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    Welcome to Cascade Falls
    The Town That Time Forgot
    Every time you ask, someone always tells you that it's just a town. Whether it's said with a convincingly happy smile, or a defeated look of submission, the answer remains the same. But there's something not right about Cascade Falls and you felt it the minute that you woke up in the hospital with that pretty nurse standing over you. She said so many things—you'd been in a car accident, your personal property had been destroyed in the wreck, your family had been informed and they're glad that you pulled through after such extensive head trauma.

    Was any of it true?
    Why can't you leave?
    Did that accident kill you?
    What is this place?

    On the outside, Cascade Falls looks like any other town. Main Street is decorated with quaint shops and entertainment spots, places to grab a drink, or have dinner, or gather with friends and neighbors for a game of horseshoes. The streets are lined with white picket fences and lush, green lawns that sit beneath newly constructed Victorian houses that are painted every happy color imaginable. At first glance, it's difficult to see how or why anyone would ever complain when life in Cascade Falls feels like a second chance, an opportunity to get it right when things in your life were so imperfect before.

    Sometimes, you catch yourself forgetting that this new life is a prison. The rules of Cascade Falls are an ominous reminder of the truth, and they're posted inside of every shop on Main Street.

    Official Notice



    The rules, however, don't make you half as nervous as the electrified, razor wire fence that encases the perimeter of the town, or the cameras and microphones that outnumber the residents. They're discreetly planted in every home, strung along every sidewalk; someone always watching, always listening, monitoring your every move.

    Maybe one day you'll get used to not knowing. Maybe you'll forget about your family out there, somewhere and maybe they've forgotten about you too. Some days, acceptance feels easier than the misery of wondering, of wanting to escape. You could have a wonderful life here, so why do you keep trying to fight it?


    IC Thread
    Available Spots: 8/X
    GM: @neptune
    Co-GM: @of Dirt

    • The current population is 360.
    • Despite the many roads in Cascade Falls that connect to various shops and homes, there is only one way in and way out of the town. If you follow the main road, you'll find that it goes in a circle.
    • There are no crickets in Cascade Falls. If you were to look into the bushes that line the streets, you would find small speakers playing a continuous loop of a cricket chirping.
    • There are no televisions in Cascade Falls.
    • There are no computers or internet.
    • There are no cell phones, only landlines and most do not dial out.
    • There are no calendars.
    • Each night around dinner time, the radios in every home switch from static to classical music for one hour.
    • During the warm months, many people garden and share food with their friends and neighbors.
    • Winter is a harsh time. Many families sit on the verge of going hungry, and store shelves go from bright and colorful to bland and depressing with the wintertime staple of prepackaged food that resembles military rations.
    • The occasional helicopter will sometimes fly over head, but otherwise, the sky is clear of all air traffic.

    Every home (and business) in Cascade Falls is outfitted with the same state of the art security system. For your safety, and with the exception of closets, every room contains 1-2 cameras placed in everything from smoke detectors, to ceiling fans and air vents. Each house also comes with an array of microphones, there are 2-4 to each room depending on the size and they are equipped to detect sounds of 30 decibels and over. There is no sleep mode for the microphones, they are always recording.

    Outside of your home, the same cameras and microphones line the streets and sidewalks. There are microphones in most lamp posts and cameras implanted in the sides of buildings, on signs, under park benches and discreetly hidden in trees. Unfortunately, technology is not immune to the elements, and years of being exposed to the rough weather of the Pacific Northwest has left sections of the town partially blinded. The hardest hit area is the cemetery and the older section of town where a few crumbling houses sit uninhabited.

    1. A celebration or a festival.
    1. To honor or entertain (someone) lavishly.

    Just as the fence is there to keep you safe, the rules of Cascade Falls are in place for the same purpose. Insolence and defiance spreads like cancer, and the only way to deal with cancer is to cut it out—so when someone talks about their life before, when a friend questions the small scar on the back of their right thigh, when a neighbor asks you what you think is beyond the fence, or if you've heard those screams—you must call the sheriff.
    The Fête is every celebratory holiday that you can think of all rolled into one and offers the addition of brutal, vigilante justice. When a fête is called by the sheriff, every resident will be instructed by a pre-recorded message in the form of a mass phone call. The message contains valuable information such as: the intended target(s), where they are located, what they are being punished for, how dangerous they are, and whether or not they should be brought to the center of town dead or alive.

    Many residents have mixed views about the fêtes, some feel that it's too brutal while others like the ideas of a self-policing society, but no matter what, everyone is expected to participate. It's a common occurrence for people to dress up in their best or wildest outfits, paint their faces and decorate their makeshift weapons just to make the occasion that much more special. The celebration lasts until the target is dead, either hunted down by their own friends and neighbors, or brought to the sheriff for disposal in front of the town. Afterward, some residents will continue to party well into the night.

    A fête is not something that happens very often, maybe once or twice a year at most. Cascade Falls gives citizens more than enough chances to reform their behavior before it becomes a problem.

    Some offenses are worse than others, but after three incidents of getting caught breaking the rules, you will be dealt with swiftly and without remorse.

    Almost every job in Cascade Falls is purely for show. There are law offices that never see a single visitor, real estate agents who sit at their desk all day, a mayor who has never passed a law and various secretaries that never answer a phone or handle any paperwork. While these jobs are mostly there to give the people of Cascade Falls some semblance of normalcy, there are other jobs that do see activity and roles that integral to maintaining the order of the town.

    Some of these jobs come with perks, choose wisely:

    • Sheriff
    • Secretary (up to two)
    • Lawyer
    • Mayor
    • Realtor
    • Waitress/Bartender/Service Employee (up to four)
    • Pharmacist
    • Teacher
    • Doctor/Nurse
    • Dairy Farmer
    • Craftsman
    • Librarian
    • Shop Owner (Coffee House, Toy Store, Grocery Store, Antiques Dealer suggest something)
    *If you would like a different job, message me and we'll discuss it.


    Map by @PetticoatLane

    The electrified and razor-wire-covered fence sits to the left of the town, while the mountain sits to the right. The two create a valley that houses Cascade Falls, protecting it from the elements and the danger that lurks outside. Small roads lead to houses and businesses, and the main road loops past the more scenic part of town.
    Notable NPCs

    NPCs play an important role in this world. They exist to enhance your posts, give information and move the story forward. Feel free to interact with any NPC if they're in the area. Not every interaction has to be positive, and much like any other character in this story, they're only human and not immune to harm. If you feel it necessary to kill an NPC, please ask permission first.

    Name: Howard Olson
    Age: 66
    Occupation: Psychiatrist, Overseer
    Doctor Howard Olson is a professor of molecular biology who specializes in genomics and his career has spanned nearly thirty years. After college, Howard split his time between research laboratories and the classroom located at the University of Washington. After discovering a shocking fatal flaw in the human genome that had the potential to bring civilization to a grinding halt, Howard began to compile his findings into a book in hopes of educating the public about their limited time at the top of the food chain, and how to reverse the damage that had already been done. For the next several years, now well into the mid-nineties, Howard toured the lecture circuits and attempted to reach as many people as he could with his words of wisdom and offered something of a sanctuary to anyone who had an interest in saving the species with him.

    Currently, Howard has taken on the role as the only psychiatrist in Cascade Falls. Being able to monitor the residents in an up close and personal way helps to ease his fears of the future while keeping every citizen under his thumb where he feels they belong.

    When Howard is seeing patients, he goes by a different name, and most residents have no idea that a man named Howard Olson even exists. To them, the man they see on a weekly or monthly basis is Doctor Stuart Harmon. Much like all of the other things he's created in Cascade Falls, Howard doesn't feel that his people could handle the truth if they knew who he really was and after all, he wants everyone to feel comfortable while they tell him their deepest and most private thoughts.

    Name: Norma Spencer
    Age: 37
    Occupation: Head Nurse, Number Two In Command
    After growing up below the poverty line, suffering through violent and abusive episodes at the hands of her mother's boyfriend, and spending the rest of her adolescence in the foster system, college was a welcomed change for Norma Spencer. Despite all of the adversity she faced in her early years, Norma proved to have an above average intelligence, and used her smarts to receive a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania for nursing. It was during her junior year that she first encountered Doctor Olson and his plans to save humanity.

    Norma never did manage to put her nursing degree to practical use until the Cascade Falls hospital was built and lightly staffed. Her favorite part of the day is when a new patient wakes up from their accident, when she gets to ease the look of confusion on their poor face and then help them arrive at the conclusion that they may be dead and in a better place. If only they knew the half of it.

    Fiercely loyal to Howard and the secrecy that built Cascade Falls, Norma protects the town with her life. Outside of the hospital, she has made numerous citizens arrests and is often one of the first people on the streets when a fête is called; the mixture of bloodshed and justice deeply excites her. Although she enjoys helping the sick and injured, and taking care of expectant mothers, Norma has back-pocket aspirations of being sheriff. Sometimes, she takes her own dreams a little too seriously, and has been known to do a little spying at night.

    If you're out for a walk after dark and see Norma on the street, it's best to turn the other way.


    Have you heard those screams out there? Is it some kind of animal? I don't know any wolves or bears that make that sound...

    Every resident of Cascade Falls, no matter the placement of their house, has heard the same noise from beyond the fence. With little to absorb the sound, the chilling screams echo around the town in the middle of the night, loud enough to wake the dead and more than enough to keep the living from falling back into a peaceful sleep.

    What's really out there?

    People have speculated over the years, of course, and while they usually ended up dead or missing entirely, bits of truth were heard in the process. All anyone knows anymore is that the fence is both a prison and a blessing, built tall and electrified in order to keep something out, all the while keeping everyone else trapped inside.

    Thread Rules
    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. Feel free to ship as much as you like, but remember that this isn't a romance-focused RP and some of the other players may be teens. Don't be a creep.
    3. Everyone has a life outside of the internet, but if you're signing up for this, then I assume you have some time to spare. The minimum posting requirement is 1-2 IC posts per week, but there is no limit to how often you can post if you feel inclined to do more.
    4. If you're absent from the group for two weeks without a word to me, or an OOC explanation for the other players, your characters will either be made NPC or killed off.
    5. This is an Adept-Prestige roleplay, which discourages single line and single paragraph responses. Posts should be full of detail and span multiple paragraphs.
    6. In a world like this, character death is going to happen. If your character dies at some point, you are more than welcome (and are encouraged) to create a new one.
    7. Save all of the drama for the IC. If you and another player have a issues, be adults and discuss it among yourselves before coming to me. If I have to solve your problems, I'll probably just remove you both and call it a day.
    8. Have fun, keep an active and friendly OOC and enjoy yourselves!
    Character Sheet


    Physical Extras: (height, weight, distinct birthmarks, tattoos, piercings, etc.)
    Sexuality: (optional)
    Three Good Traits:
    Three Flaws:

    Place of Residence: (city, state)

    Marital Status:
    Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: (from Reagan to Obama)

    Marital Status:
    Family Children: (if none, leave blank)

    How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: (no more than ten years)
    [FONT=verdana][B]Have you ever tried to leave?:[/B][/FONT]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][B]Have you ever been to the fence?:[/B][/FONT]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][du][SIZE=3][FONT=times new roman]IN-CHARACTER WRITING SAMPLE[/FONT][/SIZE][/du][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=1][SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][SIZE=1](Write a scene from your character's old life)[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
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  2. Name: Eric Reed
    Age: 36
    Physical Extras: Eric measures in at 6'0" even and weighs around 175 pounds. He has an athletic build and a strong upper body. Being of Irish heritage, his skin is also dotted with clusters of freckles. He has no tattoos or piercings.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Three Good Traits:
    Alert -- Having spent a good portion of his childhood hunting with his father, Eric is now always aware of his surroundings and manages to catch things that most people miss.

    Daring -- Eric loves to try new things, even if those things scare him. He's a big risk taker in almost everything he does, whether it be going skydiving for his thirtieth birthday, or asking his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of a crowded bar. The rush that Eric gets from pushing his own limits is an incredible high.

    Realistic -- Eric is very grounded and has always been incredibly aware of his own limitations. He seems to accept whatever is going on in his life whether it's good or bad. He takes things one day at a time and that kind of thinking allows him to keep a level head.

    Three Flaws:
    Blunt -- If there's one thing that Eric doesn't like, it's liars. He's always honest and up front about how he feels. Sometimes, his lack of tact rubs people the wrong way, but if he has an opinion, he's going to speak his mind.

    Black and White -- In Eric's world, there are no shades of grey. He only looks at things in black and white, in categories of good and evil and there is no changing his mind. This stubborn and sometimes ignorant attitude has earned him a few enemies over the years.

    Suspicious -- Eric has a hard time trusting people and taking words at face value. He investigates simple things, and will ask someone the same question more than once just to see if their answer changes.

    Place of Residence: Flint, Michigan
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Mother --Sandra Reed (aged 50)*
    Father --Robert "Bob" Reed (aged 54)
    Older Sister -- Caroline Reed (aged 26)
    Fiancee -- Kelly Moore (aged 24)
    Son -- Chance Reed (aged 2)

    *Ages not factored into his time in Cascade Falls
    Occupation: Assembly line worker
    Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: Bill Clinton

    Marital Status: Widowed
    Occupation: Sheriff
    Wife -- Leah Reed (aged 27, deceased)*

    *Married for one year before her death by electrocution at the fence

    How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: Eight years
    Have you ever tried to leave?: Yes
    Have you ever been to the fence?: Yes

    In-Character Writing Sample:
    Come on!

    Their laughter echoed behind them, bare feet stomping through the dew-wet grass a few hours before the sun was set to come up. Eric had one arm tucked around a blanket, and the other outstretched to a beautiful girl clad in a white sundress underneath a heavy flannel shirt. He smiled as her small hand fit into his own, her fingers delicate compared to the road-map of callouses that had taken over his palms. He hadn't been at the factory for very long, just a few months shy of a full year, but his hands had reflected the back-breaking work almost immediately. The money was good, though and looked even better for someone who was nearly ready to settle down.

    All the way up there?” the dark-haired girl asked, skeptical as her green eyes turned toward the hill they had started to climb.

    Laughing again, Eric nodded, his toothy smile never waning when Kelly was around. “All the way up there.”

    Beside him, Kelly groaned as they continued to walk on, one foot in front of the other up the hill's steep incline. “Why?” she asked, a frown wrinkling her forehead.

    Because,” Eric replied easily, happy to give a non-answer as he pulled her along. She was so much smaller than him, a few inches north of five foot and light enough that some nights, he could barely feel her weight next to him in bed. “It's the best spot,” he added, just to appease her as he paused, her legs no match for his long strides.

    A comfortable silence fell between the two of them and it carried over until they got to the top of the hill. The late spring weather still turned up a few cold nights, but Michigan's unpredictable climate was no match for romance. Kelly stood by as Eric unfurled the thick blanket that he had brought from the car and spread it out over the wet grass before taking a seat. Again, he offered his hand, wordlessly asking Kelly to come sit with him as a rumble in the distance echoed through the surrounding area.

    I can't believe you've never done this before,” he said, his arms now protectively wrapped around the woman he loved, her back fitting snugly against his chest and the scent of apple shampoo filling his head.

    The world below the hill seemed to glitter and shine, all of the lights on and illuminating the tarmac as several planes began to taxi on the runway. The rush of a jetliner flying straight overhead was something that needed to be shared, and Eric always made a point to do big things with the people he cared for. He wanted to leave an impression on them, something for them to look back on with a certain fondness when times got tough, or if he ever got lost somewhere and couldn't find his way back.

    The rumbling in the distance intensified slightly, forcing Kelly to raise her voice, “I thought it was illegal!”

    His ear rang sharply with the sound of her, but Eric grinned anyway, “it probably is!” The nose of an airplane came racing toward them, going one-eighty and gaining speed as the wheels lifted off from the ground. Looking up, Eric craned his neck to see the belly of the plane, the lights on the wings that looked close enough to touch and the toxic smell of jet fuel that wafted down toward them. The noise from the engines was deafening, blocking out any other sound as it shook the ground below.

    I love you!” Eric yelled.

    Kelly's head snapped forward and she turned where she sat. “What!?” she called back, the tail of the jet nearly over their heads.

    I said, I love you!”

    Her smile was magic, lifting everything inside of him before her lips crashed into his.

    Name: Casey Sloan
    Age: 23
    Physical Extras: Casey stands at 5'5" tall and she weighs roughly 115 pounds. She has an infinity symbol tattooed on the inside of her wrist, and several scarred over holes in both ears.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Three Good Traits:
    Charming -- Casey knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. She's very quick-witted and gets by on saying the right things at the right time, which often leads to having a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

    Open -- Making herself available is something that Casey has always done. Whether it's for friends, family, or a significant other, Casey is always there when someone needs her. She's everything from a shoulder to cry on to the friend who's always up for a party.

    Non-judgmental -- Considering the rough patches of childhood and adolescence that she had to suffer through, and the fact that she makes her money dancing, Casey never feels as though she's in a position to judge anyone. She always takes people as they are; good, bad and ugly.

    Three Flaws:
    Dependent -- Having her father die at a young age after he had been in and out of her life left Casey with more than a few emotional scars. She tends to latch onto people, dig in and not let go until the bitter end. Being alone frightens her.

    Unyielding -- Once Casey gets something into her head, her mind is made up and it doesn't change. Over the years, it's gotten her into a lot of trouble but she hasn't learned her lesson yet.

    Difficult --Somehow, Casey always manages to do things the hard way. Whether it was running away from home as a kid or dropping out of high school, her methods can only be described as difficult.

    Place of Residence: Key West, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Mother -- Crystal Johnson (aged 40)
    Father -- Ricky Sloan (aged 33, deceased)
    Half-sister -- Bree Johnson (aged 19)
    Occupation: Exotic Dancer
    Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: Barack Obama

    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Waitress at The Falls Coffee House

    How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: Less than a year
    Have you ever tried to leave?: Yes, twice.
    Have you ever been to the fence?: Yes

    In-Character writing sample
    The world was spinning—moving fast and slow all at once and Casey felt on top of it all.

    The door to the bathroom pushed open roughly, ushering in the screeching sound of a heavy-metal guitar before it closed and muffled the music once more. Casey tapped her feet to a rhythm that she couldn't exactly make out, her pink flip-flops missing several beats as they slapped noisily against the dirty floor. She hummed to herself, feeling so good, so very alive as she bent her head and inhaled another line through a rolled five dollar bill. She cursed the instant that the drugs hit her, intensifying the high that she was already working on and blocking out the sound of an embarrassed, pity-filled giggle from the other side of the stall.

    Escape was Casey's first love, and cocaine was just the getaway car.

    After packing up her supplies and rubbing the last of the baggie on her gums, the blonde stepped out of the stall, revived, rejuvenated and ready for anything.

    The bar was packed, filled to the brim with enough people to be a fire hazard, but Casey barely noticed as she navigated her way through the crowd. By the time she reached the table, the band that was currently occupying the stage had moved onto another song, this one just as loud and obnoxious as the last. Casey was beginning to sense a trend and not being able to hear herself think was starting to harsh her buzz and bring her down. “I want to go,” she yelled to Danny, an older man who often gave her free drugs just for hanging out with him. He was scum, that much was evident by the way he behaved, a bum like everyone else who had dropped out of the local high school, but his shit was good and Casey had tolerated a lot worse in her life.

    Danny!” she yelled again, snagging him by the shoulder. “Let's go! I want to go to the beach!” For a moment, the two shared a look, one of frustration and confusion before the blonde girl broke eye contact and finished off the half-melted Seven and Seven. The sweet taste clung to her lips and tongue, leaving a bad taste in her mouth that lingered there well after they had left the bar and stepped out into the balmy, Key West night.

    It wasn't hard to find a little slice of heaven in the Keys and soon enough, Casey was burying her feet in the cool sand. The sound of waves gently lapping at the shoreline was a welcomed change from the headache-inducing music back at the bar and for the first time that night, Casey started to relax. Despite Danny being right there next to her, she felt totally alone, disconnected from even herself as she ran her fingers through the white sand.

    We should get out of here,” Danny said, breaking the silence as he looked at her. His face was sweaty, swollen from drinks and too much sun when he was younger.

    Casey screwed up her face in disappointment, “you want to go home? It's barely midnight.”

    No, I mean this place. We should go somewhere else, together—you and me.”

    Bile choked the back of her throat, making it harder to come up with any kind of coherent answer. “Gross,” she finally managed, her tone a cross between a humorless laugh and a whisper. She could feel Danny glaring at her, angry and probably ready to either backhand her or leave her stranded on the beach without a way home. Casey didn't give him the opportunity, though and stood to walk toward the water.

    What the fuck is wrong with you!?” he asked when the waves were up to her ankles.

    She walked deeper into the ocean, submerging herself up to her waist, shorts and part of her tank top completely soaked with saltwater. “Sometimes I just want to disappear for a while...” He couldn't hear her back there, and Casey knew it, but sometimes moments weren't meant to be shared.
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  3. Name:
    Joshua Duke (b. 1973)
    Age: 42
    Physical Extras: He stands at a tall 6'2", weighing about 188lbs with a muscular physique. There are some gray streaks in his short black hair, particularly around his temples, and his eyes are a shade of dark blue. He has a tattoo in script of his daughter's name, Madeline, on his upper right arm, and a mole on his left cheek.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Three Good Traits:
    - Hardworking: The son of farmers, Joshua was the first in his family to go to college. As such, he works hard and rarely complains, knowing the value of good effort.
    - Kind: Despite what his exterior might imply, he has a kind heart and can be a very sympathetic spirit depending on the situation at hand. He's also a very friendly guy once you get past his wall of introversion.
    - Dependable: If he promises something, he'll do it. He doesn't make promises he can't keep, and always honors his agreements.
    Three Flaws:

    - Temperamental: Joshua can run hot to cold in a matter of seconds, and is notorious for his fiery temper when it strikes. He can either come off as aggressive and confrontational, or distant and aloof. This constant see-sawing between moods was one of the factors which contributed to his eventual divorce.
    - Stubborn: It's hard for him to accept the opinions of others, since he often thinks he's right. This has led to many disagreements between him and his ex-wife in the past. If he's to go with the suggestion of another, it has to make logical sense - at least, in his eyes.
    - Anti-Social: It's not that he can't socialize, it's that he doesn't like to. He often spends his time alone, and avoids large crowds or gatherings unless absolutely necessary (read: fêtes). He's more relaxed and open in small groups, or in one-on-one situations, but still highly values his aforementioned "alone time". He's also quite terrible at making small talk.


    Place of Residence: Port Townsend, WA
    Marital Status: Divorced
    - Ex-Wife (Janet Hines, aged 30 in '05)
    - Daughter (Madeline Duke, aged 6 in '05)
    - Father (John Duke, aged 52 in '05)
    - Mother (Sarah Duke, aged 50 in '05)
    - Younger Sister (Esther Duke, aged 28 in '05)
    - Younger Brother (Timothy Duke, aged 27 in '05)
    Occupation: Writer, Shopkeeper
    Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: George W. Bush


    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Dairy Farmer

    How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: 10 years
    Have you ever tried to leave?: No
    Have you ever been to the fence?: Yes

    In-Character Writing Sample:

    The Duke farm was a world away now, a patch of land sitting snug in an empty, green expanse devoid of buildings, devoid of noise and people. But in the city, things were different. Sure, Port Townsend was a quaint little place, but it was still a city. But even with the life teeming all around him, Joshua felt alone, a walking ghost in a sea of faces, longing to head home and to tell his ma that he'd failed in his endeavors. The store was doing well, it was true, selling beautiful trinkets and things that the odd tourist or discerning teenager would purchase; but it was not what he wanted. In fact, the store served only as a way of providing income as he wrote, desperate to pen the next New York Times bestseller. The days wore on, and wore him down, and he found himself spending more nights at the bar nursing yet another glass of Jack.

    He worked too hard on all the wrong things; that's what Janet had said. You're wasting your life in the pursuit of an ideal. Her eyes had spoken her intent all too well the evening she'd left, even though Maddie had shrieked and demanded that daddy come with them. His little girl, bright-eyed and beautiful and everything he'd imagined his first child to be, soft brown curls and a smile which could light a room. And now, she was gone. Gone, and he still didn't know how to call home and tell his parents that their one hope had lost his own hope, in both his writing craft and in his marriage. The papers had been delivered and signed, and everything was closing in and crumbling around him like the aftermath of a terrible quake.

    Joshua reached for the phone, lying on the desk beside a stack of handwritten notes, filled to the margins with detailed twists and character outlines and everything he thought would make a great novel. It was only too bad that he was never satisfied, never pleased with his efforts. Calloused fingertips smoothing over the keypad, he dialed. The rocks at the pit of his stomach had turned to boulders. When someone finally answered, he cleared his throat. "Hey, mom."

    "Josh! How's it going over there? How's Janet and Maddie? When's the last time you called?"

    "A while." He paused, the words failing him. Then, he lied. "They're fine, mom. Tell dad I'll be home for Thanksgiving. And say hi to Esther and Tim for me."

    "You know I will, sweetie."

    "Bye." The call ended, and he swore under his breath as he seized the sheets before him and crushed them in a sudden explosion of frustration, a tightly clenched fist assaulting the ink-smudged tabletop without restraint. When the rage had passed, he sat and drank in the silence, turning in his swivel chair, over and over until the thoughts had gone. You should've told them you wanted back for good. He'd do that next time. He would. But first, he needed a trip to clear his head.
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  4. I've got a town Librarian brewing.
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  5. I figured we could take the rest of the weekend and possibly until Monday or Tuesday before I get the first IC post up. There's no rush!
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  7. You can also go to imgur and resize from a webpage without an account. It's pretty simple. The 250x250 size requirement was just a stylistic choice on my part to keep the OOC neat.

    And please remember to use a real picture for your CS!
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  10. Fantastic! I'd love to have you @upscalerat c:

    Also, I have an update for you guys! We're getting a map for the town sometime this week so you can actually see where some key things are located.
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  11. Accepted! I can't wait to see him in the IC.
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  12. With such a low population (did you say in the OP or just in our PM?) and most people having been there for at least 4 years, is it safe to assume all our characters would know each other? At least casually? I'm about to sit down and get things finalized and was wondering. I'm always open for hammering out how my character would know others etc.
  13. I think they'd at least be familiar with everyone. Unless someone is planning on introducing a brand new, just got there, kind of character then yeah, everyone will pretty much know each other casually (or you could arrange to be good friends with someone beforehand, your relationships are up to you). I didn't put the population in the OP, but I meant to. I'll go add that into the world extras right now.
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  14. Name: Jean Marie Belmont
    Age: 27
    Physical Extras: 5’7” tall and weighs about 135 lbs. She has a tattoo of Maurice Sendak’s Max-in-his-wolf-suit on her left thigh. She has faint marks of piercings on her eyebrow and belly button but no piercings, as well as slight scars that might have been subdermal piercings in the dimples on her lower back.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Three Good Traits:

    -Excellent cook: She makes everything under the sun. Her skills include cooking and baking, canning and preserving. Her cookies are to die for.
    -Polished- She always has a smile, is well put together in an old-fashioned hostess sort of way. She throws lovely parties one in each season.
    -Sympathetic ear: She is a very good, receptive listener, drawing out people and listening with empathy and kindness. She is so good at listening that few people notice she never actually tells them anything about herself.

    Three Flaws:

    -Private: for all that she is a hostess extraordinaire and a friendly listener she is very guarded about herself.
    -Insomniac: she suffers from insomnia and is often found wandering the town when she can’t sleep.
    -Susceptible to Peer-pressure: Though she’s shrugged off some of it, she is still very conscious of what the people of town think of her.

    Place of Residence: Boston, Ma
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Family: Mother: Bethany Wright Belmont (52) Father: Clyde Richard Belmont (55) Brother: Stephen Michael Belmont (24)
    Occupation: Full-time student in Liberal Arts/bookstore clerk
    Who was president when you came to Cascade Falls?: George W. Bush

    Marital Status: single
    Occupation: Librarian

    How long have you lived in Cascade Falls?: 5 years
    Have you ever tried to leave?: No, one Fete was enough to convince her it wasn’t going to work.
    Have you ever been to the fence?: Yes, but in what appeared to be a casual stroll.

    In-Character Writing Sample: Jean smiled as she looked up from her knitting as her best friend in the whole world, Alice, punched Jean’s Fiancée in the arm after he made some off-color joke Jean hadn’t bothered to listen too. She looked back to her work, her tongue slipping out between her lips as she concentrated on the pattern printed on graph paper on the table before her. C4F this row, she noted and slipped four stitches onto the bent cable needle that had been stuck into her victory rolls. The hairstyle was a pain in the ass but made for a good place to stick her needle in between cable rows.

    Jean was so glad that knitting had made a comeback. She loved it so much and it meant she could do what she loved in front of her wonderful, clever, liberated friends and not be judged. All her lovely, homey hobbies which had earned her much scorn when she was younger, were begrudgingly accepted as the internet churned through fads faster than anyone could keep up. Old was new and she loved it. Her hair, her makeup, her hobbies were all vintage things with enough of a modern spin to make it current and therefor acceptable.

    Alex, her soon-to-be-husband, called her his little homemaker in a teasing, mocking way. She hid how it thrilled her, knowing it wasn’t supposed to be entirely a compliment. She would roll her eyes and call him an ass and maybe punch him in the shoulder like Alice did. The thought caught at her.

    She frowned and looked up from her knitting just in time to catch the tail end of a look between the two. A friendly, familiar look that sent a prickle of warning over her skin. She willed the prickle away. Things were great. Alex was great. He was clever and ambitious and they would have a lovely life together.

    “You working tonight?” The question came from Alice and Jean blinked before pulling her gaze away from Alex. Only after a heartbeat did she catch up to the conversation.

    “Yes. I’m closing.”

    “Bummer,” said Alice, though she didn’t seem disappointed. “I should motor, I have a project to finish if I want to have any fun this weekend. See you in class tomorrow.”

    Jean nodded, her smile fixed in place as she watched Alice stand and toss back the rest of her coffee before she left the café. As the door chime rang, finalizing her friend’s departure Jean looked back to Alex to find he’d watched Alice leave too, a smirk on his face. He caught her looking at him and shrugged.

    “Don’t work too hard, Babe.” He said, tossing back his own coffee before impishly ruffling her hair. She squawked at the potential damage to her coiffure and dropped her needles into her lap in her effort to shield her hair from damage. As her knitting landed in her lap the cable needle slipped out and clattered to the floor, leaving four, live stitches vulnerable to unraveling.

    “Not funny Alex!” she said past her grinding teeth. She didn’t have time to go home and fix her hair before her shift and now her knitting might be ruined.

    “You need to loosen up Baby.” He said, air kissing her before she ducked under the table to get her needle and try to save the sweater she was making him. He was gone when she surfaced. With shaking hands she caught each of the stitches, having to re-weave two of them which had come loose. The damage was minimal.

    Putting it down on her lap she pulled a silver compact out of her purse and inspected the damage to her hair. It was a mess. She pressed her lips together and began to gather up her things, leaving the rest of her coffee in the mug as she headed to the bathroom to see what kind of damage control could be had with a little water and a few bobby pins.
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  15. Lovely and accepted c: Those walks might get her into trouble one night.
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  16. Popping in here to say that I have some interest! I have to spend the majority of my tomorrow doing housework, but I'll have time to brainstorm then! This sounds like it will be quite enjoyable and right up my alley!
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  17. Sounds good c: We're still waiting on some other CS's, and I'm waiting to do mine as well (so everyone can have the job they want), so feel free to take your time! Happy to have your interest!
  18. Edited my CS slightly (he was supposed to have gone missing/come to Cascade Falls in '05, not '03 - oops) and added a teeny bit more information.
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  19. Just to clarify - this is taking place in 2015, right? I'm really not trying to be "that" annoying person, but wouldn't the president from 2009-present be Barack Obama? (Everyone just seems to be sticking with George W. Bush, so I thought I should just double check. Absolutely no offense intended, and do correct me if I'm wrong.)
  20. Well, I'm not the GM so I guess that was the GM's requirement. And yeah, that's what I thought too. Anyway, if you need help resizing that picture, I could do it for you.
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