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  1. Her long raven hair fell around her shoulders. Her piercing blue eyes looked out from her safety. The water concealed her, healed her and always was a comfort. She slowly stood up, water droplets falling from her body. She turned her head sideways, peering at the human coming toward her.

    A water nymph wasn't something people were used to. She could dissipate into a body of water and not be seen, or she could emerge in her human form, covered in a lace skirt and cupped bra. Her skin was a light blue in color but besides that she was shaped like a human. She took a few steps closer to the edge of the water. She stepped onto the cool ground and opened her mouth.

    "Hello?" She called to the figure. Nobody came near her. Nobody dared to. They all called her a witch.
  2. The "human" stopped in his tracks when he heard a voice coming form the water nymph. "Hi." he said before continuing toward her. "I'm not here to hurt you," he said before readying his retractable claw blades just in case she didn't believe he came in piece and tried to hurt him. "I swear I'm a peaceful per-" he stopped himself before he told a lie. "Okay so I'm not a peaceful person, but I'm not trying to hurt you and that's a promise...I just need your help, okay? Here me out." His voice was calm and somewhat soothing.
  3. She took a step back as the person emerged. "My help? My help with what? What can I possibly do that you need help with?" She questioned quietly, moving sideways in the water. She felt her heart beat a little faster. She hadn't had much human company, most of them wanted to kill her. Most of them wanted to do nothing but steal her powers and experiment on her. What could she possibly do for a human?

    She moved again, always moving so she could escape quickly. She turned her head slightly and looked at the human. "Who are you?"
  4. As he saw the girl become more and more defensive through his hands up. "Listen I swear I'm not here to hurt you. I'm not a human...or not completely at least." He bared his neck toward her so she could see his gills. "I'm what most people would call a 'merman'. Humans have been hunting me down for the longest and after hearing of you, and how you've gotten away from the many times, I had to come see what you were all about...we need to make this quick though...I feel like we're being watched right now. My name is Theosus. You can call me Theo," he said. He took off his shirt and pants and made his way to the water. As he stepped in his scales then became visible. "I'm sorry for just rushing into the water like that. It's just so refreshing to finally be back in the water. I was walking in dry heat for was torture for me. He stooped low in the water for he felt what ever presence was there with them was getting closer. "What's your name if you don't mind me asking."
  5. She quickly jumped back when she noticed he was taking his clothes off. When he came into the water she slowly eased up. "Theo?" She questioned quietly. She moved deeper into the water, her lace skirt covered by the water. Her eyes flashed a dark blue for a second and she slowly walked around him. She touched the scales and stopped once she was in front of him.

    "Theo. You are an odd creature." She whispered. She looked back at the waterfall that fell behind her and then to the man. "Nobody comes here. Nobody who just wants to talk." She felt a strange feeling in her stomach. Should she befriend this person? Should she try to be nice? She... wanted a friend. She didn't have anyone.

    "My name is Cas." She said, straightening up a little more. "Follow me." She said, feeling the air shift. She jumped into the water, diving down under the waterfall and coming up on the other side. A small cave lay behind the waterfall, dark and damp she called it home. She waited for him to pop up, hearing people shouting. "Come on Theo." She whispered.
  6. "Dammit dammit dammit." Alexa hissed as she lost sight of the merman. the red haired had been following him for some time now, but, as her "apprentice" followed her, he stepped on a stone and fell, thus delaying them.
    "God dammit, Daniel! We lost him!" she yelled at the now quivering blond.
    "I'm sorry! I didn't see the stone! I was scared, am scared!" he replied while trembling a little.
    "Shut up!" she hissed suddenly. " I heard something." Alexa and Daniel walked quietly toward the voices. They soon heard a man and a woman talking.
    "I-i-it's... The witch..." The blond whispered.
    "Yeah... Do you know what that means?" she said while picking up her gun."That it's our lucky day..." And stepped out of her hideout, only to find an empty lake. "Dammit! Where the hell they are? Daniel, search every corner of this forest! Under rocks, trees, everywhere! It's impossible for them to have disappeared like this!"
    "Yes, mam!" Daniel shouted as he started to search. Alexa stared at the lake with hate, as if it's its fault. And then turned to go help Daniel search the place.
  7. Theo dove under the waterfall coming up seconds later. Once his head was fully above water he looked around. "So this is where you live huh...better than where I had to live before the hunters came and found me once again," he reminisced his time on the pirate ship, having to live along side vicious sharks, fighting for life almost ever hour.
  8. She waited, hearing the voices fade and figured they were gone. She shrugged, meeting the merman's gaze. "This is all I have ever known." She spoke quietly, looking at him with interest. She had never seen anyone like him. She had been told of mermaids and myths about mermen but never actually seen one. She move back a little and met his eyes again. "Why did you come here? They could have killed me!" Her voice filled with anger and distraught. She could have died and it was his fault.
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