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  1. Hello all! So I am really fancying certain RPs at the moment. I have some ideas and no one to do anything about them with! So here they are, in order of preference:

    Casino/bank heist RP - a group of misfits band together to come up with a plan to rob an obscene amount of money (think Ocean's 11, Reservoir Dogs etc). Each character has their own specialty - sharp shooter/pick-pocket/hacker etc.

    Ghost RP - a murdered woman still lingers in the apartment of which she used to live. When a new resident - an (ex-)cop - moves in, she is stunned to find that he can not only see her, but also begins to feel her too - though he is the only one who can do so. She enlists his help to catch her killer.

    GTA: Vice City - I would love to come up with some kind of plot around this game, based on the corruption of the city set against the illuminated signs of the beach front hotels etc.

    Storm Chasers - hurricane season is here and a group of storm chasers are out on the road chasing tornadoes.

    Vamp RP - a vamp and a slayer reluctantly team up to take on the leader of the underworld - each has their own reason for wanting to do so.

    High school
    Modern fantasy
    Modern Disney
    Modern Alice in Wonderland
    Road Trip (w/ plot)
    Haunted 1920's hotel


    Vamp diaries - I would like to play Damon from season1/2
    Buffy - I would like to play primarily Spike and Giles and a share of the others
    White Collar - I'll play either Caffrey or Burke
    Once Upon a Time - I would love to play Hook and introduce maybe an Ariel character?
    Titanic AU

    Now for the Ts & Cs.
    - This doesn't have to be onexone, I also enjoy group RPs
    - I don't mind playing either gender, though I'm probably more inclined to the males
    - I also like doubling or playing multiple characters
    - Plots are good, as is character-driven RP
    - A lil romance is always fun but only if it naturally happens - I like the will they/won't they scenarios =P I do have limits as far as that goes however
    - As for posts, I try and match my partner - though I don't like one-liners or essays
    - Most importantly, I don't manage to get on too often so please be patient
    - I like OOC chat ^^

    P.S. Anyone wanting to do one of the plot-driven RPs will receive mucho cookies!! :cookie:
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  2. I swear, you are the only person I have ever seen list Buffy as a fandom they are interested in roleplaying. I love that series!​
    Although, I am interested in the Vamp RP. ​
  3. I am interested in the ghost r.p
  4. Also interested in Ghostliness! This sounds like a plot I wanted to do ages ago but never found a taker for!
  5. Oh yay! Replies! I'mma get to the replying.

    Also, yay for a fellow Buffy fan!!
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  6. Really vying for a Once Upon a time HookxAriel RP lately...
  7. Hi, if your still looking I am interested in the Casino/bank heist RP.
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