Case of Mistaken Identity.

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  1. Sitting on a park bench with a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other Samual, who goes by Sam for short was just enjoying the day that was being given to him. The sun was shining bright and proud, birds chirped their lovely and happy song. The air was that right balance of coolness so you don't burn yourself to death, but not to much where you needed a jacket to wear, but Sam wore one anyway since he got cold easy. The green grass was having a lovely dew from the rain that had fallen the previous night. It could be argued this could not get any better than the current arrangement of things around Sam.

    From head to toe the boy wore a leather top which was unisex and kept all the manly details of his body hidden, his pants were denim slim black to match the top and fancy black shoes which all of the items on his body were in fact unisex. The arms are very slender and his body thin. The long blue hair hanging from his head was smelling of strawberry shampoo and you can tell from a single glance that this boy took good care of that hair. Really the only thing giving off a boy vibe was a small chest, but its not like all women had D size boobs.
  2. It was going to be a busy day for Shiro he had three classes he had to teach today at his university. Loved to walk through the park to go to work because it was the only peace he could get. Shiro was a tall guy nicely built that woman went crazy. His voice was nice and deep it sent chills through you when he spoke.

    While walking through the park he saw a woman with a notebook he thought was pretty. "I want to go say hi but if I do I'm gonna be late for work." He was thinking to himself. He had maybe fifteen minutes before he had to be at work Shiro had a bad habit of being late. "Maybe I can say hi and see if she will be here later for me talk with her." He liked that idea so he was going to do it. He walked up too her and began to speak. "Hello there. How are you today?"
  3. Sam was not really expecting anyone to come up and say hi to him especially a hottie like this man was. The hair and the way it hanged off his head. His gorgeous eyes. That bod too! Oh man if the gender confusing male was easy to faint the boy would be a puddle on the ground before the hot man, but he did not wish to be an animal.

    Looking over in a casual manor and his voice giving the suggestion of interest in what the guy had to say, but did not make it seem like anything super deep. "Oh hi there. Pleasure to meet you sir. I'm fine thank you. Is there something that I could help you with?" The voice did not do him any favors. It was high and squeaky. As if a mouses voice was put into a human. "You seem like you are in a bit of a hurry. Hope everything is alright."
  4. This girl was amazing just from her voice it rang through his ears. "Well that's good to hear. Yes there is I was wondering if I could get your name?" He was running late now and he didn't care he didn't want this to be the last time he would see her. "Yes everything is fine I'm just running a little late to work."
  5. "Oh my! Late for work are you?! Hopefully not to late and things are not that bad. Id hate to see someone get into trouble. Especially over me!" The girlish looking boy looked rather sad although did not want to shoo him off or anything. "My name? Um. Its a bit odd to ask someone that out of the blue, but I am Sam. Nice to meet you."
  6. Shiro had to laugh be it was so funny what the girl was saying. He rubbed his head and laughed saying "Yes I'm late this a usual thing for me so. I wanted to know the name that went with your beautiful name." time was running out for him so he needed to hurry up and get to the point. "Well you be here at the park later because I would love to talk to you more."
  7. The boy put a finger to his chin. "Ive got no where else to be today. So I suppose you can say I will stick around. Not like I've got anybody who wants me home. Why do you care so much if I may ask?" He ask blinking in a fit of confusion not sure what was on this guys mind.
  8. Laughing at the girl response he could tell that she was a little bit of a smart and he liked it. "Well because I would like to talk to you more later. How about you come back here around 6 PM. Is that okay?" He waited for him to answer his question looking at this clock.
  9. Sammy was feeling a bit red in the face. This guy was hitting on him! This was for real?! Was it all inside? Was it fact or fiction? "Well I suppose if you want I'll be here. We can meet here afterwords. Not many people come to this part of town anymore sept me so its pretty much all me."
  10. He got the answer he wanted and now he could make it too work. "Okay that's great see you later beautiful." He ran off down the walk way and turned the corner and made his way to his job. "Sorry class I'm late had a busy morning." Teaching his class and looking at the time wanting it to hurry up so he could meet that girl again. Then he thought to his self what if she tried to stand me up. Well it was kinda weird to ask someone to meet you at a park and it's your first speaking to them. Well he hoped for the best and continue to teach class. 5:30pm hit and it was time to dismiss class. "Okay class have a good day and do your homework." He looked at his clock and ran out the building to go back to the park.
  11. Samual was totally blown away when the word "Beautiful" escaped his lips. The man just missed as Sam curled his legs to the bench and hide the red face between thin legs. Oh man, what in the hell was even going on right now?! Someone calling him beautiful? The flirting out of nowhere? Something had to be up. Sam knew it. Usually fag would come out of a mans lips and then a bloody skull will end that conversation. Could this be real? Sam did go home, but it was only to go and get some food and came right back before the teacher came. A tuna sandwich was in his hands taking a bite when the man was seen coming form the distance seeming like he was running for dear life. Like a bear was behind him and if he stopped the skin would be clawed off til nothing was bone was left.
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  12. He was running for dear life looking for that bench that he saw the girl sitting on earlier and he saw her sitting there eating food. He could never be on time no matter what it was he hope he didn't make her wait to long. Running up to her he stop and put his hands on his knees breathing hard saying "I hope I didn't make you wait long." After getting his breathing under control he stood up and pushed his head out of his face and smiled. "Can I sit with you?" Waiting for her answer before he sat down.
  13. Sammy was ready to say "So who is the person behind me that you are putting so much effort for?" But he asked to sit down to quickly. "Sure. It's a public park." The boy took another bite of his samdwitch.
  14. So he sat down and crossed his legs and smiled. "So how was your day?" He was really curious to know how it went. Waiting for the boy to talk he took some chocolate and took a piece and ate it. Shiro loved his sweets just as much as he loved woman. He went through a tough break up a couple of months ago and it was time for him to move on. "Would you like a piece of chocolate?" He broke a piece off and held it out for the the beautiful blue haired girl.
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  15. The mistaken male was not sure just how this guy was seeing something in the fake female. Although when offered chocolate that was a offer not even a god could refuse. When held out Sam took it and swallowed it with joy. "Thank you! My day is boring. Just school work. College is just annoying sometimrs.
  16. "Your welcome. A beautiful girl like your day couldn't have been that boring. So your in college. What school do you go too?" He was having fun talking to this girl. He hasn't had fun in a long time so this was over needed. So just sitting here and listening to her talk was fun.
  17. The way he spoke was totally misinterpreted. Being one with the gay community he was often called things like "girl" or even "bitch" with friends so when being called a girl the boy thought that it was a way of saying that he knew and understood. "Well thank you! I've never met a man so ... forward like you before. Someone who is amazingly gracious! I go to Charles Saints Community College. Cash being what it is I only can go to community. It sucks, but you know. So I don't bleieve you told me what you did for a living. Which is ..." He said with a smile being super friendly. "You know ... Since its Friday I got a whole lot of free time now my homework is done."
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  18. So the they girl was in college so that meant she was of age and that was good. "I guess I didn't tell you sorry about that. I'm a college professor at K university just across the park over there. So what are you going to school for?" This girl was so beautiful he had to get her number before they parted ways today and it was getting late. He always thought that it wasn't safe for young woman to be at late so he wanted to make sure she got home before it was to dark. "Well then since you have no other plans how about we go get some coffee and talk more?"
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  19. "Oh well that is pretty funny. You are a professor and I am a student. If I didn't know better I'd say something or someone was trying to bring us together." The boy winks and giggles. "I'm going to school but no idea what I wanna do. Life is just at a cross roads right now and its so confusing and infuriating. I've honestly thought about being a house wife and giving my body up to my husband, but Im not totally sure about that being the right path for me. I'm sort of doing some modeling, but it is really not official or anything." Taking another bite of the sandwitch it was all gone now. "Coffee? I ... hate coffee. Though if you want to get some coffee and come to my house that will be fi ... Oh I just realized its starting to seem dim. I might need to get home while light is still out." Little did Sam know he was pressing his buttons of manliness.
  20. Loving this girls humor and he could do was smile. "You know what you might be right about that. " when Sam winked at Shiro he started to blush and rub the back of his head. "Well I was the same way when I was around your age. It will come too you just have to take it day by day. You don't have to rush for anybody." When thought about the giving the body part his chest got hot it was a good thought. He shook it out of his head this not the time for it. "Well there is nothing more than sexy than a woman who has something going for herself. So don't sell your self short okay." He smiling because he could see that it was more to this girl than just being a house wife. "Well if you don't like coffee we can do something else." Coming to his house was a big no Shiro was trying to change his ways. He wanted to know people first before jumped in the bed. "Even you don't know me well how about I wake you home. You can give me your number and I'll give you a call."