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  1. Hullo thar! So I've been craaaaving some RPs lately but can't decide which I want to do most... so I thought I'd dump them all here. Apologies for the long postie but stick with it! Hopefully you'll find something you fancy c:

    Oh, just a note, I do like literacy - a paragraph or two is nice! Gives me something to work with.


    Casino/bank heist RP (Ocean's 11, Reservoir Dogs, Gone in 60 seconds, The Italian job etc.)

    Plot info (open)

    Frank Cassidy is well-known throughout the criminal circuit. He's pulled off some of the biggest heists and he's gotten away with it too. But not forever. The law finally caught up with him and put him away for six years. Now a free man, Cassidy is retiring from the game - but not before one last heist. Hearts Casino sits, as the name implies, in the very heart of the city. But it isn't just any casino; Hearts is owned by Carlito Verona, one of the city's wealthiest men and one who just so happens to be the partner of Cassidy's ex-wife. Coincidence?

    Now Cassidy is recruiting his old crew - plus a few new ones. Only the very best will receive an invitation from the ex-con; a blank card beside a scribbble in black ballpoint pen - '1432 Westfield Road'. The only other clue on the card is a watermark on the back. Nothing fancy, most would mistake it as being a mere logo of no importance. Those who know Cassidy, know better.

    ((I will play Cassidy, a conman and a driver. Other character ideas; distraction, tech geek/hacker, muscle, bent/ex-cop, inside man, security expert, pickpocket/thief etc. - Carlito Verona, Cassidy's ex-wife...))

    Alice in Wonderland (modern)

    Plot info (open)

    Alice finds herself in a strange land - like Wonderland from the books... only not. Queen's is a club in a particularly bad part of town (not that there are any good parts). The bouncers - Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - watch the door. It is ran by a particularly strange and unpleasant man known as the Queen. He may hold the key to Alice getting home... or he may not. It's hard to tell what is what in Wonderland. He's having a party - and everybody has to bring a gift, or you're not getting in. Alice's only friend is a man known as the Jack of Spades - or Jack Spade III to use his proper name. Spade always seems to be in a rush and doesn't make a lot of sense but he's been the most helpful. Along the way they meet some strange and even stranger characters...

    ((If anyone has ever played the point-and-click game 'Alice is Dead' I would love to base an RP off this too!))

    Hook x Ariel (Once upon a time, season2/Disney)

    Plot info (open)

    Longing to be human, Ariel makes a deal with a sea witch, sacrificing her voice. Hook finds the young woman unconscious in the water and pulls her aboard. Unfamiliar with the human world, Ariel finds it difficult to adjust - confusing a fork for a comb etc. Hook has his own problems with other pirates and those that hunt mermaids.

    ((Please note: I have not seen season 3! And avoid spoilers so this will be strictly from season 2. Also, you don't have to have watched Once upon a time at all, we can do it straight from the Disney fairytales))

    Vampire x Hunter

    Plot info (open)

    Chess is known within hunter circles; she's good at what she does. A mercenary, Chess will hunt anything demonic as long as it pays. Such is her reputation that she even takes contracts from the leader and most powerful vampire of the Underworld - Cazale. Though they have never met face-to-face of course. Cazale has a large entourage at his disposal and rarely gets his own hands dirty. He thinks himself a business man of sorts. Despite working for people such as Caz, Chess is still a human and is generally good-hearted.

    Infamous Jack Colter is a sadistic, cold-hearted vampire. He derives pleasure from the suffering of others. His reputation precedes him throughout both the hunter and the demon world. A former right-hand man of Cazale, a certain betrayal meant Jack Colter went straight to the top of Cazale's Most Wanted list - nobody wants Jack Colter dead more than Caz.

    A chance meeting between both hunter and vampire puts an interesting deal on the table - with both having something to offer the other which may lead to the eventual downfall of Cazale.

    ((Please note: I am looking for someone very specific to fill this role - literacy is a must! Also, you may change the hunter's name if you wish))

    Modern fantasy
    Modern Disney
    Road Trip (w/ plot)
    Gifted girls vs boys (w/plot)
    Storm Chasers
    1920's Haunted hotel
    Grand theft auto: vice city

    Woman/Childhood imaginary friend
    Bad boy/bad girl
    Cop/Captain's daughter
    Cop/hooker (w/plot)

    Vamp diaries - I would like to play Damon from season 1/2
    Buffy - I would like to play primarily Spike and Giles and a share of the others
    White Collar - I'll play either Caffrey or Burke
    Once Upon a Time - I would like to play Hook from season 2
    Titanic AU

    (If anybody's read a series by Maggie Shayne, I'd love to do this!)

    Memory loss
    Strangers working together
    Will they/won't they

    Now for the Ts & Cs.
    - This doesn't have to be onexone, I also enjoy group RPs
    - I don't mind playing either gender, though I'm probably more inclined to the males
    - I also like doubling or playing multiple characters
    - Plots are good, as is character-driven RP
    - A lil romance is always fun but only if it naturally happens - I like the will they/won't they scenarios =P I will also fade to black
    - As for posts, I try and match my partner - though I don't like one-liners or essays
    - Most importantly, I don't manage to get on too often so please be patient
    - I like OOC chat ^^

    P.S. Anyone wanting to do one of the plot-driven RPs will receive mucho cookies!! :cookie:
  2. I would love to RP with you! It just so happens that I'm an intern at Disney right now and have been in a major Disney AU kick as a result!
  3. Whut?! Jealous!! Since Once Upon a Time no longer broadcasts in the UK (sob!) I think I'm trying to fill the massive void with Disney RPs XD Drop me a mail, let's discuss!
  4. Hello ^.^ If you're still looking i'd absolutely love to try one of these roleplays with you!
  5. Wonderful, Green! Which one(s) are you most interested in??
  6. Alice in Wonderland (I'M ON NUMBER TWO, IT'S AN AWESOME GAME SERIES :D) And VampireXHunter, plus a few ideas i had myself
  7. OH! You play?! I didn't think anybody actually would have XD I might have to play them again, it's been a while. They're so fun! I like ideas, PM me and we'll discuss!
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