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  1. Not sure why but I've lately been obsessed with Harry Potter. Anyone interested in a Roleplay? I can be guy or girl. Hetero or homo-Doesn't make much of a difference to me. I'll start talking plot if I get a bite or two for this

    **new as of 12/7/14
    need a partner willing to double for my triplets i would like to start at year 1
    The Triplets (open)

    first picture is at age 11, year 1. second picture is at age 17, year 7.
    Sebastian "Bash" Pantalimon
    jhvjj.jpg hvj.jpg
    Lorenzo "Enzo" Pantalimon
    xx.jpg kjrbgsvavg.jpg
    Malakai "Kai" Pantalimon
    xxx.jpg kghcvkh.jpg
    Ages: 11 & 17
    Bash- Outgoing, thrill seeker, popular, soft spot for his brothers.
    Enzo- Smart, safe, mother hen of the group
    Kai- Loner, slow learner, late bloomer, needs a tutor
    All- Griffindor house, orphans, generaly kind hearted
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  2. Interested!
  3. Yay the spell worked! message me and we can work out the details
  4. I sent you a PM. :P
  5. Still here... Still looking
  6. still here need a partner for my triplets
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