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ooc: So my writing is absolute trash, but I will edit the shit out of this as soon as I have time. Don't pay attention to the formatting either because fuck that shit.

Name: Elise Lexington
Alias: Sunshine
Age: 23
Gender: Female (Trans)

As Elise Lexington:

[ Sensual & Graceful ] Elise's most powerful weapon is her sex appeal. Every bit of her exudes femininity. There is no man that cannot be ensnared in her web, no woman that can compete with her. People are drawn to Elise like moths are to a flame, captivated by her stunningly good looks and charisma. She is one of the most desired women in New America—the 'Helen' of Waldendorf, so to speak. There is, however, an element of subtlety to the way Elise expresses herself sexually—a certain flair and elegance to her romantic pursuits that can be more accurately described as 'sensual' rather than 'provocative'.

[ Malicious & Conniving ] America's Sweetheart, that's what they call her. But behind that perfectly constructed mask a predator lies in wait, ready to pounce upon those foolish enough to fall for its traps. The true Elise is very much unlike the caring and elegant version of herself that everybody knows her to be. In reality, she is truly a manipulative woman, concerned only about using other people to fulfil her own wicked agendas, though most of the time she is just doing it for her own entertainment. Having no semblance of a conscience whatsoever, she would go so far as to, say, use her charisma to persuade someone to commit suicide. Elise is also quite the actress, able to accurately fake kindness or sympathy, just so she can get close to other people and take advantage of them.

Indeed, the woman is clever beyond measure, always walking two steps ahead of everyone else—so close, yet so unreachable. The woman also has a talent for getting out of tight corners unscathed. Ever so resourceful, Elise is able to turn the odds into her favour without too much effort.

[ Simple & Traditional ] Quite an odd thing it is, for someone living in the 22nd century to still be reading books made out of paper, instead of the electronic version that is mainstream in this day and age. Elise has always had a fascination for things and equipment of the twentieth century. Most of her clothing are also obsolete even though she is a public figure living in the trendiest part in town. She likes all things organic and natural and absolutely despises technology. Though the girl is typically quick on the uptake, Elise is very much biased against gadgets and other complicated equipment. The most she can deal with are ordinary household appliances; anything more than a simple rice cooker and she gets frustrated.

[ Fearless, Diligent & Spontaneous ] To Elise, life is but a game of Russian Roulette. Either you gamble everything you've got or you don't play at all; simple as that. But in spite of her recklessness, she is almost always certain she will win. The woman plans everything down to the very last detail in order to achieve a desired end, and will even devise a few more back up plans in her head as a precaution. She is very meticulous this way; but even in times of crises, she would simply assess the problem in a level-headed manner and somehow manage to wiggle her way out of it.

While Elise can be quite meticulous, she also lives for the thrill of the unknown. She does not fear death, and in such a way one could compare her to a lunatic; the girl frequently thrusts herself into impossible situations just to keep herself entertained. She likes challenges, and most of all she likes winning. Being able to escape a life-threatening situation gives her a sense of immortality that is almost like a drug to her.

As Emile Lachlan Winthrop:

[ Humble & Compassionate ] There is only one thing Emile is concerned about, and that is doing right by other people. He is the type of person who genuinely wants to help others out, not because he feels obligated to do so or that such gives him a sense of importance, but simply because he wants to give other people some semblance of hope and purpose, both of which were deprived from him when he was younger. In every way, Emile is an honourable man, though such might not come across so easily as he can be rather shy. He is often initially reluctant to lend a helping hand or to simply approach strangers, afraid they might reject him as his family once did. He is also quite a difficult man to pry open, being more inclined to keep his emotions to himself rather than share them, adamant not to burden anyone else with his own problems. However, once he is able to get past his insecurities, his good qualities ultimately shine through and people find him to be a very charming and irresistible young lad.

[ Traditional & Eccentric ] One might raise an eyebrow at Emile, who likes to smoke cigars and listen to classical music in this day and age. Truly, a lot of people find the man rather eccentric—or, perhaps, is unconventional the right word?—to the point that he is often spoken about in between snickers. The man does not even own a single gadget; such contrivances merely baffles him. He prefers to do things the manual way, even if it might be tedious and inconvenient at certain times.

Emile is also a book collector. He owns a vast library showcasing all his collections. However, the type of books he collects are not of the electronic sort, but the real ones—the kind that turns brown and crispy over the course of the years, that can get burned, ripped, or spilled over. There is just something about the smell of old books that gives him comfort.

[ Disciplined & Punctilious ] Courtesy is very important to Emile, to the point that one might consider him as something of a social martyr. Even when other people mock him for his oddities, the man struggles to keep a straight face, refusing to make so much as a rebuttal. He believes that everyone should be treated equally and with respect, even if they might not treat you in the same way. Emile also has a high level of tolerance and self-control. Rarely is he ever seen in a fit of rage, and even when he is mad it never lasts for long. The man is disciplined, not only when it comes to his emotions, but also in his tasks. It is no surprise that he can be such a workaholic on top of all these; even when he is resting, the gears in his brain still seem to be turning, to the point that he would talk to himself even in his sleep.

At the tender age of eight, Emile watched his whole world crumble down before him.

Oddly enough, he cannot remember much of anything that happened before that day. He does not know much of his childhood, at least not much of what went on before his eighth year. However, the incident that forever changed his life remains vivid in his head. He remembers the low glow of the cackling fireplace, the eerily soundless night, his mother silently weeping in terror as she hugged him and his twin sister, Elise. He remembers feeling frightened and confused, for he could not understand then why his mother felt so miserable. All her wailing and clutching unsettled him. Then all of a sudden, he understood.

A loud crash disturbed whatever semblance of peace there had been. Flocks of men in uniforms barged through the door and scurried into the Winthrop mansion, rifles aimed at Emile's mother. There was a lot of commotion and a lot of screaming, but in time the uniforms managed to pull apart the mother from her children. Emile and Elise held each other's hands, watching wide-eyed as their mother was handcuffed and taken away. How long they remained there after their mother was taken, Emile can no longer remember. What he remembers next is the vague but kind face of a lady. 'Hello,' She knelt before them and smiled reassuringly, though there was a trace of sadness lingering in her eyes. 'It's going to be okay,' she said, 'We'll take you to a nice place with a lot of children your age.'

A few days later, Emile and Elise were taken to the Kessler Foster Home. But it was far from the paradise the kind lady had led them to believe it was. Weeks after they settled into their new home, Elise was molested and violently abused by one of the older kids; Ginley was his name. There was no way, however, to prove this, and Elise did not want to report the incident at all, for fear that Ginley would do even worse to her. Emile found out anyway, but it was too late. By the time he put two and two together Elise was already over the edge with fear, having been driven to the point of insanity due to Ginley's ill-treatment. She was then taken to the Forrester Mental Institute to be treated, but with no money to pay the fees, Emile had no choice but to have her discharged. It was then that he had to make a difficult decision.

No longer wanting to see his sister suffer, Emile smothered his sister one night while a pillow fight between the other children ensued in the adjacent room. When her body was found the next day, the elders covered up the crime, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to the foster house as such could jeopardise their reputation. Everything went back to normal at the house following the incident. Elise's death was nothing more than a blip in the universe. A fire that burned and then fizzled out into nothingness. People were unsettled to find out about her death at first, but it did not take them long to recover. Meanwhile, Emile went into shock, and since then he has been unlike himself.

Emile could not talk, nor sleep, nor eat, knowing he had killed his sister with his own bare hands. Oddly enough, he did not regret it; he knew that he had to do to put an end to Elise's suffering. But something about the murder itself triggered something within him. Something dark, something violent. He found that a monster resided within him, just waiting to gobble him up from the inside out. For weeks since the incident, he was nothing but an empty shell, roaming about the hallways and rooms of the institution like a lost ghost. Then, there was a sudden, unprecedented change in his attitude. The boy started bullying the other kids, thrusting himself into violent situations whenever he could. He pulled all sorts of tricks, and with each passing day it only seemed to get worse and worse. Finally, the worst thing that could ever happen, happened.

Ginley was found dead, beaten and strangled to death in the closet. Whether or not the elders reported the incident to the authorities, Emile did not wait around to find out. For the same day Ginley's body was discovered, he disappeared.

Over the course of a few years Emile wandered about the streets, begging for alms or doing odd jobs for some very dangerous people. It was around this point that he discovered he had multiple personality disorder, and that Elise, his other personality which he had named after his sister, had in fact killed Ginley and ran away from the foster house. Eventually he managed to come to terms with this fact and moved on with his life, for Elise had not bothered him since the murder of Ginley.

In time he grew up to be quite a dashing young lad with his youngish feminine looks, and though he was in tatters and covered in grime, he was discovered and offered a job as a male prostitute. Emile was lured in by the promise of easy money, and within time he was able to become 'Sunshine,' the name of one of the most desired male prostitute in town. Emile called upon Elise then, for his customers were both men and women, and he was having some trouble loosening up to his male customers. It worked, and for a while Emile could shift personalities at will, but then taking control over Elise grew more and more difficult as time passed.

Elise started dominating Emile's life, to the point that Emile's real personality would not surface for weeks at a time. Elise took in more male customers and even led one prominent business man on, only to con him out of all his riches. Using this money and all that she had gathered thus far, Elise went into surgery. She had her sex and voice completely changed until it looked genuine. Then, using some contacts from the underground, she changed her name, rewrote her history, and faked a college degree. She started working in one of the Vampires' many businesses, silently watching their movements in the background.

Eventually Elise managed to work her way up the social ladder and befriend the Sinclairs, or the Vampires, as some frequently called them. By this time she herself owned some very successful enterprises, and many were impressed by this feat. The girl had come from the foster house after all and had spent her entire life depending on herself alone. It did not take long until a marriage between her and Beau, the heir of the Sinclairs, was arranged, and this was solely due to Elise's powers of manipulation.

[ Appearance ] Elise is every man's desire, and every woman's point of envy. With her luscious black locks and flawless white skin, she can almost be likened to a porcelain doll. She has kind, grey eyes, arched brows, a slender nose, and plump lips. She is neither thin or paunchy but just the right size, with the height 5'8". It is easy to identify her among a sea of people for she has a rather unique sense of style. She is fond of clothing from the twentieth century and is almost always seen wearing a hat—a salute to her English origins. The girl also has a sweet, distinct scent of perfume about her that often lingers on the things and people she comes in contact with.

[ Multiple Personality Disorder ] "Dissociative identity disorder is a severe form of dissociation, a mental process which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. Dissociative identity disorder is thought to stem from trauma experienced by the person with the disorder. The dissociative aspect is thought to be a coping mechanism -- the person literally dissociates himself from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with his conscious self." [x]

When Emile killed his sister, something inside him changed. A new version of himself came to life: Elise Lexington. She was ten times stronger than Emile; throw any emotional hurdle her way and she will simply brush it off like its nothing, being practically the opposite of Emile in the sense that she can be quite insensitive. Elise's qualities has helped Emile through some tough times, but even so Emile does not welcome her presence. Over the course of the years this other personality has overcome Emile and has done a lot to undermine the boy's sanity.

[ Perfume ] Elise has a strange liking for perfumes. Her entire room is stacked with an assortment of brands, but she only ever uses one of these. Elise prefers to stick to one particular brand because its distinct scent is something she wants other people to remember her by. Every day, she sprays just the right amount of perfume on her clothes—just enough so that the scent isn't too overwhelming but still sticks to whatever Elise comes in contact with. The girl likes to leave an imprint of herself on all sorts of things as doing so gives her a sense of security and importance.

[ Rain ] Elise does not particularly have a phobia of the rain, but there is something about it that causes her to become unreasonably downcast and sluggish. The simple sound or sight of the rain brings back to the surface of her consciousness some very haunting fragments of her past that she would very much rather forget.


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//I'll finish it by tonight hopefully u__u Nope. ajshaldj;adl;a;ds Since when have I gotten lazy on character skellies ;A;

Theme : Fairly Local - twenty one pilots

Daedalus Edward Sinclair
♱: 25 years old ▪ ♱: September 01, 2109 ▪ ♱: Male
"My parents gave me such a mouthful of a name; please, feel free to call me by my initials, Des."

Name : Daedalus Edward Sinclair
Age : 25
Gender : Male
FC : Either Nick Gillis or Jaco van den Hoven

Des may look like a Sinclair with his grey-blue eyes (depends on face claim) but believe it or not, he's far from what the typical Sinclair is like. For one, Des is a very kind, gentle and sweet person. He couldn't harm a fly let alone a human. Servants in the Sinclair household do not go unappreciated as Des makes it a point to show his gratitude to them at evvery opportunity he has. Christmas and Birthdays were the perfect excuse for him to give the servants gifts. They refuse, but Des doesn't take no for an answer. He's pretty stubborn that way. His father has always critcized him for being such a softie. He often tells Des that should be more ruthless like he is. But Des refuses to listen. He just doesn't see things in the same light as the rest of his family does. Des doesn't understand why there is a need to instill fear into others, the need to take advantage of others. He's always questioned his family as to why they do what they do. His father's simple answer is always one phrase "They would've done the same." Des disagrees with his father greatly but has never verbally voiced it out for he knew that his father wouldn't be happy about it. Regardless of expectations, Des continues on being the gentle soul that he is. Just because he is a Sinclair, doesn't mean he had to be as ruthless and selfish as one.

Although he may not be a typical Sinclair for the most part, Des still has some Sinclair qualities in him. For one, he is as suave as any other Sinclair before him. It was only natural for him to end up as such, seeing as his family and himself had such an elegant and posh lifestyle. Confidence seemingly oozed out of him. In reality however, Des isn't as confident as he appears to be. WIP





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