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  1. Christmas Carols are something I find people tend to feel very strongly about. Having to listen to ANY music you don't like for hours on end suck, but it especially sucks when it feels like said music is butchering songs you DO like, which is why people who work in places that play christmas tunes complain about the music at Christmas but not necessarily the rest of the year (my sympathies; I feel the pain!)

    But we're not here to complain!

    What are your favourite carols, and because carols are possibly the most oft-covered and re-covered songs of all time, by which artist/artists? Link and share! Do you tend to prefer old classics from fifties or sixties? Do you like any carol covered by your favourite artist, regardless of year?

    I love love LOVE old carols. I am in the process of playlisting some albums from Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the Jackson Five; they're what I grew up with for years on end, so some other tunes that change the meter, speed, lyrics, or sound, just sound 'wrong' to me. what about you guys?
  2. I've never really been caroling I've only read about it and I don't really get to listen to a lot of music but I would be pleased if you can show me some
  3. I only went carolling once when I was a kid, and I didn't really like it much xD Mind you, I was a kid, so I was probably tone-deaf as shit, which explains why a lot of people rolled their eyes or glared :(

    Listening to christmas carols is something I do every year though (not always by choice). Here's a playlist of some of my favourites!

    I guess if I had to explain carols I'd say they're songs about Christmas and its themes (happiness, family, santa claus, baby jesus, peace, etcetera) there are a bunch of classics that have been performed by probably hundreds of different artists, and new ones that get invented every year! People don't typically play them outside of the Christmas season, and hearing them tends to make people excited for the 25th! It's a huge majority of feel-good music, too (Music that makes you happy or energetic to hear).
  4. Thanks, and I'll ask my nurse if she knows any carols too
  5. I've always loved this one. It doesn't matter who sings it.

    And Bing Crosby's version of White Christmas

    And I grew up listening to this one when my mom played her favorite Christmas record ^^

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  6. Someone linked it already, but I love White Christmas

    So have this one!

    Not quite a carol, per se, but I like this one. >>;;

    And of course, this classic...

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  7. oh thank god, another bing crosby fan
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  8. I love carols! I find them so soothing =w=

    This one's a popular carol here in Sweden. I haven't ever heard it in English, though...
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