absolutely ^^
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  5. I believe I've read some of the manga, not the entire thing but it was a nice plot. If I make a "bad boy" does it necessarily have to be a boy?
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  6. Good question ^^ 'Bad Boy' is just a rank name as well as the others. Basically each role is not held down by gender so feel free to make a girl.
  7. Ah alrighty, then I'd like to reserve a spot as a bad boy x]
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  8. Will do ^^
  9. Ah! I read that manga awhile back as well. May I have 6?
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  10. Sure! ;)
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  11. Hi! I just read the manga and I love how this works! Can I please reserve slot number 2? if not, I'll be okay with slot #5 ^_^
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  12. I'll have it reserved for you in just a sec ^^
    marry me, we can work this polygamy thing. XD

    Count me in <3

    Slot 1 please. and/or 12

    can we choose over the queen, jack, etc or is that you dice rolling?
    Normally i'll flee from dice rolling role-plays, but this is to goddamn interesting 8D
    im assuming I'm king 8O
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  14. Hoho welcome to the RP then ;p Truth be told this is my first Dice RP too (and for a good reason) but its the only system I could think up of to distribute the titles equally ^^; Just to make it easier on everyone else I've decided to just go ahead and role the dice for them so that they don't have to struggle through of finding it and learning how to use it.

    Haha we'll see~ If I role the highest number for you then you sir will be 'King' ^^

    (actually let me just make a demonstration of how its going to work right now. If its not showing u for you refresh the page after 5 min)
    UnsightlyTEAstain threw 90-faced die for: N/A Total: 52 $dice
    UnsightlyTEAstain threw 90-faced die for: DANAsaur Total: 22 $dice
    UnsightlyTEAstain threw 90-faced die for: Kaz Total: 54 $dice
    UnsightlyTEAstain threw 90-faced die for: Un coin de soleil Total: 58 $dice
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  15. The dice system is literally amazing me. I'm not even gonna lie. I knew i should've picked 4 and never edit le post XD jkjk.
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  16. oh my god. Does this mean I'll be a target? Oh, the horror! xD
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  17. Using the dice rolls, the caste is now (from King down):

    @un coin de soleil - King
    @Kaz - Queen
    @N/A - Jack
    @DANAsaur - Wannabe


    Haha unfortunately yes, you would be the new Joker if we had more members ;p
  18. Noooo!!!!!!!! my life is ruined TT_TT (Just kidding :hyper:)
  19. @DANAsaur lucky ass ¬‿¬ jkjk XD
    It would be interesting though. I cant wait for slots to be filled <3
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  20. Of course the King can always 'pardon' you (and by that I mean he can make your status a temp. 'Bad boy' or 'Floater'). The King is basically going to be OP ^^;
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