Casscade Apartment [Singups and OCC]

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  1. [​IMG]

    Casscade Apartments
    Located in the small town of Riverton of the Casscade River. The building contains 15 apartments, with many features that everyone would like. From the nearby businesses and restaurants to the gym in the apartment. This place could have everything you could need, and more.

    Apartments available:
    There are 5 2 bedroom 2 bath
    There are 5 4 2 bedroom 1 bath
    There are 5 4 1 bedroom 1 bath

    Any one is welcome and any amount of characters available

    Character Sheet:
    Pic/appearance(any welcome):

    Please fill one out per character.​
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  2. May I reserve a spot?
  3. you may. I was actually thinking of putting pictures of the apartments xD
  4. Ooo. I can help look for them if ya want.
  5. Sure :) It has to really Unique looking because of how the apartment looks :)
  6. I am curious. What kind of plot/story is going to happen? Or is it just neighbors interacting with each other?
  7. I'm going to reserve this post here. I'll edit it later with my characters. (:
  8. ηαмє: נαηєт cαятєя
    αgє: 19

    Hαïя ςοιουя: βυяgυηδγ
    ξγε ςοℓουя: яεδ
    Hεïgнт: 5'0"
    ωεïgнт: 125 ℓвѕ
    вяιєƒ ∂єѕcяιρтιση: ѕнє ιѕ qυιтє gιяℓу... ρяєƒєяяιηg тσ ωєαя נυмρєяѕ σя σνєяѕιzє∂ ѕнιятѕ тнαт ωσυℓ∂ яєαcн нєя кηєєѕ.. ραιяє∂ ωιтн ѕнσят ѕнσятѕ υη∂єяηєαтн αη∂ ƒℓαт ρυмρѕ. нєя нαιя ιѕ ѕтуℓє∂ αccσя∂ιηg тσ нєя мσσ∂ αη∂ ѕнє αвѕтαιηѕ ƒяσм ωєαяιηg мαкє υρ υηℓєѕѕ ηєcєѕѕαяу. нєя ριχιє ℓιкє ƒєαтυяєѕ мαкє нєя ℓσσк α ℓσт мσяє уσυηgєя тнαη ѕнє ιѕ.

    נσв: ѕнє ωσякѕ αт α ℓσcαℓ вσσкѕнσρ αcяσѕѕ тнє ѕтяєєт ƒяσм нєя αραятмєηт ∂υяιηg тнє ωєєкєη∂ѕ.

    єχтяα: ѕнє ιѕ α cσℓℓєgє ѕтυ∂єηт мαנσяιηg ιη נσυяηαℓιѕм. ѕнє мσνє∂ συт ƒяσм нєя нσυѕє αƒтєя ѕнє нα∂ ƒιηιѕнє∂ нιgн ѕcнσσℓ αη∂ ωαηтє∂ тσ ℓινє ηєαя тнє cσℓℓєgє ѕнє αттєη∂ѕ. ѕнє вσυgнт тнє σηє яσσм σηє вαтн αραятмєηт ƒσя ѕнє ℓινєѕ αℓσηє.​
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  9. 2 bedroom, 1 bath

    Name: Alisa Strider
    Age: 22


    In the morning, she works at the restaurant nearby the apartment, as a waitress. During the weekends, at night, she can be seen performing with her band at a local pub or club.


    She is the bassist of the rock band she formed. She lives in the 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with the vocalist of her band, Alexei. She isn't social when it comes to neighbors. She is usually dressed in dark clothing and has a natural frown on her face, making her look angry. She dropped out of college, and after that, her mother kicked her out of the house but later found an apartment to live in. She is like a mother/sister figure to Alexei.

    Name: Alexei Romanov
    Age: 20


    He works at the local bookshop across the street from the apartment. During the night on the weekends, he can be seen at the local pub or club performing with his band.


    He is the vocalist of the rock band Alisa formed. He was found by her when he was still in high school. After high school, he moved in with Alisa and found a job at the bookshop. He wanted to drop out of high school to focus on the band but Alisa didn't allow him to. The roots of his hair is black while he dyed the tips of his hair grey. He has a five piercings on his left ear and three on his right. Whenever off stage, he wears the glasses like in the picture. He is very friendly when it comes to neighbors and enjoys making friends, unlike Alisa. He sings freely whenever he wants.​
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  10. 2 Bedroom, 1 bath.
    Siblings: Clarissa and Nick Andrew.
    Nick and Clarissa have always been great friends who happen to be siblings. Clarissa was looking for a place to manage her business and Nick couldn't quite afford such a nice apartment on his own, but together they have it made!

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Nick Andrew
    Age: 22
    Nick (open)

    Job: College Student, IT department at school
    Extra: Nick has a laid back personality that easily gets along with others. His major is graphic design. He can’t help taking a few moments to assess the adds, flyers, magazine covers, posters… etc that he comes across during the day. Nick works in the IT department and ends up helping anyone and everyone with their computer problems. He would never charge his friends for simply helping out, but appreciates food as a thank you.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Clarissa Andrew
    Age: 24
    Clarissa (open)

    Job: Runs an Independent greeting card business. Waitress at a nearby restaurant.
    Extra: “Sweet Nothings” is a business Clarissa and her friends dreamed about for years. But she got the opportunity to make it happen and with Nick’s encouragement, jumped on it. The cards are created, sold, and shipped straight from their living room. She is constantly looking for new ideas and inspirations, be it sappy, silly or serious. Her passion is making people smile. She is content to have a few close friends and a million smiling acquaintances. But it’s hard for her to let anyone new past that mere acquaintance stage.
  11. [1 Bedroom,1 Bath]

    Name: Juliet Saffron (Stage/Work Name: Melody )
    Age: 18

    Pic/appearance(any welcome):
    Juliet (open)


    Melody (open)

    ((Her blue hair is just a wig .3.))

    Job: She's known as the blue-haired singer in television and also the blue-haired model in teen magazines.At the same time,she's still a student finishing up her senior year.

    Extra: Nobody in public and in school has figured out that Juliet and Melody is only one person...yet,and she wants to keep it that way.That is one of the reasons why she chose to move out of her parents' house and live in Casscade Apartment;believing that her identity as a teen model and singer won't be exposed if she lived alone in a 'normal place'.
  12. I hope I'm not to late to reserve a place. Here's my characters.

    I'm good for a one bedroom one bath or a two bedroom one bath if possible.

    Name; Renji Blade, goes by Ren
    Age; 21
    Appearance; first picture
    Job; works as a bell hop for a five star hotel across town
    Extra; Ren and his little sister Luna have lived a horrible life. There mother died in child birth when Ren was sixteen. His father blamed his little sister and soon became very violent against the new born. Ren protected her until he was able to legally adopt her, then he moved to the apartments and got his job at the hotel. Ren is a quiet kind boy who cares for everyone and will help then if he can. He is strong and looks after his sister with all he has. He works days so he can put Luna threw a good school and on weekends he stays home to watch her.

    Name; Luna Blade, brother calls her little one or little Luna
    Age; 5
    Appearance; second picture
    Job; school
    Extra; luna was hated by there father and the target of much abuse, however in all the years of livening will the man she was never hit. Her brother always jumped between her and her father. Luna was sitting on her bed when she got the news that they where leavening and never combing back, she jumped up and hugged her brother tightly before packing what little she had. Luna is a shy girl when you first meet her but quickly becomes outgoing she's afraid of most things but will give anything a try.

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  13. Is it too late to submit a character sheet for this one?
  14. There are still rooms/apartments unclaimed. So I'd venture to guess ANYONE is still welcome to join!
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  15. Great! I'll have a CS up sometime tonight.
  16. Can I reserve a spot and make a CS later?
  17. I would like a 2 Bedroom 1 bath apartment for my character.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Nick Dawson (A-K-A Nick Ryder)

    Age: 26

    Nick (open)

    Job: Morning Show D-J/Production Crew member of the local classic rock station about 3 blocks from the apartment building.

    Extra: Nick likes keeping his work life and his private/social life separate. It's okay that others know what he does, but he doesn't want to be known just for that. He's on the air with his partner at 5AM and he gets home about 1 PM. He is friendly and enjoys hanging out.
  18. reseeerrvveeee
  19. When is this starting o.o
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