Cascade Falls

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I'm so excited that you picked the teacher! :D And those flaws are fantastic. I'm looking forward to your sample.
Ah, now I'm even more excited! And thank you! c:

I will probably have the sample up tomorrow.
It's more adaptivness in situations vs adaptivness with people? We'll see.

I took forever figuring out her traits. I can't tell you how many times I wrote out traits then realized how they clashed with the other ones... >.< I'll finish it up soon! I just don't have enough time right now to write out her sample. (:
Oh, okay! I wondered if that was the case. I'm looking forward to seeing her develop as the story takes shape.

Ah, now I'm even more excited! And thank you! c:

I will probably have the sample up tomorrow.
Great! We'll have some things to discuss afterwards :3
Name: Michael Cole Cheshire
Age: 34 years old (January 17, 1981)
Physical Extras: Michael stands at 6' even, and weighs around 175 pounds. He carries a large amount of muscle with toned arms and legs; however, he is slightly soft in the middle. Although his hair is black, red can be found in his beard, a trait that Michael used to be self-conscious about but now believes it adds a bit of flare to his average look. He carries no tattoos or piercings. Scars are scattered over both of his arms due to being impatient while working on his father's farm and rough childhood playing. You can't help put up barbed wire fences with a careless attitude, but if a person happened to ask Michael where those scars came from, he would say that he got them from working in his flower garden at Cascade Falls.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Three Good Traits:
Nature Lover - Michael loves nature and everything about it. If he isn't working, he can be found in his garden or sitting on his front porch with a bird-book and binoculars to identify the birds that come through.
Handy Man - Michael works with his hands a lot, always doing something. Given the tools, he can build you anything within reason. Building birdhouses is one of his favorite hobbies. He is also know as the man who has never killed a plant. While that isn't entirely true, Michael can make almost any garden thrive with patience and knowledge.
Determined - Michael will always finish what he started if he is given the opportunity. He hates leaving things unfinished and will strive to have them reach some form of conclusion, whether it is personal or materialistic.
Three Flaws:
Filthy - Thanks to his hobby, Michael is almost always dirty or he appears that way. A large amount of his clothing has dirt stains and if he has been out working for a while, you can tell by the way he smells!
Gullible - He will believe almost anything and never stops giving people chances. If someone hurts him, he will welcome them back instantly if they make up some excuse. He believes all people are inherently good and insists that no one does harm on purpose.
Rigorous - Michael can't let anything go if it is unfinished or wrong. Despite his outward appearance, he takes great care in what he does and will often do things over and over again just to achieve perfection. This can make him almost unreliable if given a deadline because he is constantly redoing his work.

Place of Residence: New Market, Alabama
Marital Status: Single
Mother - Sarah Ruth Cheshire (45 in '01)
Father - Llevoyd James Cheshire (52 in '01)
Girlfriend - Jennifer Lynn Motlow (19 in '01)
Daughter - Alicia Jean Motlow (3 in '01)
Occupation: Mechanic
Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: Clinton

Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Craftsman
Family Children:

How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?:
"10 Years."
Have you ever tried to leave?: "Heh, once. I was young and stupid then. Marie, an old neighbor, got it in my head that we could leave and create a new life together. Of course, I thought that sounded great at the time so we made a plan to leave one night."
Have you ever been to the fence?: "Well. not exactly. The night we decided to leave, Marie and I planned to meet by the fence. Monstrous thing, from what I've heard. Something didn't feel right about that night, though. I don't know what it was; I was scared. I guess you can chalk it up to nerves, but I didn't feel safe leaving." Michael pauses, and looks at the ground. He tenderly bites one of his knuckles before he looks back up and continues. "I tried to catch Marie, before she left but it was too late. She was already gone from the house. I did what anyone else would do. I had to keep her safe, so I called the sheriff and remained at home."

In-Character Writing Sample:
The weather was bearable for once. After one of the longest and harshest heat waves to hit Alabama in the past few years, they had finally been blessed with a day of comforting breeze. The notepad that laid open across Michael's lap kept wanting to flutter its pages with every slight gust of wind. Each time he attempted to flatten the pages, they would just fly right back up and he would lose his place. He finally gave up after what felt like the fiftieth attempt and tucked the closed notebook into his pocket. The drawing of Alicia's future toy chest would have to wait.

"Hear you go." Michael looked up to see Jennifer reaching out to him with a plastic bottle. He took it without hesitation and moved across on the bench to allow her room to sit down. The cap twisted off the bottle with a small pop and he took a large drink of the water before sighing and twisting the cap back on.

There was a few moments of silence between the two as together they watched their daughter play with other children on the playground. She was a beautiful thing. Large blue eyes peered at them from across the way before quickly turning their attention back to something else. Her blonde hair bounced in the pigtails that her mother had created for her, and sand stuck to her dress from where she had been sitting in the sandbox. Her parents both agreed that she was growing up much too fast and wasn't allowing them time to get their lives together how they wanted. It didn't help that their own parents were wanting things to move much faster, too.

Everything had already moved fast enough. Jennifer had to drop out of highschool at 15, which Alice coming along soon after her 16th birthday. They were kids having children themselves and it was a lot to take in. They had been brushing off the marriage remarks for almost four years now, but they wouldn't be able to do that much longer.

Michael sighed and set his bottle down on the bench beside him, stretching his arm around Jennifer's shoulders and pulling her closer to him. His cheek rested on top of her head while his fingers brushed against her arm.

"What are you thinking about?" questioned Jennifer.

"Nothing really."

"Liar. You only sigh like that when you're thinking about something."

He shrugged slightly and sighed again, "Just thinking about life in general." A slight nod in response told him that she understood. "Why don't we get married?" Michael released Jennifer as she pulled away from him, her blue eyes staring at him with amusement and suspicion.

"Where did that come from?"

A chuckle rose from his chest. "Just thinking. I mean, we're practically married right now. All we would have to do would be to go to the courthouse and pay some money. We would be alright. What do you say? We can get married on Friday and you would be Mrs. Jennifer Cheshire." He watched as a blush rose to her cheeks and wrapped her arm around her again as she came back to him.

"You could have at least got down on one knee, Mr. Romantic," Jennifer jested. Michael laughed and gave her a squeeze as they both returned to watching their daughter. Sensing their gaze, the little three year old turned to them and waved frantically. Michael's smile lingered. This was his family.

Absolutely wonderful! Approved c:

Also, I have something of an update for your guys. I'm almost finished up with some NPCs, the map is coming along just fine, @of Dirt and I have decided on the first of three story arcs and we even got a monster picked out. I'm aiming to start the IC before the weekend, but if anyone needs some more time for a character, just let me know and something can be worked out within reason.
Yooooooo, looking forward to the IC!

Also, Rhonwen has a writing sample (and an added scar).

Rhonwen Agrona Godo
Age: 28
Physical Extras: Rhonwen is a short and skinny young woman, at 5'3" and 129 lbs. Her blonde hair is usually kept in a braid, and reaches to the bottom of her shoulders while braided. Being Celtic, Rhonwen is fair-skinned, and has a few light freckles scattered over her whole body. She has no tattoos or piercings. She has a burn scar on her left palm, under her thumb.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Three Good Traits:
Loyal - Rhonwen is loyal to almost no end. She will stick with someone if the whole town is against them, up until the point of a fête. Anything short of that and she is either with you or against you, and if the former, little will sway her from her stance.
Intelligent - She can remember all sorts of information that she's read, and knows when to share those tidbits or not. She's also clever enough to find a solution to most every day problems.
Straightforward - The woman won't dance around questions or issues; if something is bothering her, Rhonwen will get right to it, though not necessarily in a brash manner.
Three Flaws:
Dishonest - Rhonwen has no qualms lying to get what she wants. She'll tell a lie to avoid trouble; she'll tell a lie to avoid so much as a suspicion of trouble, if she has to.
Petty - Little things can drive Rhonwen crazy. Not being invited to a social gathering, or being ignored, or even a comment against her can infuriate her.
Ruthless - She shows little mercy for others. It didn't take her long to adjust to the justice of Cascade Falls, and she rarely feels that the punishments are out of proportion.

Place of Residence: New York City, New York
Marital Status: Unmarried (In a serious relationship)
Family/Children: Mother, Anita Godo, 62; Father, Ronald Godo, 65; Brother, Finnegan Godo, 31; Sister, Caitria Godo, 25; Sister, Maeve Godo, 21; Partner, Emma Dumont, 27 - ages all current, assuming everyone is still alive, as they were in 2012
Occupation: Marine Biologist
Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: Barack Obama

Marital Status: Unmarried
Occupation: Teacher
Family Children:

How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: 3 Years
Have you ever tried to leave?: No
Have you ever been to the fence?: Once, when she first arrived.

In-Character Writing Sample:

Rain pittered against the window and the walls, and if Rhonwen turned her head the right way, she could see the grey sky turn Emma into a monochrome sculpture. White back in the storm's bright light, black hair, charcoal shadows on her side, her breasts, her stomach, her face against Rhonwen's shoulder.

The rain made the woman think of home. She'd woken up to more mornings like this than not, as a girl, and looked at it nostalgically. New York had sporadic weather- sun for three days, temperature all at different sides of the spectrum, without a cloud in sight, then the scare of a storm, then clouds for a week, with the sun teasing its way through every few hours, only to risk rain with a few drops a moment later. Not like home; there, she could feel the weather, and predict the rains. Perhaps that was just small-town know how talking. Perhaps it was just that it rained a lot in Ireland, though that was the less romantic version.

She swiveled her head and looked at the clock. 5:36. She wasn't much of a late sleeper anyways, but even this was early for her. Still, lying in bed was, well, boring, even as Emma's pillow. Careful not to disturb her lover, Rhonwen lifted herself from the bed, tugged at the white tank top she slept in, and crossed the apartment to the small kitchen. Rhonwen turned the front burner on, then took the kettle and filled it in the sink. She and Emma had both succumb to the recent trend of tea, and had fully incorporated it into their routines.

Soft swishes in the sheets made Rhonwen turn around. Emma was sitting up and running her eye. Rhonwen set the kettle down in the sink and shut off the water. "You're up early," the blonde remarked. Even after several years in the states, her Irish accent was still noticeable.

"So are you." Slowly, Emma rose, and grabbed a sweater on her way towards the kitchen. She slipped it on, then leaned against the table that served as a dining room.

"Couldn't sleep."

"Thinking about your family?"

Rhonwen just frowned. The subject had crossed her mind, but now that Emma brought it up, she thought only of the invariable, following argument: marriage. Only a couple of months ago had it been legally recognized statewide. Before that, Rhonwen never had to face this issue; but now, marriage meant telling her catholic family that they had a lesbian for a daughter.

Not that Rhonwen didn't love Emma- not that she didn't want to marry her- but that did make her hesitant to move forward.

Emma sighed. "Alright. Sorry."

Rhonwen leaned back. "We need to save up money for the ceremony, an-" she had put her hands behind her, on the counter, but one had landed on the stove. Hard. The woman cursed and drew her hand away, then turned to the sink, turned the cold water on, and jammed her hand under it. A steady stream of swears was coming from Rhonwen's mouth.

She heard Emma's footsteps approaching rapidly. "Here, I've got some burn stuff." Rhonwen turned around and offered her injured hand to her girlfriend, who promptly started to work at it. Such were the benefits of having a girlfriend in medical school. The curses slowed to a trickle, and Rhonwen glanced at the clock to distract herself. 5:52.
Very good c: Approved!

Also, I'll be PMing you shortly :D
I wanted to sneak in a quick note here to say I am intending to make a CS, and intended to post it tonight, but my internet has been cut off until Thursday at best, or Monday at worst - if of course, the people who do the repairs don't go on strike. :/ I will try to make best use of free wifi in my area to write a word document, and then copy/paste it in. Sorry for the trouble, and if you can't accept my character that is fine, it will all get figured out in the end ;)
That's okay! I planned to post the IC on Thursday anyway. I'm more than happy to accept your character, and the worst that could happen is you getting a late start to the first day in the IC--which really shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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PS. Please ignore the three new accordion tabs. They're not even close to finished yet, but I have to go to a hair appointment and I didn't want to lose any code. There will be actual information in them tonight.
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I just want to stop in and say hi to everybody, sorry for not doing so earlier! How rude of me. neptune has allowed me to help out as co-gm, so if anybody needs help with anything, you can come to me as well. Probably better to go to neptune for plot related stuff, but if you need ideas for characters or just want some feedback before posting them, you're more than welcome to run them by me.

Looking forward to RPing with you all =)
Hello! I would tag you but your name is one of those that never wants to be tagged. D: Glad to finally see your presence! (True Detective Season 1 was awesome!! <3)

@neptune: I see some character sheets being edited! :D Super Excite! Quick question, though. I love having two characters, but I'm debating on if I have time to create another or not. Would we be allowed to make a second character after the story starts AND if we do, will they have to be new arrivals to the town since they weren't around for the first part of the RP?
It's a slow process. I'm switching between characters and the new tabs right now. But I think any character created before the IC starts, or within the first actual week or two of the RP could already be in town. After that, we might have to say they're brand new, which means they'll have a "fun" encounter with Nurse Norma, haha. So, yeah, if you (or anyone else) want to handle a second character, go right ahead c:

Please make a new post for them though so I can quote, approve and link back to the character later.
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It's a slow process. I'm switching between characters and the new tabs right now. But I think any character created before the IC starts, or within the first actual week or two of the RP could already be in town. After that, we might have to say they're brand new, which means they'll have a "fun" encounter with Nurse Norma, haha. So, yeah, if you (or anyone else) want to handle a second character, go right ahead c:

Please make a new post for them though so I can quote, approve and link back to the character later.
Defo! That's about what I was thinking, but I thought I would make sure. :)

Thank you! <3
No problem! c:

Name: Riley Tierney
Age: 27
Physical Extras: Standing at 5’10’’ and weighing 161 lbs, Riley is toned and lean. He has dark brown hair, forest green eyes and a scruffy beard. There are a couple of small scars on his knuckles.
Sexuality: Straight

Three Good Traits:
-Likes to party: At his best, Riley knows how to have fun and will always be around if somebody is throwing a party (if he’s not throwing one himself). He always tries to be entertaining on the job both for himself and everybody else.

-Passionate: When he finds a hobby that he likes, he goes above and beyond in getting the most out of it, such as his job as a bartender and his acoustic guitar playing. As a bartender, he has a deep knowledge of what drinks go good with what foods and can recommend drinks to the uninitiated based on other tastes. As a guitar player, he is flexible and can play many styles, which reflects his wide range in music taste.

-Speaks his mind: Although it sometimes gets him into trouble, it also demonstrates his unwillingness to take nonsense from people and a willingness to defend those he feels are being mistreated. He values honesty and this trait has made him somebody people feel comfortable talking to when they want an honest opinion.

Three Flaws:
-Is an asshole: A sober Riley is a rare sight and once he’s had more than enough drinks in him, he becomes a hair trigger to his darkest self. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can make him aggressively confrontational and reveal a side of him that loves fighting and genuinely enjoys being the one in the room that everybody is wary of.

-Unbearably gloomy: Getting close to Riley means realizing that his outgoing personality and drinking is an escape from the dark thoughts that haunts his mind every day. However, suppressing it every day will occasionally lead to moments where his wounds are out in the open for whoever is there to see. His unwillingness to seek help makes it very difficult to be a close friend of his, especially combined with the above flaw.

-Seldom thinks ahead: He is very aware of his learning best by making mistakes, so he’s become unafraid of making them, but it has turned into a bad habit of simply doing the bare minimum amount of thinking before doing something.


Place of residence: Boston, MA
Marital Status: Single (Divorced)

-Ex-Wife: Cassandra Kosta, aged 24 in 2013
-Mother: Brianna Carmody aged 55 in 2013
-Father: Killian Tierney aged 54 in 2013
-Identical twin brother: Brian Tierney aged 15 at death in 2001. Prior to death, his brother had recently been experiencing violent schizophrenic episodes. A neighbor called the cops due to the noise. Brian charged a cop with a kitchen knife and was shot dead.
Occupation: Bartender and musician (played acoustic guitar)
Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: Barack Obama


Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Bartender
Family Children: none

How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: Two years
Have you ever tried to leave?: No
Have you ever been to the fence?: No

In character writing sample:

“We’re closing up soon, so chug the rest of your beers and get movin’. I’m just kidding take your time,” Riley said to three regulars at the bar as he rinsed out a glass. He turned around and grinned. “This one needs to chug though. Ordered half an hour ago and only took a few sips. C’mon guy.” They all laughed, accustomed to Riley’s humor and knowing that by the end of the day he was probably more than a little buzzed himself.

“Your boss lets you drink on the job?” one of the men asked.

“He hasn’t complained. I think it’s technically a misdemeanor though,” Riley replied while tidying up around his work area. He looked at an almost empty bottle of Captain Morgan and frowned, then looked at the rest of them. “Let’s kill this,” he said grabbing four shot glasses and pouring the rest of the bottle.

“A misdemeanor? Jesus Riley, you know there’d be a riot if you ever got fired right?” While it wasn’t the highest grossing bar in the area, it was definitely popular among the locals and Riley’s excellence in making drinks and broadening their tastes kept them coming back. He was entertaining and he always made newcomers feel welcome and a part of the little community they’ve established over the past five years. He smiled warmly.

“If I get fired and I don’t see or hear about a cop car exploding I’ll be very disappointed.”

“To exploding cop cars.” They all clinked their glasses and drank.

Riley glanced at the camera above them and chuckled. “Am I inciting violence? Hey I don’t advocate for violence, mother fucker. God damn hooligan,” he said pointing at person that brought it up in the first place. The three regulars roared in laughter. “We’re closed get the fuck out before I call the cops, you thugs. Fuckin’ massholes.” he bellowed in between chuckles and with a huge grin.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, man. Hey! And don’t let Cassie walk away; she’s a dime. You gotta try harder for those kind of girls, you know?” Riley forced a nod and waved as they left. He sighed as soon as they left. Cassie was his wife and asked for a divorce a week ago. Information travels fast within their community, but there’s always a little bit of lag. They didn’t know that the papers were already signed and she had moved out. You keep waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares about your god damn brother and you refuse to talk to me about it, he remembered her saying. Like, I knew it affected you, but it seems like it’s just gotten worse and worse every year. And every year you drink more and more.

I don’t know. I just feel guilty. Every time he had one of his episodes, his anger was always directed at me. It was gibberish to me at the time, but the more I think about it the more I realize what a shitty brother I was and what a shitty person I am.

You didn’t put a bullet in him some cop did and why are you trying to make sense out of the words of a crazy person?

A crazy person? What’s the matter with you? He was my twin; we had the same genes; who are you calling a crazy person?

You’re a crazy person too. You need help and if you’re unwilling to get it then I’m leaving. I’m not putting up with this anymore.

Help?! What help?! Getting prescribed happy pills for the rest of my life?!

Riley shook his head as he locked the door behind him and squeezed the area between his eyes as he briskly walked home.


Character only played by me.
Can be played by anybody.

Peter Bolotin
Age: 45
Occupation: Bar owner and brewery manager. Sometimes a bartender or waiter, depending on business.

About: Peter has been in Cascade falls longer than most and recognized the need for the town to be able to temporarily forget about their problems and the situation they were in. With an extensive background in brewing beer, he figured managing a bar wouldn't be nearly as difficult, so he went for it. The bar brews their own beer closer to the farm and the beers served are all original creations by him. He has raised his son, David, ever since with the intention of passing on the business to him when the time comes.

David Bolotin
Age: 25
Occupation: Brewery owner and bar manager. Sometimes (but rarely) a bartender or waiter.

About: David has been a part of the business since he was a kid and has been taught much of what he needs to know. He was never the most sociable employee out of the small team, so he's always had a greater interest in managing the brewery, which had been passed down to him two years ago once he had proven he could run it on his own.

Vicky Eustis
Age: 28
Occupation: Waitress and sometimes bartender.

About: Vicky started working at the bar as soon as it opened, which was also as soon as she was old enough. She loves interacting with people and learning new things. Her kindness, charm and upbeat aura has kept people coming back and her character is what people have come to associate the bar with.

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Hello! I would tag you but your name is one of those that never wants to be tagged. D: Glad to finally see your presence! (True Detective Season 1 was awesome!! <3)
I do love me some True Detective =)

Man, I always manage to come up with names that are troublesome. I used to be 'jennifer lost the war' (a punk rock song) on another forum, so people just called me jennifer and thought I was a girl =/
I do love me some True Detective =)

Man, I always manage to come up with names that are troublesome. I used to be 'jennifer lost the war' (a punk rock song) on another forum, so people just called me jennifer and thought I was a girl =/
Oh, that's tough! :(
TBH, I love your username now. It's genius. Tag system just sucks D:

As for True Detective, have you seen the second season? I haven't yet, and I'm wondering if it's can stand up to the first, being a different story and all.
Another bean town character, how lovely.
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