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    • It was a small, quiet and out of the way chapel. There were no large crowds. Few candles and hardly anything to denote that anyone came here at all, this lonely chapel. In the corner, an organ lay quietly, having hardly ever been used.

      A faint smell of dust pervaded the area and the shadows cast were long and gothic in their appearance, making everything look strange.

      Built in the simple style and ease that the Church had perfected over long practice, this one had no secret rooms nor panels...It was just a place out of the rain and for whatever worshipers deigned to pass through its doors. At the moment, there was only one. A pale looking figure, in the garb of a priest as before the altar he prayed. His hand bearing the crucifix before him as he briefly kissed it in respect and ignoring the faint, sizzling noise looked up at the cross itself on the wall. His eyes a deep, blood red as he rose up.

      His hair was messy, finger combed and unkempt as beneath the humble clothing, muscles rippled as he walked like a panther, lithe and silent despite the creaking floor. Outside, the sounds of traffic and the street echoed as Hell's Kitchen went about its daily life...Not many came to his church. But it mattered little if they did.

      Even if there was but one, he would be here for that one as he began to perform the next part of his work.
      Namely, to clean the chapel as with broom in hand, taken from a closet he began to do so.


      Meanwhile, outside.....


      His name was Officer Samuel and his name in the NYPD was synonymous with failure. His father was a cop before him, forced to retire after a strange murder. One that occurred in a locked room with no windows... What he reported and compiled vanished soon after his retirement and in his bitterness over the years, his fear left an impact on his legacy today.

      All of which brought him here now, before this chapel. Once more there was a case of similar origins...This time, he was put off it, prevented from working it due to his...History.

      When that happened, his father swore to him when in trouble to come here.

      And perhaps he'd find a way to make their demons rest. He for his failure...And Samuel for the legacy he was left with, in a city dark and dreary.

      What does he do, standing out there?

      @KayLove |-/

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  1. Samuel stood outside the church building.

    He rubbed the top of his head, where he had black hair with a buzz cut.

    Samuel was told to come here by his father when in trouble, and now he was here. He wanted nothing more than to set things straight... to do what his father couldn't.

    His only problem, he was put off it because of what his father had left him with.

    Samuel walked inside the chapel, where he found the man praying. He stood quietly for a bit, waiting on him to finish, not wanting to interrupt the prayer.
    The man then began to clean, and Samuel only waited for him to be noticed.
  2. "Enter and of your own free will."

    Intoned the priest, sweeping away as he continued to do so. He paid no attention otherwise it seemed to Sam, allowing the detective to take in more of the place in general. Hardly any electrical lighting and wiring, tarps covered the windows from the inside. Candlelight was the main source, other then the open door for illumination of any sort. But otherwise, there was a dark, quiet feel to it that pervaded your bones the moment you entered...All somewhat put off balance by the strange priest, eyes glowing red as he turned in the gloom and blinked before approaching and bowing his head.

    "I am Father Anghelscu, of the Church of Saint Job. And if by my job or my calling I can aide, I shall. What can I do for you officer? What reason does the NYPD darken the house of god?"

    @KayLove |-/
  3. "I was just told by my father to come here whenever in trouble..." Samuel stated.
    He wasn't much of a Christian guy, unlike his father, but decided to come down here anyway.
    "You know about those strange events that were happening years ago?" Samuel asked him. Maybe he had some sort of an idea about it. Why else would he be there?
  4. "Your father?"

    He peered more closely, before it clicked and chuckling he put the broom to the side and clasped his hands behind his back as he began to pace in a wide circle around the cop.

    "You refer to the deaths known as the Butchers Row, twenty five years ago. A locked door mystery, that was believed to have been suicide." He shrugged and smiled as he looked him over, red eyes disconcerting as they gleamed in the dark. For a moment, they seemed to be scanning Sams features before pulling away as he continued.

    "Well, what would a policeman know more then a simple priest? Nevertheless....They were all deaths in Hell's Kitchen, all with a matching pattern. Each death was done in a locked room, each person held a knife to slash themselves in apparent suicide. The only strange defining feature of the case, was the bodies themselves...There was less blood then there should have been, as though someone had been draining them."

    He shrugged lightly.

    "Its not an uncommon thing. For those who get into debt, sometimes in a method of execution, gang members will extract blood to sell on the medical market, fetching high prices indeed. Such was the official report, the man they arrested dying in prison of a broken skull.... But your father refused to believe it. Though it made him a pariah, he spent the rest of his career until retiring attempting to go over what exactly, had happened truly. A sad story."

    @KayLove |-/
  5. Samuel thought about it.
    It did seem odd, and he could see why his father would feel the need to keep investigating.
    "You don't find it at all odd though?" Sam asked him. People locked in a room, seeing to have committed suicide, and not a lot of blood in the bodies.
    Even if it was someone in a gang using their blood, it didn't make since for the murders to just stop, only to proceed after twenty five years.
  6. "Who could ever fathom the mind of a serial killer?"

    Was his cool rejoinder as he paced and spoke on. "There are certain creatures, in the animal kingdom who live by a series of cycles, according to their nature. Who is to say that a killer isn't likewise controlled by such impulses that drive him or her? What sort of horrors, must they have endured I wonder- That killing has become second nature to them by now, to the point it is intrinsically part of them as breathing for you?"

    Outside, the gathering clouds rained down and added to the overall atmosphere as he smiled.

    "So much for philosophy. Now then! You come seeking aide? I can direct you to the scene of the first murder, all those years ago. The complex is abandoned now, the idea of a murder occurring in its walls driving off most. They say there are restless things there still...Perhaps you will be the one to help them be at peace."

    He clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.

    "I shall pray for your safety in this."

    @KayLove |-/
  7. Samuel nodded as the priest spoke about the impulses of a killer. He knew all this, and it looked almost as though the man was inpatient.
    He raised an eyebrow once hearing that the priest knew where the first murder was.
    "Uh yes, please," Sam said to him, wanting to check out where it all first started.

    @Doctor Smartass
  8. "But before you go, doubtlessly you have many questions regarding your legacy of blood."

    He smiled again, one hand poised behind his back as he extended his free hand as though imparting great secrets.
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