Carnivores: The Arrival

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  1. The year is 2190, Science vessel FMM UV has found a new planet with a suitable climate to support mankind. The young planet was code named FMM UV-32, and an exploration team has begun their mission... To see if the planet is suitable for colonization. However their efforts so far have proven that such a thing is not possible. FMM UV-32 currently seems to be inhospitable to sustain a colony because of its unstable terrain and dangerous wildlife. To their surprise, the animals of the planet have an uncanny resemblance to the extinct dinosaurs on earth. When news of the "Dinosaur Planet" made its way to earth a company by the name of "DinoHunt Corp." bought the planet and turned it into a game reserve for seasoned hunters around the world to test their metal in the first opportunity in 50 million years. However, much is still unknown about the planet and DinoHunt Corp. is looking for able bodied volunteers to set off on an adventure along with the first batch of hunters and a handful of their agents to explore and document the planet even further, and that is where our story begins!


    If you can't already tell, This RP is based off the old Carnivores games from 1998, with a bit of Cityscape thrown in. This franchise hold a strong, special, (and terrifying) place in my heart and with the game surprisingly still going strong with the help of mods that I'd finally make a carnivores RP where players RP has hunters, Scientists, and Agents hired/enlisted by DinoHunt Corp. to explore the planet as well as "Test out" the new hunting grounds as well as document the life forms on FMM UV-32, The Story takes place before the first game... BUT not only will all the life forms from the franchise be in the game but also some NEW dinosaurs and monsters that were not in any of the games. I mean an RP based on a great hunting game? What could go wrong? To tell me if you are interested because I REALLY would like to see this one be a thing :)
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  2. you got one interested!​
  3. Glad to have you on board, was starting to lose hope that people wouldn't join :)
  4. This sounds badass. I've never heard of the game though. What system was it for?
  5. The first four games... "Carnivores", "Carnivores 2", "Carnivores Ice Age", and "Carnivores Cityscape", are all exclusive to the PC. but Carnivores 2 did get a Revamped version by the name "Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter" on mobile device. and The Remakes by the names "Carnivores HD" and "Carnivores Reborn" are available on PC..... I THINK you can get HD on PS3, but I don't know for sure. good to have you on board though.
  6. Never played this game, but I did like me some Turok and Dinocrisis. I'll be watching. =D
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  7. Consider me a potential candidate!

    I do like me some dinosaurs, never played the game but this sounds fun!
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  8. Okay so Inducing myself that leaves brings us to 5 players in total. You guys want to start this or do you want to wait for a few more players?
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  9. I'd be down for starting with 5! I think I'm gonna definitely be apart of this when you start!! c:
  10. 5 should be fine to start with. =)
  11. In that case, Why don't we move over here shall we? :)
  12. Will this work out anything like the old horror movies, Carnosaur 1 - 3 ( primal species?)

    or more along the lines of like Dino Crisis with the interactions of hunters v dinos?
  13. Probably DinoCrisis. only the dinosaurs are there naturally and not the byproduct of an experiment
  14. I would also like to note that this is mostly along the lines of the Carnivores game franchise.
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