Carry on the Story

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  1. Just like the one/five words story but whatever the last letter is. Its how many words the next person can write. So if A is at the end the next person can only write one word if its Z then the next peron can write 26 words. Underneath you can write in brackets for random chit chat so let's get started.

    Scrubz was waiting for

    (R is 18 words for next person then.)
  2. anyone to arrive. He's been waiting a week now but only 3 people has passed him. He might
  3. just end up drinking at the tavern like he useally does. After 13 people have passed him it was time
  4. until one lone soul arrived
  5. The Lone Soul Was
  6. actually 2 people, joined to the hip called bored and gamer. Scrubz was very pleased, he jumped for joy
  7. however his jumping was soon ended by the violent force of a twenty ton gorilla knocking upon the door made of balsamic vinaigrette
  8. Scrubz turned to the guys
  9. "We have a problem, best hold on tight to your diapers. " He then bathed in A1 to distract.
  10. the gorilla. Bored and gamer was looking around for anything useful to defend themselves with. They happend to come across
  11. Bored and Gamer Found a magical rotten tomato. The tomato polymorphed anything that it smacked against into an ostrich.
  12. And with some magic it was turned into
  13. a T-rex which ate the gorilla in one bite. The T-rex looked at the other
  14. people there, but they had disappeared since they were so freaking scared of him. So he went to
  15. Nicolae the con man, who had offered him his many treasures to help out--with an expensive price.
  16. Of course, he had no
  17. people, so he stared at Nicolae and licked its lips. Scrubz, Bored and Gamer tried
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  18. To find where the people went. While they left nicolae surprisingly amused and satisfied.
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  19. The T-rex was confused

    (Last letter of sentance is the number of how many words for next post, So D= 4 words for next person...... Z=26 words)
  20. ( shit I forgot D; I just wanted to end my part, my bad OTL )