Carry on my Wayward Son (SPN Join)

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  1. Carry On my Wayward Son

    Background information : For the longest time after the supernatural hunters of the world was erased, Sam and Dean died and nothing was left to stop Lucifer from breaking free. Except that lucifer needed a vessel his only true vessel. When that never came he decided to just wing it and destroy the world all around. Till one man and his team decided it was there job to stop this Devil from destroying earth. They are earth's last hope, they are the sons and daughters of God. they are the human hunters.

    Roles In the Rp

    Head of the group : he makes all the shots and can easily discard a person if he feels they are betraying the group. Is a Archangel’s Vessel(me)

    Smart one : a smart individual who knows about killing monsters. They are smart human with a big heart and loving sense of right and wrong. good with a weapon at times but likes to research better

    The Weapons person : the person who keeps tabs on all the weapons and how they work. They often are the ones that make sure everyone has one and can teach newbies how to use these weapons.

    The Caretaker : the person who is like the medical part of the group. good at defending people close to the post it holds. The caretaker helps wounds and all.

    The Rogue Angel : the rogue angel is part of the group, the angel was sent because one of the people of the group is a vessel for one of the archangels . The angel is quite close to the leader but doesn’t know quite the reason why. Has angelic powers but never harms the group.

    The spy : a spy who joins the group and is part of Lucifer’s army. Its a demon as a human wishing to learn all it can about this group and report back to Lucifer as soon as it has enough info. its a new member that they found.(Reserved)

    Lucifer (gabriels older brother) : he wants to make sure nothing stands in his way, when learning some priest is going to stop him sends a demon to find out alot and report back. What they don't know is why this mysterouis man named Gabriel came from.

    How to Join

    Name :
    Age :
    Race (hunters are human, they could later on host a demon or angel inside their body later on in the rp. The only ones who are not pure humans are Angel and demon)
    History (around five sentences please, if a hunter please explain why you joined the group)
    Personality (how do you act ?)
    Powers (only angels and demons have powers. Please only have two powers please!)
    Weakness (if you have a power you state your weakness here. If human state a flaw or couple flaws that you have)
    Weapons (Daggers, Salt pistol or something that helps slay monsters)
    Pet (...very few have a pet because their pets would always be in danger)
    Picture :
    Crush (please state here who you like to have a crush on so i know in the later part of the rp who has a crush on who, so there isn’t nine people fighting for one girl)
    My character

    Name : Father Gabriel
    Age : 23
    Race : He is a human that has the Archangel gabriel inside, He is the outline of a priest
    History : After Gabriel was killed by Lucfer years and years ago, he was brough to life by god once more. God told him its was now up to gabriel and some humans to make a team and save the world from Lucifer's wrath. Gabriel started the group about a year ago and decided to make it go big and strong and finally comfornt his brother one last time this time hoping to end the war between Lucifer and god. even if it means his own life.
    Role : he is the leader of the group
    Personality: Gabriel is very much now a father figure to the group, he wants they safe but wants everyone working as a team. he knows as soon as the group falls apart the dream of stopping the war would end for them. Gabriel is always a soft hearted fellow with love for many people and loves humans alot. he doesn't tell the group about himself and makes up an story for them that is honest in a way.
    Powers : Being the vessle of Gabriel he holds the trickster's powers, but he NEVER shows it to the group but that could all change.
    Weakness : Gabriel weaknesses is the family he has now, the humans he holds dear to his heart.
    Weapons : Archangel dagger, ruby's dagger as well as the colt
    Pet : an immortal dog named Saki, he is the guardian of the group willing to die for them all.
    Picture :[​IMG]
    Crush : Its unknown
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  2. All spots are FREE



    Rouge Angel



  3. Name: David Holiday(Human) Alteria (Demon)

    Age: 27(Human) 5734 (Demon)

    Race: Human, but possession by a demon

    History: David is a young man who always has a habit of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this case, he was working at his job one day when the light of a demon appeared, yet fooled him into thinking he was an angel. The spirit guided him to the group saying they were on an important mission that needed anyone everyone. David, believing it to be an angel, asked to join the group and has been with them since. Alteria is a demon though and a somewhat old one indeed. Just a foul beast that was once a brave soldier now is an elite demon in Lucifer’s army. He was dispatched to find the group trying to stop Lucifer and learn just what they were up to exactly and if needed be he would kill them all. Ever since he fell into hell, Alteria has been a loyal man to Lucifer and will continue to be such a thing.

    Personality: The two are polar opposites. David is someone who is a nervous, quiet and scared man who doesn’t like violence much. He’s really only here in the group because what he believed to be an angel told him to help them. Alteria on the other hand is someone who is willing to take charge is brave and cunning. It will be quite obvious when who is in control and who isn’t.

    Powers: Besides possession, Alteria can drain the life energy from other entities which can kill humans and greatly wound angels and demons. He can also teleport when need be and has inhuman strength and endurance.

    Weakness: Standard demon weaknesses, but he also has a unique one to him. During the day his powers are quite weakened, something having to do with going against God and can’t be at full strength while in God’s light.

    Weapons: David had a rather large bowie knife that he uses and a pistol in case things get bad, even though his is scared of fire arms. Alteria relays more on his powers, but will use human weapons when needed.

    Pet-No pets because the last one he had tried to eat him in his sleep

    Crush-David was a married man before everything hit the fan, now he can’t let go of the past. Alteria on the other hand has no interest in such trivial things.

    David Holiday and Alteria.jpg
    That's what David looks like, obviously same goes for Alteria since he;s possessing him.

    I'd like to be the spy if you don't mind.
  4. Accepted ^_^ Now spy is taken (Alteria is the spy)
  5. Can our character be a boy or girl? And what spots are open?
  6. Both genders are fine
  7. The spy is taken that's all everyone is fine
  8. Mind if I join? :3

    Name : Ryan Cooper

    Age : 22

    Race : Human

    History : As the only son of a capable doctor, Ryan spent his childhood by learning from his father and looking up to him. Little Ryan wanted to be just like his old man, a hero who saved people. Which is why he eventually started studying to became a doctor which may have not been the best career choice due to his reckless personality but he was still dead set on becoming a doctor and making his father proud. Until a werewolf decided his parents' hearts would be a good late night snack. Ryan was at home at that time and watched the creature rip his parents apart before it tried to kill him too. The scared teen grabbed the closest weapon like object he got his hands on, which happened to be the family's silverware, and managed to wound the werewolf with a knife. The wound was far from fatal but the, rather new, werewolf got confused when her lunch fought back and left. The police never believed Ryan but he didn't really expect them to either. He was put into his aunt's care but ran off the minute he turned 18. It took him a couple of years to learn everything there was to know about the supernatural. He started hunting creatures he could find, occasionally teaming up with some other hunters. Eventually, he encountered Gabriel's group and ended up sticking with them.

    Personality : Ryan is small in size and seems to have a constant need to prove himself to others and mainly to himself. Combined to his somewhat stubborn and hot-headed nature, Ryan has a habit of finding himself from serious trouble and situations way over his head. He also has some trouble following orders or advice as he sees it as being looked down on. If there's something Ryan hates, it's being belittled. However, if you see him as an equal and show it, Ryan can be a very loyal friend. He worries about others while not giving much thought to himself. Since he's the one with medical knowledge, Ryan sees it as his job to keep everyone standing and fears letting those he cares about down.

    Powers : None

    Weakness : Reckless and hot-headed, he tends to jump into things without much thought and doesn't seem to care much about his own safety. This is a serious problem as he's the 'medic'. Though he doesn't seem to realize he's jeopardizing the whole team by putting himself in danger.

    Weapons : A shotgun (and some ammo filled with salt of course), a Glock 17 and a silver knife.

    Pet : A stray cat he happened to come by roughly three years ago. Ryan named the fluffy creature Beast and is very protective of him. He always makes sure Beast 'stays in the car'.

    Picture : [​IMG]

    Crush : He might have a small crush on Gabriel at some point but it doesn't really have to affect the RP in any way.

    I'd like to be the caretaker if that's okay.
  9. Accepted. It's fine if he has a crush on Gabriel
  10. Bump
  11. Hello! I'm wondering about playing Lucifer, since he's not a part of the main group, will he not have as much interaction with the characters? How do you feel about me playing the Smart person, as well as Lucifer when the group runs into him? As long as no one else is wanting to join in; I don't want to hog characters.
  12. (Oof! I just saw the Lucifer also wanting to be the smart person. Ahhh!. But I already wrote this whole thing I don't want it to go to waste- I'm still going to submit this, but I just hope that 'Rubbish' knows that I mean no hard feelings!)

    Herro! May I apply? :)

    Name : Marilyn May Stryker

    Nickname : May

    Age : 20

    Race : Human

    History : May grew up with very expecting parents. They wanted everything for their daughter ; Beauty, intelligence , a husband, a money-making career. Immediately after she was born her parents decided that they would begin teaching her math, because it was common knowledge that if you excelled at math, you would most likely be successful in life. When she was three and a half she learned basic addition. When she entered second grade she knew her timetables. Numbers became a part of May's life, and it was what made her happy. When she entered seventh grade, however she had an English teacher that opened her eyes to literature, and immediately she fell in love with books and words. Before, she had wanted to be a computer engineer. After, she aspired to be a librarian or an author. Her parents weren't the happiest with this new change of character; neither would resort in her being a millionaire. So they became stricter than they had been before, and with their wealth, they set her up for every mathematics class in school, in her freetime, a tutor. On some occasions, though, they let her do what she wanted. The youth would be in the library devouring book after book. One day, when she was sixteen, she found a leather-bound book that included everything she would ever need to know about hunting. Thinking it was an interesting, well-written work of fiction, she brought it home with her and studied her thoroughly. A few months later, while she was reading the book, a man kidnapped her and explained that it was his book. He was at least 50 years old, and he had plenty of experience in this field. May, fascinated with this new information, wanted to tag along with him, and escape from becoming a banker or a computer designer or any fate so boring. This was like a fairy-tale, something that sounded like it was from a story, she wasn't going to let it go. She warned the man that she would hunt by herself if she didn't hunt with him and learned everything he knew. Defeated, he let her tag along, travelling across the states with her, teaching her everything. One day, a year later, there was a job in her old town. And her parents were the victims. May was in shock. How could this happen? They were gone. And they were targeted because May had gotten on the bad side of a witch. Before she had been curious. Now she was angry. One night during that job, she had gotten to the climax of her fury, and put all her books down and idiotically ran off without the experienced hunter who was her unofficial caretaker. He came home to an empty motel. He chased after her, and, found her with her back to the wall, about to be slaughtered by the hell-bound beast before her. He tackled the monster thoughtlessly, for he had a fatherly attraction to May. It killed him. May's eyes had widened in shock, and she kicked the shape-shifter in a fit of rage into a wall and ran away. She started studying everything and fled from the town, never wanting to see it again. She had ex-colleague's journal and started collecting all the information she knew. Because of her stupidity she had gotten her best friend and her family killed. She was wary to never think without acting again. She found the group and decided that they were like-minded people who could use a few books in their lives, so she decided to step in. (I'm so sorry that's long. ;-;. I didn't read the thing that said 'Only five sentences and I- oof.)

    Personality : A little standoffish to people she doesn't know because of the walls she had put up, but was genuinely caring and protective to anyone she formed a connection with. She has the knowledge of a senior hunter, and is a very careful person.

    Weapon : Her mind, or anything that's appropriate for the monster she's hunting.

    Weakness : Often too smart for her own good, will argue about what she thinks is right and will accidentally avoid the problem. May will wait too much for teh correct information, too afraid that she's going to screw things up by just jumping in.

    Pet : None, but she loves cats. They're clever.

    May I please be the smart one? :3
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  13. Accepted. rabbish you can be Lucifer. he and Gabriel often meet up in dreams but Lucifer doesn't know its his brother who is alive.
  14. Scratch that, the weapons person.
  15. Awesome might join
  16. awesome accepted
  17. can i reserve the angel?
  18. Yes you may !