Castaways. (Stuck on an island RP)

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  1. So, you may have seen this on other sites, because it's kind of my go to RP. I don't really know why, I just find it fun to do. ^^


    After a plane flight to the Bahamas goes awry and crashes, a group of people find themselves stranded on a deserted island with no one to get help. To make matters worse, something lurks in the shadows, watching the groups every move. They have no idea that anything else is even on the island and once the group gets comfortable enough with one another, things start grow weird. Will they survive or will they be forgotten forever?


    The creature that watches them is a trickster. It can shapeshift into anything, never showing its true form. Due to the fact that he is a trickster and an evil one at that, he likes to mess with people. His mission? To get everyone to hate each other enough to go their separate ways so he can move in for his kill without being known. How he will do that is he'll shapeshift into different characters in the RP and make others think he's actually them and do mean or weird things. Thus, slowly tearing the group apart. He will only appear once everyone is sort of settled in and know one another. I will let you know when he'll be introduced. He can be played by anyone, but please make sure he isn't being played by someone else first. NO ONE knows that he's there, they just think people are being weird. Sooner or later they will know the truth.



    - No godmodding, Mary-Sues or anything like that.
    - One character per person for now.
    - These are normal old people. So no powers, eye or hair changing colors and so on.
    - Nobody is perfect, that means your characters aren't either. Everyone has some sort of flaw.
    - Please, only characters 18 and over. I don't want a bunch a little kids running around an island. XD
    - Post at LEAST a paragraph, though I'd like more.
    - Romance is encouraged. ^^
    - As said above, you can play the trickster, just wait your turn.
    - When playing trickster, the character he is morphing into most be somewhere where there won't be two of them if you get what I mean.
    - Please don't draw out your characters injuries or make them super life threatening.
    - Have fun. If you don't... Well, I failed then, didn't I? XD



    Fears: (This is for the trickster to feed off of.)


  2. Name: Anna-Marie Fahey
    Age: 18 (Turning 19 soon.)
    Gender: Female

    - Appearance-
    Anna is pretty thin with a small curve and bust line to her. She's on the shorter side, standing around 5'4. Most people tend to mistake her for much younger due to her small frame. She has a large scar the runs down the side, starting just below her bra line ending above her right hip. It was caused by a horseback ride that had gone terribly wrong. She's slightly tanned with a few freckles that lay across her face and arms. Her light blonde hair is kept medium length, falling just above her shoulders. She usually keeps her bangs out of her eyes with a small butterfly barrette. She has large, blue eyes that are lined with the tiniest amount of eyeliner.

    Anna rather sweet and innocent. She's extremely selfless, almost too selfless. She doesn't think twice about risking her own life to save another. Though she can be shy when she first meets someone, once she gets to know you, she'll do anything for you. Her caring can be a downside though, she typically finds herself being walked on and used, but she tries her hardest to ignore it and see the good in it. One of Anna's downsides is, she can be rather emotional, and when she falls, she falls hard. Sometimes Anna finds herself in some rather crappy situation because she has a habit of doing things without thinking them through well.

    Her ability to help others and work with others. She's also pretty decent at planning things too.
    Weaknesses: Her selflessness.

    Anna has a terrible fear of insects, drowning and fire. ​
  3. Name: Lya Lyndel
    Age: 15
    Gender: F
    Appearance: Raven-Black Hair, Magenta eyecolor (oddly natural...haha xD), Wears t-shirt and jeans
    Personality: Shy, quiet, negative and sarcastic, asocial. If she does make friends, however, she is close to them and very loyal
    Strengths: Thinker/Problem Solver
    Weaknesses: Mistrust of People
    Fears: Being Accepted/Peer Pressure/Scared of what other people think of her
    Other: ...not that I know of

    I decided on my female character this time. :P

  4. I only really have two characters that I play. Anna and Blair. I've been playing these two for over two years and can't seem to make myself come up with a new one. D:
  5. Well, I have Lya Lyndel, my original. Then I spawned three others that I use on a bit of a rare occasion: Yal, Aly, and Ayl. Yal is a small energetic, and upbeat boy character, Ayl is a wolf or fox when I do an animal RP, and Aly is more of a 'slice of life' character.

    Then I made Travis Walker and Wane Moonscar as my male characters.

    Originally they were their own thing then I turned Travis into Sivart Recklaw, and sometimes instead of Wane being his own person, Sivart and Wane are two personalities in the same body. LOL, its a bit strange but I've always wanted to roleplay a bi-personality person. So in a way its one description but two personalitiies xD

    Yeah, I'll get to writing in the roleplay maybe, but I hope rpnation gets up soon.
  6. Name:
    Louis Tacet, nicknamed Mute Musician.
    He has a slim figure. Having hardly any muscle and fat, he is as weak as he looks. He's at a normal size, at around 5'8 and aside from the fact that he is ussually seen clean and walks with a great posture, he has not manly special bodily traits. He has light blue eyes, like the sky, and blond hair, almost golden, which he ties up to make a small pony tail which runs just untill his shoulders. On top of his hair, he is often seen wearing a hat of the sort. Often a top hat to match his suit, but sometimes also just a more regular one. When he is working, he will wear a black suit (which will not be the case in the rp) and outside of that, he likes to wear a blouse and blue jeans, which he keeps clean. He also has a golden pocketwatch with him, that he likes to carry around and has a mp4 player with him with earplugs which he likes to put in. There's also a remarkable scar at his neck.
    His most remarkable trait is that he is quiet and distant. He is often seen to avoid interaction when possible. He is very shy as nature. However, when he needs to he will interact most definitly. He is not a big fan of talking and always puts actions above words. Even though he is weak and he is not very skillfull, he stil is very precise and a hard worker. He is also a dreamer. He is catious of other people. Very self-reverted (and somewhat arrogant sometimes because of it).
    Precise, eye for detail, catious, hard worker, smart.
    Mute, anti-social, catious, weak, self-reverted.
    People (somewhat), wild animals.

  7. Name: Jared Mcluthern

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Jared is very to himself, he fights for himself, works for himself, is actually pretty selfish when it comes down too it, but he hates too be alone, he may push people away, but he always pulls them right back.

    Strengths: He is string, can climb, swim, fight, run

    Weaknesses: Selfish, has a temper

    Fears: Being alone, the dark

    Other:Jared has a daughter
  8. Name:
    Madaline 'Madi' Jayme




    Madi is a spunky, fun-loving, adventurous girl. She loves to tell jokes and is pretty physically active, so long as it involves nature, such as climbing trees, playing in meadows, etc. When angered or upset, she tends to shut everyone out and go off to be alone with her emotions.

    Evasion, climbing, quick-thinking

    Running (due to low stamina), swimming, being quiet

    Being alone, total darkness, sudden noises or movements

    ​Madi has a boyfriend back home.
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